16 October 2012    |    New products

Naim NDS Reference Network Streamer and DR Upgrades

Naim have had a busy few months with the  release of their reference digital streamer, the NDS, and the new Discreet Regulator (DR) power supply update.
Taking inspiration from the world leading engineering and performance  of their CD players and combining it with the latest in network audio technology, Naim have created the ultimate network streaming product that takes internet radio to 24 bit/192kHz files to the true high-end.
The NDS is partnered with the 555 PS and retails at £12,620 for both combined.
It is now on permanent demonstration in the Glasgow shop. Please contact Ian on 0141 221 0221 to arrange to hear Naim’s new super player.
Naim NDS Product Information
DR Power Supply Update
The Discreet Regulator (DR) power supply upgrade is a big upgrade that is being made available on the following power supplies:
HiCap £425
XPS £925
SuperCap £1295
555 PS £1450
552 PS £1750
The Glasgow shop is able to perform the DR demonstration with a standard SuperCap versus a DR unit. Please get in touch with Ian on 0141 221 0221 to book a demonstration.
At present the upgrade hasn’t been released to Naim’s service department. They are expecting a large amount of interest, and so to ensure a steady flow and to avoid interruption of their production schedules for new and standard products, they will be offering a limited number of bookings for DR upgrades each month from October onwards. These will be processed on a first come, first served basis.
Naim are inviting owners of power supplies to register their interest in upgrading their units to the new DR specification through the Naim website at www.naimaudio.com/dr-upgrade. Those who register will be supplied with an estimate, which they are advised to take to their local Naim retailer who will then arrange RMA paperwork and return the unit to Naim through our RMA process.
Naim are also offering discounted servicing on the unit if it is done at the same time as the DR update. Please get in touch for more information.
Unfortunately these modifications are not available on chrome bumper or olive units.
The prices quoted are for unit shipped before 1st March 2012, for those non DR units shipped after that there is a discounted price. Please get in touch for more details.
Click here for the white paper from Naim about the DR upgrade