Akito tonearm


Akito tonearm, now in it’s 3rd revision (Akito/3B), sits in between the reference Ekos SE and entry-level Majik/Krane arms in the Linn hierarchy and comes fitted on an Akurate LP12.

Akito is a rigid direct-coupled tonearm designed to complement a wide range of cartridges. Akito has a larger diameter arm tube than the Majik, improved bearings and a die cast, bonded headshell to provide a stable rigid, base for your cartridge.

As with all Linn LP12 upgrades and components, this must be fitted by a qualified LP12 Specialist Retailer (Loud & Clear!). Get in touch to discuss.

In-store purchase only, please call 0141 221 0221 or email glasgow@loud-clear.co.uk to reserve/enquire.

Akito – Silently smooth precision
Incorporating technologies developed for Linn’s class-leading Ekos SE, the Akito tonearm is what your vinyl collection deserves.

Precision bearings, accurate static tracking and precision-spring bias adjustment protect your cherished recordings and maximise your enjoyment of the music.

A strong die-cast headshell is bonded to the main arm tube using advanced adhesives and together they provide a stable platform to support a wide range of cartridges.

The Akito tonearm is the perfect partner for Linn’s Krystal moving coil or Adikt moving magnet cartridges.


Akurate LP12, Rosenut

Key features

  • Aluminium arm tube
  • Precision bearings
  • Die-cast rigid headshell