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Linn Products and Totem Acoustic Music Streaming Open Evening, Thursday 28th June, Glasgow

21st Jun 2012

The Glasgow shop is having a music streaming open evening in conjunction with Linn Products and Totem Acoustic.

Music streaming has really taken hold of the public consciousness, and Linn have been at the forefront.

Linn pioneered the process of digital streaming, and were one of the first hi-fi companies to fully embrace the performance and convenience benefits of this technology.

Linn don’t limit their systems  -  or your music collection  -  by building storage into them. A Linn system will play any music in almost any format  from any computer or hard drive in your home or on your network  –  as well as online content too. Browse your entire music collection and create playlists using iPad, tablet PC, laptop, Android or iPhone, and also access your iTunes library, Napster, Spotify or YouTube.

With four streamers in the range from the Sneaky DS at £1,000, to the reference Klimax DS at £12,995, there is definitely a Linn DS to suit everyone.

We’ll have a full Linn Klimax system playing – including their 350p passive loudspeakers, and we’ll also be playing systems through a range of great sounding Totem Acoustic loudspeakers elsewhere in the shop.

So whether you are a newcomer to music streaming or a seasoned professional – come along and hear just how amazing your music can sound!

Our staff will be on hand to answer all your streaming questions.

Loud & Clear Glasgow, Thursday 28th of June between 4pm and 8pm.


Classic Album Replay – Talking Heads "Stop Making Sense", Thursday 21st June, 2012

20th Jun 2012

This month’s classic album at the Glasgow shop is Talking Heads “Stop Making Sense”.

For more information on this amazing live album check out Greg Wilson’s Blog on it.

We are starting a little earlier this month at 6.30pm, so that you can watch the football afterwards, if that’s your thing. In fact, we might watch it on one of our home cinema systems!

Please don’t feel intimidated in coming to the shop!! There is no sales pressure. Simply come along, grab a glass of wine, and listen to this classic on a fabulous hi-fi system – taking you closer to the performance!

If you could get here 10 minutes before that would be great!

Facebook Event

Inspired by Greg Wilson’s Living to Music Blog:


19th Jun 2012

The music industry used to be a nightmare to deal with. Record labels dictating what you could/couldn’t do and then dropping you like that hot potato. But there are occasions when I think they did some bands a huge favour. Amplifier is one of those. Suddenly finding themselves without a record deal after their second album, they considered jacking it all in in favour of a proper grown-up job.

But something told them to give it one last shot and with nothing to lose and some lengthy, late night jamming sessions, they gave birth to The Octopus. Released via their very own Ampcorps and containing more than two hours of intelligent, modern prog-rock it should have that bloke at the record company kicking himself. If it’s still there. So if you like your riffs large and delivered with some humour and a cherry on top, then Amplifier are for you. Step inside, take a ride.

Join the corps at

Alberta Cross

A number of years ago, the BBC’s Reading Festival coverage included a red button multi-screen service (whatever happened to that?) and these guys really stood out against the other bands on offer. It was early days for them and they were a little rough around the edges, even having to re-start a song they messed up. But they had soul. And singer Petter Ericson Stakee.

Swedish by birth but having spent a lot of time in England, it’s hard to say what influences he and London born Terry Wolfers brought with them to the band. And since re-locating to New York and touring with some big names in the industry, they may have picked up a few more.

But Stakee’s right on the edge, Neil Young-esque vocal has been a constant and is what gets me every time. I’m not sure that their studio recordings do them justice so they are definitely a band to catch live when the opportunity arises. And with their new (and appropriately named) ‘Songs of Patience’ album to promote, they have just announced that they will be coming over to Europe some time in August…

Have your heart broken at

Simple Audio Multi-Room HD Music System

14th Jun 2012

Simple Audio is the new affordable HD music system that can work wirelessly throughout your home, without any annoying drop outs from a Wi-Fi network.

It will stream 24 bit music files, giving you the opportunity to play studio master high resolution files without spending thousands of pounds on the higher end players.

Control can be through Simple Audio’s desktop software, or from an iPhone or iPad app. All major formats are compatible: FLAC, WAV, MP3, Apple Lossless, AIFF & AAC.

Using Powerline Communications technology the Simple Audio can stream audio throughout your home via the mains supply using a HomePlug module. This doesn’t interfere with your network (wired or wireless), so leaving you to surf the web with no problems, and have perfect sound distributed to the rooms that need it.

Available is in two configurations; with and without a built in amplifier:

Roomplayer I with build in amplifier; which can simply be connected to a pair of speakers – £600

Roomplayer II stand alone player that connects into an existing system – £500

Both Edinburgh and Glasgow are Simple Audio dealers and have the players on demonstration.




The Boxer Rebellion

5th Jun 2012

These guys haven’t had it easy, both personally and professionally. Not that you would know it from listening to them. And the fact that they’re still making music, including setting up their own record label, is testament to how much it means to them. For their last studio album ‘The Cold Still’, producer Ethan Johns took to the controls, allowing the band to focus on the music and encouraging them to play together in the same room, often facing each other to create a more intimate, organic experience. And it really worked.

