12 February 2013    |    Latest, Music

Biffy Clyro

I first became aware of The Biff when a loved one gave me their first two albums to try, on the premise that I might agree to attend a gig with him. I wasn’t sure, even after several listens whether I liked them or not. I can probably put that down to the fact that I had never heard anything like it before but I agreed to the gig as I knew they had something. It was at the Carling Academy in Glasgow, which I thought was rather a large venue for such a little known band and I wasn’t surprised to see that it seemed relatively empty when they took to the stage.
I’ll never forget that night, because nothing could have prepared me for the atmosphere (and noise) created by the three blokes on stage and a small but bonkers crowd of fans. There was a lot of love in that room. At times, I could barley hear the band over the crowd’s sing-a-long and it’s way up there on my list of ‘best atmosphere at a gig’. I didn’t even know half the songs but I left there on a high and the rest of the world soon caught on with the release of their ‘Puzzle’ album not long after.
Fast forward and new album Opposites (their 6th) has just scored them their first number one. If you want a taste of what they do to people in a live setting, please head straight to their ‘Revelations’ Live At (and tearing up, I might add) Wembley DVD. I can’t think of another band who are not only home-grown but have worked so hard for their success and never compromised themselves. They deserve every bit of it.
All together now – ‘MON THE BIFF!!! at https://www.biffyclyro.com