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2nd November 2017

Our beautiful new shop is now open and whilst we are still completing a few finishing touches we are ready to welcome you to Commercial Quay.

Pop in for a coffee and a chance to experience the #MostAmazingHiFiShop!

Applewood Road Album Playback Session

28th June 2016

We are teaming up with Gearbox Records to present a playback session of the Applewood Road album on Saturday 23rd July at 11am.

In addition to getting the chance to experience this very special album on a fantastic system, any customer purchasing a copy from us can enter into a prize draw, with a unique prize at stake, a single 1/4″ reel to reel tape direct copy of the actual master tape housed in a special Applewood Road box. A prestigious one-off that Audiophiles will love.

Emily Barker, Amber Rubarth and Amy Speace are Applewood Road and each has contributed songs to the album. ‘Applewood Road’, the opening track, was written two hours after they first met in a café in East Nashville and was recorded the following week. Excited by the song and the way their harmonies blended, the trio decided to expand the song to an album.

Six months later they all met again and rehearsed twelve additional numbers that they had each been working on independently. These were then recorded in Nashville’s Welcome To 1979 analogue studio, and mastered in London using vintage analogue equipment at Gearbox Records,

There’s a fierce young creativity there that the trio brought to Welcome to 1979’s analog studio, recording around a single microphone, no mixing, no overdubs, no pitch correction. The result captures the warmth and intimacy of their first writing sessions.

The result is a crystal-clear sound with vocals taking precedence over instrumentation, ‘Applewood Road’ itself kicks off the album with only a double bass accompanying the three voices, a perfect fit. It is unfair to pick one track but “To The Stars’ stands out; a beautiful song in an album full of style, allure and artistry.

High-End Munich 2016

21st May 2016

This year High-End 2016 Munich managed to deliver the one of the most professional shows to date. I say that as I often find the audio industry can be a bit of a ‘hobby’ and not enough of a ‘service’. With companies ranging from B&O to Living Voice (real extremes) providing wonderful demos that showed hi-fi and music lovers alike that we have a showcase platform in Munich that reveals the true quality of the Hi-Fi industry.

With visitors from all around the world it was great to see so many British companies involved in the show e.g. Linn, dCS, Naim, Meridian, Kudos, Monitor Audio, Kef, & Arcam to name but a few. It was also great to see so many UK visitors, customers and dealers, I wish we had a UK show to match it.


SAM Lab Tour Event

11th November 2015

Saturday 28th November, 10am – 5pm
Come along & discover SAM – SPEAKER ACTIVE MATCHING
For the first time, SAM® technology incorporated in Devialet systems enables the precise adaptation of the sound signal to the specifications of your speaker model.
This is made possible by the powerful DSP at the heart of each Devialet system. These built-in systems protect your speakers and ensure top performance.
544 speakers can already benefit from the revolutionary SAM technology but if your speakers aren’t on the list then this is your chance!
In 2015, Devialet’s engineers succeeded in miniaturising the speaker analysis laboratory, allowing the equipment to be portable for the first time. SAM Lab has enabled Devialet engineers to speed up their mission to make all speakers worldwide SAM® ready.
We are offering you the chance to bring in your speakers whatever they are to be analysed by the SAM Lab at Loud & Clear. We only need one of your speakers to perform the SAM Lab tests but you can bring both for a before and after demo of what SAM Lab can add to their performance.
We will have Devialet Le 120, Le 200, Le 400 and Le 800 Expert systems on demo. The Devialet UK staff will be joined by one of their engineers from Paris who will perform the Sam Lab sessions.
Book your place: 0131 555 3963

Totem Kin Mini Loudspeakers

27th November 2014

It’s been a long time since we received a new small loudspeaker from Totem, and in the Kin Mini they have a real star at only £449.

Measuring just 9 inches tall, the Kin is rather petite, with the considerable attraction of being able to place these in areas other speakers wouldn’t fit, and still get a remarkably large soundstage for such a size of speaker. They are flexible in where they are positioned for maximum imaging.

These funky little loudspeakers are available in white or black satin, both Edinburgh and Glasgow stores have the Kin Mini on demonstration now.

For more information see the Totem website >>

If you want a little more on the bass side, there is also a Kin subwoofer too.



