7 February 2017    |    Shop news

Beat the SONOS price increase ** 23rd February **

Sonos price rise

In a world where chocolate bars are getting smaller and Uber surge pricing is, well, surging, is it any surprise that technology-packed devices such as Sonos are rising in price?
Just as we still love our chocolate bars and an Uber ride home after a night out., Sonos is still the same sensational, market leading product, innovating and paving the way in home entertainment.
If you are considering a Sonos purchase now is the time to act. From next Thursday 23rd February, Sonos prices will increase across the range as follows:
Sonos Play:1 £169 New price – £199
Sonos Play:3 £259 New price –  £299
Sonos Play:5 £429 New price – £499
Sonos Playbar £599 New price – £699
Sonos Sub £599 New price – £699
Sonos Connect £279 New price – £349 
Sonos Connect:Amp £399 New price – £499 
Sonos Boost £79 New price – £99
Sonos Playbar Mount £35 New price – £39