Following are some of the trade in and ex display items from our stores.

Updated on 30 June 2020

Used – McIntosh MA2275 Integrated Amplifier


We have for sale this splendid example of the McIntosh MA2275 integrated amplifier. It was originally sold by ourselves to it’s one and only owner.

The MA2275 was the first McIntosh integrated amplifier to rely exclusively on valves in all audio circuits. The design combined classic valve audio performance with state of the art control technology. A new ultra-low-noise preamp was engineered for the MA2275 with glass epoxy printed circuit boards with Input switching accomplished inside glass cylinders filled with an inert gas to prevent signal degradation. The circuit design of the classic MC275 power amplifier, which incorporates McIntosh’s exclusive Unity-Coupled output circuitry to provide clean, low-distortion power over the entire frequency range, serves as the power amplifier section in the MA2275 giving low noise combined with clean power.

Low Noise MM Phono Input

Balanced CD Input

Six Program Source Inputs

Preamp-Out/Amplifier-In Loop

Extra Set of Pre-Outs Provided

Taps for 2, 4, & 8-Ohm Speakers

Illuminated Peak-Responding Wattmeters

Silent Electromagnetic Switching

Defeatable Bass & Treble Controls

Fiber Optic Lighting

Headphone Jack

Remote Control

Fully checked and serviced in our workshop prior to being offered for sale. The amplifier has no original packaging so collection or local home delivery by appointment.

Please contact us for further details

Edinburgh (click to email) 0131 555 3963

Ex-Display Dynaudio Contour 30 Rosewood High Gloss

£5295 ( Originally £6612)

Here we have our fabulous demonstration pair of Dynaudio Contour 30.

This set are finished in the premium Rosewood High Gloss and look stunning. Not only do they look the part, they sound it too. Put them on the end of your system and see the speakers melt away into thin air whilst painting a huge, deep sound stage.

Delicate when they need to be, punchy and dynamic when the music dictates, they are not fussy. The Eostar 2 tweeter will produce an wonderfully dynamic top end with speed and accuracy whilst the two mid/bass drivers fill in the body with grunt, detail and a tight, musical bass.

These speakers are in factory condition and are supplied with full transit crates and all accessories.

Please contact Iain for more details and shipping cost.

Edinburgh (click to email) 0131 555 3963

VPI Prime Scout Turntable

£2350 (currently £2950)

The Prime Scout from VPI is the entry level in the Prime series of turntables.

The Scout is the latest in a long line of turntables bearing the illustrious name  which it more than lives up to. It takes it’s visual styling cue from it’s critically acclaimed bigger brother ‘The Prime’.

The Prime Scout comes with the legendary JMW Memorial 9″uni-pivot arm which will allow most cartridges to be accommodated with ease. We do have some customers who use cartridges in excess of £3000 on this arm without any sense of being over the top.

Prime Scout provides a neutral platform for most cartridges with a sense of timing and musicality that others strive to attain at a much higher cost. This with a relatively easy, low maintenance regime makes for a a truly wonderful package.

This is a factory sealed sealed unit. Please call or email and ask for further information.


Edinburgh (click to email) 0131 555 3963

Used – Melco N1Z H

£1800 (Originally £3500)

N1Z is the flagship of the Melco N1 Series. N1Z is a true audiophile source component combining precision audiophile mechanical engineering with leading edge electronics and software.

This particular unit comes from a known customer and is in first class condition. There are 2 x 3TB HDD Buffalo drives onboard configured in RAID array.

Ever wanted one? Well now is your  chance to get a lovely example.

Please contact us for further details

Edinburgh (click to email) 0131 555 3963

Used – Rega Planar 6


This turntable was traded into us by a customer, who we initially sold it to. It’s in immaculate condition. It is the latest version of the Planar 6.

This is perfect for someone who may have been interested in a Planar 3, but can now push it that little bit further!

Contact us for for more information or to arrange a demonstration by visiting us in the shop, phoning, or by dropping us an email. We’d be happy to answer any questions.