Their unique combination of music and singer Nathan’s soaring vocal is what sets them apart so please support them by sending them cash in exchange for their glorious sound. Recorded in Nathan’s hometown of Maryville, their dynamic sound is perfectly captured on the ‘Live in Tennessee’ collection.

Become a rebel at


With a few notable exceptions, I’ve never been a big fan of female singers. It’s just not my thing. And there have been precious few women that have reached out to me musically in many years of listening. Until quite recently. They are called Warpaint. And these ladies have it all.

Despite having connections to some famous industry people in and around LA, they decided to do things their own way, choosing to make music that they themselves were happy with and inspired by. They didn’t even take themselves seriously as a band or see it as a career to begin with.

But with some gentle persuasion from a growing fan base, their insistence that it was all about the music started to pay off. Since the release of an EP (Exquisite Corpse), a full album (The Fool) and after taking last year’s festival circuit by storm, they are back in the studio working on new material. Be afraid boys. Very afraid.

Let’s hear it for the ladies at

Meridian Summer Offers

1st Jun 2012

High Performance Compact Audio System

Reviews of the Audio Core 200 and the DSP3200 loudspeakers seem to say it all. Jonathan Margolis recently wrote in the Financial Times ‘How To Spend It’ magazine, ‘This is the first fun-size serious hi-fi system from British superbrand Meridian. Those squat speakers you see are barely more than a foot high. But they, and the whole system, are whatever the audio equivalent of spectacular is… You really need to hear this system in action… the sound is just extraordinarily… realistic.’

For a limited period Meridian are offering customers the opportunity to purchase a complete Meridian high performance compact audio system comprising Audio Core 200, DSP3200 loudspeakers and S3200 speaker stands for only £4,000.00

861 V6 Reference Surround Controller includes HDMI Audio Processor

Meridian’s 861 Reference Surround Controller is simply one of the best digital surround controller available and, in partnership with their HD621 HDMI processor, forms the heart of the highest-performance home theatre system.

Supporting 3D as well as 2D video sources, Meridian’s HD621 HDMI audio processor is the vital link between your Meridian system and the HDMI sources such as blu-ray players, satellite/TV receivers and gaming consoles.

Now, for a limited period, the best is even better because customers who buy a new 861 V6 will also receive an HD621 as part of their purchase.

818 Reference Audio Core includes Digital Media System

Meridian’s 818 Reference Audio Core is the ultimate pre-amplifier providing control and Meridian Resolution Enhancement for all audio sources including high res 192/24 USB music streams. We are now delighted to offer a fantastic opportunity for customers to enjoy Meridian Reference audio performance from any music file including Meridian’s digital media system.

Critics and owners agree that Meridian Digital Media Systems provide a rich, intuitive user experience and best-in-class audio performance, all supported by robust proprietary media storage with automated back-up. Now, for a limited period, customers buying a new 818 Reference Audio Core will also receive a Media Drive 600 as part of their purchase to enable them to experience and enjoy Meridian’s award-winning digital media system for themselves.

Each of these offers runs from the 1st to the 31st of August. so pop into Loud & Clear and hear for yourself!

Rocket Juice & The Moon

Rocket Juice and The Moon is name of the new “supergroup” of Damon Albarn, Tony Allen and Flea.  Albarn had already been working with Allen, drummer with the late Fela Kuti’s band, in The Good, The Bad & The Queen, but it wasn’t till the three of them met on the way to Lagos for Albarn’s Africa Express Collective that a plan was hatched to record together.

Forget any prejudices that you may have about Albarn from his Blur days, he has put his money where his heart lies and has been financially supporting the Honest Jon’s label that the album is released on. Honest Jon’s champions fabulous music, no matter its commercial potential with lots of world music influences: compilations like London Is The Place For Me, brings together black music from post WW2 that recent immigrants had brought to London streets, from Calypso, Kwela, Highlife to Jazz. Add in new LPs from the likes of Terry Hall, Tony Allen, Moritz von Oswald, Actress, etc. and using cutting edge remixers like Carl Craig to widen the appeal, this is a must check label!

Back to Rocket Juice though, what an incredible rhythm section to have as the foundation to any record; Tony Allen and the Red Hot Chilli Peppers’ Flea on bass duties. The album oozes pure afro funk with guest performances from soul star Erykah Badu and label mates, The Hypnotic Brass Ensemble, amongst a host of others from Africa like Malian Fatoumata Diawara, and Ghanaian rapper M.anifest. With summer finally hitting the UK, what better soundtrack than this hot grooving LP?

Like all Honest Jon’s releases the artwork and pressing is of the very highest quality. Treat yourself and buy the vinyl!

Rocket Juice & The Moon at Honest Jon’s


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