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Linn Factory Visit 30th May 2013

30th Apr 2013

Linn Factory Visit
Thursday 30th May, 2013

Thanks to everyone who came along to our last Linn factory visit at the end of March.

It was a huge success, and the feedback we had back was phenomenal.

Unfortunately we could not accommodate everyone who wanted to come along, so we are arranging another factory tour at Linn’s HQ in Eaglesham, Glasgow at the end of May.

The format will be he same as last time. Starting at 10am, the event will include a guided factory tour, and a range of product and system listening sessions.

Everything bearing the Linn name is designed and manufactured under one roof, so you can see every stage of the process.

Places again will be limited, to check availability and book, email john morrison:

Classic Album Sundays Glasgow with Loud & Clear – Talking Heads "Remain in Light" Sunday 28th April

23rd Apr 2013

Classic Album Sundays with Loud & Clear Hi-Fi Present

Talking Heads “Remain in Light”

The Berkeley Suite, 237 North Street, Glasgow, G3 7DL
Sunday 28th April 2013
£6 on the door or online:
5.30pm – 8.30pm (album plays at 7.30pm)
0141 221 0221

“One of the world’s great albums, played on one of the world’s finest hi-fi systems in conjunction with one of the world’s best hi-fi stores.”

Classic Album Sundays: A Communal and Audiophile Listening Experience is joining forces with Loud & Clear Hi-Fi again for this now semi-regular event in Glasgow.

Listed as one of the Top 20 Trends of 2012 by London’s ES Magazine, Classic Album Sundays has become a media sensation in a little over a year. With features on BBC Breakfast, BBC 6 Music, NME, Elle, The Word, The Independent, The Evening Standard and more. Why all the fuss?

The concept is to enable people to experience music as close as possible to the way the artist intended, to treat music as a precious commodity and a classic album as a work of art which should be appreciated in its entirety. Classic Album Sundays’ use audiophile hi-fi equipment to ensure an awe inspiring listening experience. Visitors are invited to switch off their phones and refrain from unnecessary conversation: just sit back, listen and immerse themselves in the experience.

Music fans have enthusiastically responded en masse as Classic Album Sundays’ monthly listening sessions in London and New York have been selling out, with festival sessions featuring at The Vintage Festival at the Royal Festival Hall in London (for which Loud & Clear put together a £130,000 hi-fi system), plus Camp Bestival and Bestival amongst others.

Here is what some visitors had to say:

Joni Mitchell’s “Blue” was our first visit, and it was excellent. Sounded as if Joni was playing live, and heard in reverential silence by a deeply appreciative audience.” – David Lye, CAS attendee

“Hearing that fabulous cello line in ‘Eleanor Rigby’ – I could’ve wept with the sheer beauty of it.” – Annette Corbette, CAS attendee

The event format:

Join us from 5.30pm to get in the mood by listening to some of the music that inspired Talking Heads, along with tracks from their musical contemporaries around the release of the album in 1980. The bar will be open, and you can grab some lunch/dinner beforehand at Chinaski’s next door, to ease yourself in, and then hang out with a great soundtrack.

At 7.30pm the lights go down, the volume goes up and we play the album from beginning to end on a reference Linn hi-fi system. We’ll be using Linn’s iconic Sondek LP12 turntable with a reference Klimax Kontrol pre-amplifier and Linn’s very own “black ops” custom made fully active PA system featuring 12 channels of their Akurate power amplifiers.

Talking Heads’ “Remain in Light” saw the band melding African poly-rhythms, music-making methodologies and mythologies, with their own distinctive funk-rock. They attempted to collaborate more as a band, jamming long instrumental sections which producer Brian Eno would then loop and use to further spur the creative process. The album is also a great time capsule of downtown New York City circa 1980 uniting the downtown dance music, new wave, hip hop and experimental music scenes.

Listening to “Remain in Light” on a fabulous hi-fi system will let you hear it as never before; taking you closer to the performance.

More info:

Linn Sneaky DSM – Now available in Glasgow

10th Apr 2013

The Glasgow store has the new super funky all-in-one Linn Sneaky DSM on demonstration.

The Sneaky DSM is a digital streamer; using the same high-end technology found in all Linn’s streaming products plus a built-in pre and power amplifer.

Along with the standard ethernet connection to hook up your music collection on hard drive, it has HDMI inputs; so you can connect your DVD player, games console, satellite receiver, plus more digital inputs (TOSLINK and S/PDIF). It also features an analogue input too.

It’s plug and play if you want to just add speakers to it in the beginning, or you may wish to upgrade later by adding a separate amplifier later on. Perhaps you might want to use it in another room when you already have a Linn DS in your main listening area.

Its entry price of £1,750 means it’s one of the most competitive products on the market – offering fantastic sound quality and functionality.

More information on Linn Sneaky DSM >>


Linn Weekend at Loud & Clear Glasgow

9th Apr 2013

To celebrate Linn’s 40th anniversary and the Glasgow store’s 10th year as a Linn dealer; we’re hosting a number of special Linn events throughout March and April.

STOP PRESS: We will be presenting the Scottish debut for Linn’s new reference cartridge, Kandid, on Saturday. More information on Kandid >>

Linn DS at Loud & Clear
Friday 12th April 2013

This Friday we focus on Linn’s fantastic and extensive range of digital streaming products.
We will be demonstrating everything from the brand new Sneaky DSM to the awesome Klimax DS system.

With a Linn system playing in every room, John Ian Allan and Kevin will all be available to answer any questions from connection to cabling and NAS drives to networking.

So, if you’re a newcomer to streaming, looking to add another zone to you’re existing Linn DS set up, or want to hear just how good your favourite albums can really sound, come along and enjoy a day of music in the store.

email john morrison: for more details.


Linn Sondek LP12 at Loud & Clear
Saturday 13th April 2013

Saturday is all about vinyl – and our very own turntable wizard John Nilsen from Audio Origami will be on hand to help you get the most from your record collection.
As a special for the event, half price turntable servicing will be available on the day if you book your LP12 in advance.

If you have questions about tweaks, upgrade paths or cartridges the guys will be on hand to guide you to vinyl heaven!

We will have a variety of LP12’s on demonstration throughout the store on the day, so come along and bring some of your favourite albums too.


Lunatic Soul

I know that words like ‘genius’ tend to be over/misused these days (along with a whole load of others) but there are times when I think it’s warranted. And I don’t think it would be inappropriate to use it when describing a musician like Mariusz Duda. He is the bass playing frontman for Polish prog-rockers Riverside (please see my last post for details of them) and also apparently, a whole lot more.

Lunatic Soul is an outlet for his solo work and away from his day job, he appears to have plenty of ideas of his own. As well as enough talent to provide vocals and perform a high percentage of the instruments himself (along with some mixing, production and artistic direction obviously). Yes that’s right, we already know he can rock a bass guitar but he’s also quite at home with an acoustic guitar, keyboard/piano, drums and percussion. In fact, his albums are distinctive by the omission of an electric guitar but certainly don’t lack anything because of that. They are lush, organic and atmospheric.

This is evident in particular on the most recent release “Impressions” which is mostly instrumental. As I am quite partial to Mr Duda’s vocal, my own personal favourite is volume 2 but as a rule I would heartily recommend trying any/all of his work. He has a lot (probably too much for one person) to offer.

Check into the asoulum at

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