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Franz Ferdinand

15th Oct 2013

So, Franz Ferdinand are back. Where have they been you say? From the ‘mugshots’ on the right you might assume ‘jail’?! But before their recent hiatus they were pretty much selling out huge venues all over the world. That’s right, although we love them here the music scene can be quite fickle and they had gathered such an army of fans (1.4 million likes on Facebook so far) not only in The States (well done boys!) but also in the far east (?!) that they were almost constantly on tour. No wonder they needed a holiday…

Now they’re all rested and back with that cheeky, infectious sound that has won people over time and time again. Many years ago, I witnessed them causing an outbreak of insanity in the crowd at T in the Park, in the middle of the day. And I couldn’t help but join in. So I’m delighted that I will be able to celebrate my birthday week with them at The Barras (hurrah!) next March. That’s gonna be a pretty sweet (and sweaty) birthday party.

Here they are treating LA’s KCRW radio station listeners to some early morning tomfoolery.

Come and dance with us (Michael) at



8th Oct 2013

I thought Drenge sounded dreadful when I heard their album being advertised on TV a couple of months ago (the sound of their name didn’t help either). But when I saw them perform on the Jools Holland show recently, I was happy to admit how wrong I had been to judge them on a poorly put together ad. And I was impressed by how ballsy their live sound is.

I know, we’ve heard it all before from other garage-blues-rock pairings but these lads (they’re brothers) are doing it their own way and absolutely warrant investigation if you’ve ever been a fan of either The White Stripes or The Black Keys. Be warned, they can be quite punky and almost a little feral. Especially live. Just reading through the song titles on their self-titled debut should give you a general idea.

Here they are performing on that popular live music television programme (if you missed it).

Never judge a band by it’s ad at

p.s. They are also touring extensively if you fancy catching the live shred. With two dates in Scotland just passed (sorry!) they will be back again later this month (I will be there) and also in November…


Dead Meadow (Live)

1st Oct 2013

Dead Meadow have always boggled my mind. But having just spent the last two evenings with them at gigs in both Glasgow and Edinburgh, my ears have joined in as well now. Last night’s show at Sneaky Pete’s was phenomenal.

Here they are performing a psychedelic swamp blues number from their new record ‘Warble Womb’ (I did mention something about the mind boggling didn’t I).

Find your inner wacka at

p.s. Don’t be afraid to play air guitar along to this. And you will want to…


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