3 May 2013    |    Shop news

Classic Album Replay – New Order "Power, Corruption & Lies" Thursday 16th May

This month’s Classic Album Replay is New Order’s “Power, Corruption & Lies”
Thursday 16th May, 2013
Album plays at 7pm
Loud & Clear Glasgow, 520 St Vincent Street, Glasgow, G3 8XZ
It’s 30 years ago since PCL was released, and it still sounds as fresh today as it did then; come along and judge for yourself.
Please don’t feel intimidated in coming to the shop!! There is no sales pressure. Simply come along, grab a glass of wine, and listen to this classic on a fabulous hi-fi system – taking you closer to the performance!
If you could get here 10 minutes before that would be great!
Inspired by Cosmo’s Classic Album Sundays:
And Greg Wilson’s Living To Music: