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Linn Selekt DSM Simplified

Linn Selekt DSM

Linn’s one-box masterpiece Selekt DSM is without doubt the most configurable, modular audio streamer around and that flexibility is set to expand as new options and upgrades become available. There are currently a staggering forty-six possible configurations of Selekt DSM, so it’s time to ‘uncomplicate’.

Simply Better…

From now on, Selekt DSM will now be supplied as Selekt System Hub (£4,000), to which you add your choice of amplification (stereo, surround, bi- or tri-amping, etc), DAC quality and more in the form of cartridges that slide inside. A bit like an LP12 turntable with your choice of power supply, tonearm, cartridge, etc.

Choose multiple Power Amp cartridges for example, to double your amplification on 2 or 3-way loudspeakers for incredible one-box performance.

Cartridges can be specified at the time of purchase or easily added later as your requirements evolve. As Specialist Linn Retailers, Loud & Clear have all the expertise and knowledge required to guide you through the choices and ensure you have the optimum configuration for you. We’ve installed over 50 Selekt DSMs since it’s launch in 2018 so we know it inside out!

Linn Selekt DSM kartridge fitting

Linn Selekt DSM kartridge fitting

Linn Selekt DSM kartridge fitting

Linn Selekt DSM kartridge fitting


Selekt DSM Hub will cost £4,000, then we will configure your ideal set-up from these available cartridges:

Line Out – for use with external power amplification or active speakers

Power Amp – two channel/stereo amplifier

Hybrid – one channel of power amplification (for centre channel in surround system) plus LFE/subwoofer output

Standard DAC – standard Digital-to-Analogue Converter

Katalyst DAC – superior, Katalyst Digital-to-Analogue Converter

HDMI Switching Module – for connecting HDMI sources

Surround Sound Processing Module – decoder for surround sound up to 5.1


Cartridges prices from £200.

If all of that sounds complicated, it’s not, don’t worry.

Our Linn experts will guide you through exactly what you need and the options you have to make Selekt DSM sound even better.

Contact us on 0141 221 0221 or glasgow@loud-clear.co.uk for a chat.


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