20 July 2012    |    Shop news

Hear Your Records As You Have Never Heard Them Before – Thursday 26th July – John Coltrane Album Replay

The Glasgow shop is having a couple of jazz based events at the end of July.
Thursday 26th July from 4pm – 8pm
This second event focuses on vinyl replay on various turntables from the likes of Rega and Linn.
Bring your favourite jazz LP and hear how it can really sound on turntable based systems from £1,000 – £70,000.
We’ll also have a record cleaner set up (hopefully our beautiful new Keith Monks!), so we’ll give your record a clean and put it in a new anti-static sleeve for free!
Entrance is free and refreshments will be provided.
Audiophile listening session with John Coltrane’s A Love Supreme  at 7pm on the night.