Ear mk2


Rega Ear mk2 is a compact yet powerful headphone amplifier capable of driving the most demanding of headphones. It’s been a best-seller of ours for a number of years, now discontinued by Rega but still a great performer. There are only a limited number of Rega Ears still available, we’re lucky to have a few of them.

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The Rega Ear headphone amplifier pushes the Brio-R power amplifier circuit concept to a new level with the use of a low noise, fully regulated, supply. Noise has also been kept to a minimum by the use of an external mains transformer. The Rega Ear exceeds the voltage requirements of IEC 268-15. This along with low output impedance makes it suitable for studio use as well as a hi-fi headphone amplifier. Rega’s Ear operates in Class A at normal listening levels.

The Rega Ear utilises the highest quality components and Rega engineers’ experience to achieve the best sonic performance. Utilising the design ideals of the ‘cascaded emitter follower output stage’ with a pair of complementary Darlington output transistors, along with polyester film and Nichicon FG capacitors in critical positions, ensures it is Rega’s most advanced performing headphone amplifier to date.

Housed in a compact custom case, Rega Ear is designed to match the current range of Rega electronics with a matching, high gloss, front facia. The new Rega Ear Headphone amplifier benefits from an all new extruded aluminium case and new styling giving it more of a family feel to match its illustrious big brothers. The Rega Ear simply connects to the tape output of an amplifier via phono leads. The headphones are plugged into the front panel and there is a link socket in case you need your tape output sockets for other use.

Rega Ear

Rega Ear

Technical Specification

Maximum output level: 25 load 775mW, 32 load 685mW, 50 load 530mW, 100 load 320mW, 600 load 60mW
Open circuit voltage: 6v
Input impedance: 20K, Gain 28dB
Frequency response: 12Hz to 37kHz
THD: typically 0.003%
Signal to noise ratio referenced to max output level: -100dB (22Hz – 22kHz)
Maximum Power requirements: 24VAC at 225mA (685mW 32)
Dimensions: W 178mm x D 155mm x H 45mm