Bowers & Wilkins

STAV 24 S2 stands


The perfect accompaniment to Bowers & Wilkins 606, 606 S2 Anniversary Edition, 607 and 607 S2 Anniversary Edition speakers. STAV 24 S2 stands position your standmount speaker at the perfect listening height and give them a solid podium to perform, complete with spikes.

Height: 600mm

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Surround yourself with storied sound with custom designed STAV24 S2 stands. Specifically designed for the 606 and the 607 bookshelf speakers these stands lift the speakers to the ideal height for seated listening be it for music or movies. This latest edition of the 600 series had been 8 years in the making to deliver a pure and precise soundscape.

Designed for the 606, 606 S2 Anniversary Edition, 607 and 607 S2 Anniversary Edition models but ideal for use with many others, the Bowers & Wilkins STAV24 S2 stands lift your speakers to new heights.

The perfect stand for the 606 and 607
Designed especially for the 600 Series standmount speakers (including S2 Anniversary Edition), these are the ideal stands to match. The stands not only echo the speakers’ shape lines, but also enhance the sound characteristics.

Sound enhancements
Both supporting columns are suitable for mass loading. Fill with dry sand or other suitable proprietary filler and add mass to the stand. This absorbs vibrations and resonance for a more natural bass response. For improved isolation with your floor, base spikes are also supplied (use the supplied rubber feet if you have a wooden or tiled floor).

Maximise the performance of your Bowers & Wilkins 600 Series speakers, with the STAV24 S2 stands.

Brand Bowers & Wilkins
Colour Black
Floorstand Yes
Height (mm) 600mm
Cable Management No
Spikes Yes – Base