Native DSD from MOON

12th November 2014

We are delighted to announce the arrival of the MOON 380DSD. This new DAC from MOON offers the facility to play DSD files which can be delivered direct to the DAC chip in native format via USB. Please call in to the Edinburgh store and speak to John to find out more about the advantages of this system over the more conventional DSD over DOP, for the real fans of the DSD format.

New KEF Reference range on Demo

19th August 2014

Loud & Clear Edinburgh are delighted to announce that we are the only dealer in the UK to have the brand new KEF Reference series on demo. We have all three models, Reference 1, Reference 3 & Reference 5.

Please contact us to book a listen at the Edinburgh listening facility at The Mill.

0131 555 3963



Lyra Etna now in stock at Loud & Clear

17th July 2014

The long awaited Lyra Etna stock has now arrived. If you want one of these then your only chance is to contact John Carroll at the Edinburgh shop with your payment details.

Norwegian Tunes

13th June 2014

Loud & Clear are happy to announce an exclusive arrangement with Hegel of Norway. The first product that will arrive into the Edinburgh shop will be the stunning little HE-80 amplifier and digital hub. Priced at only £1300 the product just plays music as it should. We auditioned it yesterday with a MOON 260D and a pair of Living Voice Auditorium 3 and were amazed at the sound. Anders from Hegel was also blown away with the sound that we created in our demo room and will now have a really disappointing tour of the UK trying to match our standard.

Contact Iain in Edinburgh for more details

Artists' Night At The Mill – This Thursday 6-8pm

7th May 2014

For those of you who’ve been in the shop in the last couple of months, you will have noticed the new artwork adorning our rooms. From Martin’s funky and colourful illustrations, to Lauren’s quirky Rocket sculptures, Orains’ stunning felt piece and Bill’s poetic oil paintings. There is something for everyone, with prices ranging from £20 to £3,500.

We are delighted to announce that all the artists will be with us on Thursday 8th May, between 6 and 8pm, so don’t miss this unique opportunity to meet them and ask all the questions you may have about their work: From their technique to where they take their inspiration from.

We look forward to seeing you on the night for a glass of wine and nibbles on the house! And of course, great music playing in the background…

Here is below, in their own words, a bit more about them.

Orains is a unique arts & design business owned by Pieter van der Werf and Fiona Page.

They design and create products for interiors, both domestic and commercial. They work exclusively with Scottish wool (in particular Scottish Blackface fleece) sourced from farms in Argyll and visit the sheep farmers personally. They manage the primary and secondary processing using ecological materials only.

The farm-to-felt process guarantees control over the supply chain and creates a unique opportunity to make large individual art pieces and commissions together with a lighting range and rugs.

Since graduating from Grays school of Art in Aberdeen in 2009, Martin McBride has been busy experimenting with various new media to advance the aesthetics of his work.

Working mainly within the field of printmaking and illustration, his work is a bold mixture of block colour and pattern with the key focal point being animals from all areas of the world.

He tries to create interesting yet beautiful images that people from all walks of life can enjoy.

Bill McArthur is an Orkney based seascape painter who spent twenty years working as a commercial fisherman.

He has lived for the past 36 years on the remote island of Sanday in the Orkneys and his work reflects his interest and experience of the sea… from the towering rock stacs of St Kilda to the tide race at Cape Wrath on the Scottish mainland’s most North Westerly point.

The implacable power of the sea is what informs all his work, from the gentle ripple of tide on the long sandy beaches of his home to the crashing Atlantic breakers of the Outer Hebrides.

Lauren Fox is an Edinburgh-based sculptor who works primarily in metal. She trained in Edinburgh & Barcelona, where her passion for sculpture was originally sparked.

Lauren has exhibited in various galleries in Barcelona & the UK, including Untitled BCN (Barcelona), Cock & Bull (London), & Whitespace (Edinburgh). She also takes on private commissions.

The pieces currently on show at Loud & Clear are from her signature series, Rockets.

Kiseki Purpleheart N.O.S.

16th April 2014

This is number 48 of only 49 made. Again Loud & Clear Edinburgh have secured several of only 10 coming into the UK. Priced at £1995 this is a must for the real music fan. Contact John or Iain in Edinburgh for full details, but be quick!

