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The Cinematics

27th Nov 2012

Over the last few years, there has been a spate of bands ‘reforming’ but (I won’t name any names) not always successfully or for the right reasons. Over the next few weeks, I would like to give a mention to some that I wish had never split up in the first place. First up, some homegrown talent…

I love a ‘support band incident’. This involves falling for a band that I never knew existed. And The Cinematics definitely qualify for that. It was a particularly good night as both the second support band and the headliners didn’t disappoint but something about these guys really stuck with me. Probably singer Scott Rinning, who managed to nail the angst-ridden front man thing perfectly whilst also demonstrating an amazing set of pipes. So we were delighted when they announced debut album ‘A Strange Education’ accompanied by a date at King Tut’s.

For an album that’s jam-packed with ‘hits’ I’m still amazed that they had to go all the way from Glasgow (Dingwall originally) to New York to get signed. With support from the label, they toured extensively and picked up a lot new fans. Then they were dropped when the company was bought over a couple of years later and lead guitarist Ramsay also parted company with the band. He was replaced by Larry Reid who had toured with them previously and a second album ‘Love and Terror’ and EP ‘Silent Scream’ were released. But it was during the recording of a third album in Germany that things very abruptly came to an end and an announcement was made to that effect.

Only the band know what happened but you can find out more about the music at

Opeth (Live)

20th Nov 2012

I’m late with this post. Mainly because I still haven’t recovered from my first Opeth ‘live’ experience last week. And I’m not sure I ever will. So by way of an explanation, I would like to share this with you. Apologies in advance if it has the same affect on you that it has had on me. 

p.s. This performance was part of last year’s slightly lighter tour set to promote the newly released ‘Heritage’ album. Last week, (contrary to current rumours) they were back to rolling out some big guns like ‘Deliverance’ and popular encore ‘Blackwater Park’. I’m not sure if the venue suffered any structural damage but I think I may have…

Jack White

13th Nov 2012

For most people, Mr Jack White III doesn’t need much introduction. He is the singer-songwriting, multi-instrument playing musician and producer who fronted popular Detroit garage duo The White Stripes, collaborated with Brendan Benson on The Raconteurs as well as rocking the role of drummer in The Dead Weather. Somehow he also found the time to move to Nashville and set up Third Man Records which incorporates a label, studio and record shop. So when The White Stripes decided to disband, he found himself with some unexpected time on his hands. Then, one day when an artist cancelled their booking at the last minute, he found himself with an empty studio and a group of musicians expecting to work…

That was how solo album ‘Blunderbuss’ began life. Spontaneously, like a lot of things in Jack’s life. Including his live shows. Alternating between two backing bands, the all female ‘Peacocks’ and all male ‘Buzzards’ depending on mood etc, they follow Jack’s lead without the aid of a setlist. And what a setlist it is. Picking through his extensive career, these bands breathe new life into old favourites and make his solo work really come to life. So we felt privileged that he chose to end his short UK tour at Edinburgh’s Usher Hall last week and he didn’t disappoint, playing an extra long set with both bands.

If you missed it, never fear. You can sample a full show at


Scotland's exclusive Focal Utopia dealer

6th Nov 2012

We sometimes forget to tell our customers a few facts about how special some of our products are at Loud & Clear. We have now been dealing with Focal for 12 years and continue to be their exclusive dealer for both the Utopia and ElectraBe ranges of product. To celebrate this we will be showing the Stella Utopia EM in the Edinburgh store in the coming months. Focal Co. is the parent company of both Focal Loudspeakers & Naim Audio, another stalwart at Loud & Clear.

Please contact us if you have not had the opportunity to audition Focal before now and we shall be happy to arrange a demonstration for you. Electra 1008Be, 1028Be, 1038Be, Utopia Diablo & Utopia Scala are on permanent demo.

Puscifer (and A Perfect Circle)

When good musicians hit their stride and comfort zone in a band, some have a tendency for starting side projects that allow them to stretch their creative wings in other directions. Say hello to Mr Maynard James Keenan. Not content with a 20+ year career in massively popular ‘art-metal’ band Tool (you can read my comments about them further down the page) his then guitar technician, Billy Howerdel persuaded him to create band number two, A Perfect Circle. I don’t think that either of them could have anticipated how that was going to blow up in their face, with all 3 of their album releases achieving either gold or platinum sales status in the US. But apparently, Mr Keenan still has a lot to get off his chest.

Puscifer is his solo project with only himself as a permanent member. He is however, surrounded by an ever changing crew of talent that allow him to take this project out on the road and it does indeed appear to be a completely different experience in comparison to any of his other work. This is a bit more than music. You can arrange to meet and greet the man himself and enjoy a glass of wine from his vineyard (did I forget to mention that ‘side project’?). He describes himself as a professional jackass and his advice for these live shows is ‘to arrive happy and hungry and prepared for all possibilities’. The mind boggles.

Find your inner boy scout at

Musical Fidelity's New EB50 In-Ear Headphones

4th Nov 2012

Now on the shelves and ready for Christmas

Musical Fidelity’s new EB-50’s have received some rave reviews:

A 5 * ‘Recommended’ from Hi-Fi Choice,
AV Forum’s ‘Highly Recommended’ award, and even a 4* review in our own Daily Record!

Raising the bar for an affordable in-ear headphone for life on the move, they feature a non-resonant ‘military spec’ aluminium body and come packed with 7 different sizes of ear ‘buds’. There’s also a clip for over-the-ear mounting for the more energetic listener, and an in-line mic/mute button to use with a smartphone.

Packed together in a either a soft for hard case, (both supplied) the EB-50’s are ready for every environment.

With Musical Fidelity’s audiophile experience at hand you can be sure that you won’t compromise your music when you’re on the move!

Contact Neil in Glasgow for further info, or pop in and get them before they disappear!


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