Majik tonearm for Majik LP12

4th December 2018

Linn have re-vamped the entry level Sondek LP12 – Majik LP12 – to include a brand new Majik tonearm, designed and made at Linn HQ in Scotland.

The new tonearm replaces the Pro-Ject 9CC arm previously standard on a Majik LP12, making the complete deck designed and hand-built by Linn. Majik LP12 price stays at £2930 which also includes Linn’s Adikt MM cartridge. An excellent starting point on the LP12 vinyl journey, the deck is entirely modular and can be upgraded in every way over time, right up to the ultimate Klimax LP12 specification.

Majik tonearm ships on all new Majik LP12s from today and will be available as a separate upgrade in Spring 2019.


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