26 November 2015    |    New products

All New Sonos PLAY:5 is now in store

We’re delighted to announce that the all-new PLAY:5 is now here in the shop, just in time for Christmas!

As those who came along to our champagne preview will know, this is the best-sounding Sonos product we’ve ever heard, amazing performance for the price.

“The quality here is light-years ahead of anything Sonos had done before.”
– engadget

“The new one sounds even better, offering a more nuanced, layered sound that gives more separation and clarity to vocals and instruments alike”
– The Wall Street Journal

“Damn. That’s good.”
– Rick Rubin, Fast Company article

Packed with more than double the power of the original PLAY:5 and featuring Trueplay, the new Sonos smart sound innovation that allows you to use their iPhone or iPad to fine-tune it for the best possible sound in any room.
Its sophisticated, sealed architecture delivers the deepest, most precise bass ever heard from an all-in-one speaker. The 60,000-hole grille won’t block any of the music or WiFi waves. And, like all Sonos, the PLAY:5 can be easily integrated into existing Sonos systems.