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Up and coming, from Sweden!

Inspired by the famous song, Moonriver Audio is a combination of the vintage and the contemporary in audio reproduction.

Classic, timeless, user oriented design. Organic texture acquired within an open space, dynamic behavior unrestrained while preserving natural color, provisions made for modular upgrades and direct access to all functions.

The 404 integrated amplifier and the new Reference version

Classic design with a modern touch; high quality materials such as massive aluminum knobs, solid walnut cheeks, sturdy enclosure; ergonomic user interface.

The 404 amplifier will extract hidden elements and render textures from within any audio format, with the source, speakers and room to set the limits. Its culture will suit all music, as the Model 404 is by design set to define the faintest nuances of which tone integrity is composed.

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The new 404 Reference integrated amplifier is the improved version of the Standard model. Following the runaway success of The Moonriver Model 404 (Standard) the Reference version moves further, by  improving on the already excellent design platform of the Standard 404 model. The form, controls, ergonomics and design are similar, but the major difference is found at the heart of the amplifier: the power supplies.

The Moonriver 404 Reference can drive most speakers in the market to significant levels. The Moonriver 404 Reference must be auditioned to fully savor its enhanced performance.

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Made in Sweden

All their products are designed and made in Sweden. Moonriver hand-assemble each unit, a painstaking but precise procedure.  Through a global inventory that is constantly updated, it is their sophisticated research, efficient development and extensive listening tests -the fun part- that lead them to select the right component for a no-compromise audiophile sound.

They also care for sustainability as well as for reliability. Moonriver products are covered by a 3-year warranty and are designed to last for decades without any need of maintenance.