3 July 2012    |    Music


Sully Erna’s musical life began at the age of 3 with a drum kit and it was an interesting journey that saw him rise up to become one of the best multi-talented frontmen that today’s rock scene has to offer (take a bow Dave Grohl also). But music was in his blood and most people he encountered on the way had little doubt that he would make it. Added to the incredible guitar talents of Tony Rombola and bassist Robbie Merrill along with the mesmerising drumming style of Shannon Larkin, Godsmack become an unstoppable force.

Having been to a show in San Antonio, Texas on a recent trip to The States I can confirm this. And that the now legendary ‘Batalla De Los Tamboress’ between Shannon & Sully is a particular highlight. Even if you’re not a fan of the full-on rock sound, please check out The Other Side EP and their acoustic performance at the Las Vegas House of Blues (the dvd of which comes as a freebie with their Good Times, Bad Times collection) for a real showcase of their versatility. They are best played loud. But preferably not near small children. Or your Granny.

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