19 June 2012    |    New products


The music industry used to be a nightmare to deal with. Record labels dictating what you could/couldn’t do and then dropping you like that hot potato. But there are occasions when I think they did some bands a huge favour. Amplifier is one of those. Suddenly finding themselves without a record deal after their second album, they considered jacking it all in in favour of a proper grown-up job.
But something told them to give it one last shot and with nothing to lose and some lengthy, late night jamming sessions, they gave birth to The Octopus. Released via their very own Ampcorps and containing more than two hours of intelligent, modern prog-rock it should have that bloke at the record company kicking himself. If it’s still there. So if you like your riffs large and delivered with some humour and a cherry on top, then Amplifier are for you. Step inside, take a ride.
Join the corps at www.amplifiertheband.com