New Audio Technica VM95 cartridge series

5th March 2019

We have a cracking new range of moving magnet cartridges in store from Audio Technica. The VM95 series features a standard cartridge body with interchangeable styli for super-easy upgrading and replacing.

Combine any one of 3 cartridges with any one of 7 styli for a fully customisable analogue sound experience.

Three cartridge bodies:
700 Series – High-end model fitted with die-cast aluminium alloy housing. The body reduces unwanted vibration and enhances the superior sound quality of high-performance line contact styli.
500 Series – Standard cartridge body fitted with paratoroidal coils, centre shield plate and the same 6N-OFC coil wire used in the 700 series.
600 Series – Specialised mono body with internal wiring dedicated to monaural sound.

Three styli shapes:
Conical Styli – the benefit of conical styli, even if the cartridge is ‘lean’, is the ball surface of the stylus touches the groove of vinyl records precisely. Due to its stability, it has been used widely in radio stations.
Elliptical Styli – to reduce the tracking distortion and pinch-effect of a conical stylus, the elliptical stylus is made with a smaller effective radius to overcome these two conditions and provide more detailed audio content.
Line Contact Styli (Special Line Contact, Shibata, MicroLine®) – having a greater tracking ability than an elliptical stylus, the line contact styli will have a deeper contact area to the vinyl record groove. This enables the stylus to fully reproduce all content of the vinyl record with reduced stylus and groove wear.

From £29.


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