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Skills and Knowledge – Who we are

Our team has decades of knowledge and expertise of most major Hi-Fi brands. Every person in our team has a unique set of skills and knowledge which means we can repair anything from an old Walkman cassette player to the highest fidelity power amplifiers and anything in between.
We have a long standing relationship with manufacturers and their service departments. Knowing the people behind the products gives us the upper hand when dealing with repairs and servicing your equip ment. Our aim is to deliver world class servicing for all products – why? Because we love Hi-Fi equipment and what it provides the listener!

Drive and Passion – Repair and Servicing

Having issues with your music system? – We strive to provide timely and cost effective repair and service solutions.
We specialise in repairs of all components of your Hi-Fi System – Turntables, CD Players, Amplifiers, Speakers and Network Streaming devices.
Your equipment will be serviced by people who love what they do. No cutting corners. We take care of your equipment as if it were our own.
Feel free to give us a call if you are experiencing any issues with your system, we can provide you with some simple yet effective troubleshooting procedures to narrow down the fault.

One Step Ahead – Standard Service and Upgrade Options

Don’t wait for your equipment to fail – We provide a range of Standard Service Options to keep your equipment performing at its best all times. When was your amplifier last serviced? Every piece of audio electronics should be serviced at least every few years – oxidised connectors, pots and switches can degrade signal quality; electrolytic capacitors deteriorate over time and should be completely replaced. We offer a complete electronics health check using professional audio test equipment – there is no guessing, just hard science!

Turntables – they rely on a fine balance of electro-mechanical operation and it takes years of experience to set a turntable up well – luckily we know a thing or two about servicing them. We offer standard set price servicing for Rega, Linn LP12, VPI and SME.

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An Eye for Detail – Vinyl Cleaning

We offer a professional vinyl cleaning service for your precious record collection. This service includes an ultrasonic bath and antistatic sleeve to help keep the dust away. Keeping your vinyl clean will prolong the life of your cartridge and will vastly improve the sound quality you get from your vinyl playback.



“The impact of the overhaul has opened up the sound, it has added warmth, clarity, resonance, and space. I have heard a few things that maybe never heard before or have not heard for a long time.”

Nigel Rutherford


“Guys and Gals at Loud and Clear done it again. I have been recently considering upgrading my current 9 year + Sim-audio Moon i-1 amplifier. Hubert suggested that I should consider a Full Service and Testing verified by a full test report. Replacement of all Capacitors and Servicing of Volume pot. I duly did. I have never heard my system sounding so good. Totally re-energised.”

Tommy Wallace

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