New Sonos Beam

18th June 2018

We all know audio from TVs, even the all-singing, all-dancing ultra HD 4k new ones, has its limitations, but sometimes a standard Playbar or centre speaker is just too big. Step up Sonos Beam, the new, petite TV soundbar from Sonos.

As with all Sonos, it’s not just a speaker. As well as improving your TV audio, you can also listen to your favourite music, radio stations, Spotify playlists and more. Easy voice control allows volume control without taking your eyes off the action or your hands off the game controller; far field microphones detect your voice from any direction, anywhere in the room – even when the music is blasting.

And at a compact 25.6 inches, it won’t block the TV or overwhelm the living room space. Beam is designed to blend in – with a curved silhouette and soft finishes, it looks perfectly at home next to your furnishings.

Beam is available to pre-order now (RRP £399) and starts shipping on 17th July.


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