Record Store Guy

As the owner of Monorail, Glasgow’s finest vinyl based independent record shops, our client asked for a turntable based system to be installed in his new home in conjunction with a bespoke media wall he was having built.




He insisted that the performance and aesthetics were treated with equal importance, so naturally Loud & Clear was the choice. Based around 2 striking Black Rega turntables fitted with matching Dynavector cartidges, Naim amplifier and Totem loudspeakers, the equipment fills the room with sound without visually overpowering it.

Loud & Clear was also responsible for installing a multi-room music system from Sonos to provide music on the roof garden and a few other areas of the apartment.
The main hi-fi was also linked into the Sonos system allowing the client’s vinyl to be heard all over the house, providing true multi-room vinyl replay!
The results we think you’ll agree fantastic, and the client now has a listening’room that all vinyl heads would envy.


Approximate budget cost

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