Edinburgh (click to email) 0131 555 3963

Ex Display – KEF Blade

£14500 (currently £24000.00)

For anyone who’s ever wanted a pair, well now is your chance. The chance to own a pair of one of the finest speakers ever made.

Here we have our ex display KEF Blade, finished in Piano Black and immaculate in every way. This pair come with full packaging and accessories and are not to be missed.

The Blade is a truly ‘out of box’ sounding speaker with great scale and depth of soundstage. Marry that to fantastic detail retrieval and a beautifully defined bass. What more could an individual wish for?

Please call Iain in Edinburgh to discuss what these speakers can do for you.




Edinburgh (click to email) 0131 555 3963

Ex Display – Meridian Ultra DAC Reference Digital Pre Amplifier with streaming

£10950 (currently £15000)

For those who operate exclusivley in the digital source domain we offer this splendid DAC /Preamplifier.

The Meridian Ultra DAC is a Reference DAC with volume control and streaming capability via Meridian Sooloos or Roon platforms. There are 4 coaxial inputs –  2 RCA and 2 BNC, 2 Toslink, 2 AES EBU and a USB. Output to a power amplifier utilises RCA or Balanced XLR.

Network connectivity will allow integration with the Meridian Sooloos system with other streaming options being catered for by connecting your streamer to the appropriate input.

Note: May be combined with the 857 Reference Power amplifier.

Please contact Iain in the Edinburgh shop for more information.


Edinburgh (click to email) 0131 555 3963

Ex Display – Hegel Rost – White

£1700 (currently £2200)

Röst is the first of Hegel’s next generation integrated amplifiers. It represents everything that Hegel has learned about amplifier design and is a showcase for all of their latest technologies. The Hegel Röst combines an integrated amplifier with a built-in DAC and streamer with 75 watts per channel. It offers single ended and balanced analogue inputs, coax, optical and USB digital inputs, as well as built-in AirPlay and UPnP/DLNA streaming. A true do-it-all amplifier!

Connect the Rost to you TV system, music streamer or simply control it with one of many Streaming applications.

This is our display unit and is in first class condition. It comes with full packaging and accessories so may be dispatched to anywhere in the UK or overseas.

Please call for further details.


Edinburgh (click to email) 0131 555 3963

Used – VPI Player

£750 (Originally £1500)

Great news! We are able to offer a great price for a great turntable from legendary manufacturers VPI, the Player.

Designed as an out the box solution with the high end performance that VPI are famous for. The player includes a factory fitted Ortofon 2M Red moving magnet cartridge, onboard phono stage, inbuilt headphone stage, a gimbal tonearm and a classic solid aluminium platter.

If you are interested in how it sounds and works, book your self in for a demonstration by contacting us by phone, email or by visiting our shop.


Edinburgh (click to email) 0131 555 3963

Ex Display – ProAc Tablette 10 Rosewood


We have for sale our demonstration pair of ProAc Tablette 10 speakers. This set are finished in Rosewood veneer and come with full packaging and accessories. Please note that this product is only available for pick up.

The 10s are a true bookshelf monitor which are happy in a near wall position, either on stands or the aforementioned bookshelf.

Please call for more information.

Edinburgh (click to email) 0131 555 3963

Used – KEF R500


These are a fantastic pair of floor standing speakers. Though fairly compact, these KEF’s offer an expansive sound stage.

One of the speakers has some cosmetic damage. There are three chips out of the speakers finish.

If you’re interested, give us a call, or get down to the shop for a chat.

Edinburgh (click to email) 0131 555 3963

Ex Display – Moon 230HAD Headphone Amplifier with DAC


The perfect complement to a nice pair of headphones….a cracking Headphone amplifier with DAC.

The Moon 430HAD is equipped with 4 digital inputs – 1 x toslink, 2 x SPDIF and 1 x USB. It has 1 analogue input and 2 x Analogue output – 1 fixed and one variable. All you need to connect any analogue or digital source.

The 430HAD may be used as a stand alone amplifier for headphones or as a rather well equipped pre-amplifier into your power amplifier.

Fully boxed and in excellent condition this is ready to find a new home.

Please call for details.

Edinburgh (click to email) 0131 555 3963

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