KIN Play


Kin Play really is simplicity itself. Pair them to a music source or mobile device and, well, Play. These remarkable bookshelf speakers are powered, requiring no additional amplification and will connect via wireless, Bluetooth or line level RCA to any source, the RCA input is even configurable to MM phono stage to connect a turntable. Beautifully simple, beautiful sound.

This product qualifies for free, remote installation by one of our technicians.

Dimensions: 180 (W) x 355 (H) x 235 (D) mm
Weight: 7.19kg each

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It’s the dawn of a new age of speakers, where high resolution music is streamed wirelessly and sources ranging from gaming consoles to turntables are directly connected. Combining simplicity, convenience, modern technology, and versatility, this is the innovative era of Kin Play.

Kin Play powered bookshelf speakers are a simple yet versatile audio solution, free from the burden of being physically bound or reliant on separate, complicated amplifiers. Its own formidable 120 watt amplifier powers drivers purposefully designed to synergize together and energise your space with pure Totem acoustics.

The Kin Play requires no additional amplification; simply pair it with your sources and mobile devices and start enjoying your music. Equipped with Bluetooth and aptx HD for wireless streaming, the Kin Play can be easily placed in any room. The analogue and digital inputs allow a variety of sources to be connected from turntables to gaming consoles.

Totem recognises the challenge that certain sources and recordings create so have equipped Kin Play with bass and treble controls, easily accessible from the remote control, allowing the listener to customise sound. The reset option ensures original settings are easily restored.


Totem Kin Play with Rega Planar 2

Totem Kin Play with Rega Planar 2

Totem Kin Play with Rega Planar 2

Totem Kin Play with Rega Planar 2

Design Highlights

  • Powered/Passive design
  • Custom engineered drivers and amplifier
  • Front mounted multi-control
  • Magnetic Grilles
  • Available in Satin Black or White

Technical Features

  • Bluetooth with Qualcomm aptx HD
  • 120 watt stereo amplifier
  • Optical, Line Level switchable to phono, and 3.5mm inputs
  • Subwoofer Output
  • Universal and Micro port tuning


Driver Array: Customized 1-inch Metal Alloy Dome Tweeter
Customized Natural Hybrid 5” Woofer
Power: 2 x 120w RMS
Frequency Response: 50Hz – 20kHz +- 3dB
Wireless Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.1
Analog Inputs: Stereo RCA switchable between Phono and
Line Level Mini jack (3.5 mm)
Digital Inputs: Optical
Outputs: Subwoofer Out
Accessories: Remote Control, speakerwire, interconnects, adhesive feet and magnetic grill covers.
Dimensions: (WxHxD): 7.08”x 13.97”x 9.25”/ 180 x 355 x 235mm
Weight: Active: 15.85 lbs / 7.19 kg
Passive: 12 lbs / 5.4 kg
Bluetooth Sampling Rate: 8kHz, 11.025kHz, 12kHz, 16kHz, 22.05kHz, 24kHz, 32kHz, 44.1kHz,48kHz
Optical Insampling Rate : 24bit / 192kHz
Decoding: MP2 / MP3, WMA, FLAC(8/16/24bit), AAC/MP4/M4A, WAV(IMA/ADPCM and raw PCM),AIF,AIFC
Available Finishes: Satin Black and Satin White

The multi-control can be used if the Kin Play is within range or the included remote if it isn’t. When streaming wireless the Bluetooth enabled device is your option. Beyond Bluetooth, the Kin Play has a switchable Phono/Line stereo RCA input, 3.5mm, optical and a subwoofer output.