Pentland Jaguar F-TYPE Coupe Launch | 3rd & 4th April

3rd April 2014

Pentland Jaguar F-TYPE Coupe Launch | 3rd & 4th April

We will be on hand at the launch events for the new Jaguar F-TYPE Coupe at Pentland Jaguar in their Perth and Edinburgh showrooms. The Perth event is on April 3rd from 5 till 7pm, the Edinburgh event is from 4 till 6pm on April 4th.

We will be demonstrating the Meridian Audio Sooloos music streaming system and M6 loudspeakers. Pop along and check out this amazing new car and it’s Meridian audio system and see what Meridian can do to provide fabulous audio in your home too.

Fome more info click the link below.



SMARTractor set up tool

5th February 2014

With vinyl playback reaching a new peak, top performance turntables and cartridges have always got more to give with a precise set up. Having the correct tools for the job makes this a whole lot easier. Welcome the SMARTractor from German company Acoustical Systems. £449 and only available in Scotland via Loud & Clear


More info available here or contact John Carroll

Meridian Week at Loud & Clear – Update

13th January 2014

Loud & Clear Edinburgh are delighted to announce a week of events based around Meridian products. From 5-9th of March you will have the chance to visit us and hear all that is new from Meridian Audio including the SE versions of their DSP loudspeakers. Created to celebrate 25 year since they launched the first ever Digital Active Loudspeaker. Some other manufactures and now following this path but need to bridge the gap of a quarter of a century!

Meridian staff will be here all week to give you all the answers to your questions and to demonstrate Sooloos streaming, Digital Theatre & Computer Audio.

On the evening of Friday the 7th we will have a very special concert from local singer songwriter Amy Duncan. Tickets for this event go on sale soon but are restricted to low numbers for this very intimate and special gig.

There will be plenty of other activities be announced in the coming 2 weeks, so watch this space.


Classic Album Sundays, Lenny Kravitz, Let Love Rule. Doors open at 12pm and album spins at 2.00pm on Sunday 9th March 2014. Get your tickets HERE

Amy Duncan – SOLD OUT

Legendary designer and co-founder of Meridian Audio Bob Stuart will be with us on Saturday 8th March. More details HERE.

The systems are now set up! Check out our Facebook page for updates and pics.

Today, Thursday 6 March we have these amazing cars at the Mill: the Rover Range Rover Vogue SE with a Meridian Audio 3D Sound System and the Jaguar F-Type V6 S with a Meridian 380 system inside it. They not only look stunning… they sound AMAZING!




Rega Saturn-R CD-DAC Player

8th January 2014

Both store now have the new Rega Saturn-R CD-DAC player on demonstration now.

Not only is the Saturn-R an impressive CD player, it’s also a fully functioning DAC as well. So, you can have the best of both worlds; by still playing CDs and stream from computer or hard drive without compromising either.

The Saturn-R has benefited from the technology used in Rega’s flagship Isis CD and award winning DAC. The DAC has two digital coaxial inputs, two optical inputs and, of course, an asynchronous USB input all of which can handle streams right the way up to 192kHz/24 bit.

This makes the ideal partner for Rega’s Elicit-R integrated amplifier, which is also on demonstration.

The Saturn-R retails at £1,598.

Come into Edinburgh or Glasgow and hear this stunning player in the flesh.

More info on Saturn-R from Rega’s Website >>



Meridian Prime Headphone Amplifier

12th December 2013

After the huge success of the Explorer DAC, Meridian have turned their attention to the headphone amplifier; with the release of the Prime. With so many of us turning to quality headphones, it makes sense to feed them with a dedicated amplifier.

Prime has Meridian DNA running right the way through: with the high quality sound designed by Bob Stuart and chassis design by Allen Boothroyd. Its looks are recognisably Meridian, so fitting into any of their systems or if it’s your first time, adding a new piece of iconic hi-fi design and engineering into your space.

With three inputs: USB asynchronous input for computer audio, 2 x RCA analogue, and 3.5mm to enable phones and tablets to be connected.

Based on years of Bob Stuart’s research in the science of psychoacoustics, the Meridian Prime Headphone Amplifier also features new, proprietary Meridian audio processing technology called ‘ASP’, or Analogue Spatial Processing, to provide “outside the head” listening through headphones to make the experience more like listening to a pair of loudspeakers in the room.

It can also be improved upon with the addition of Prime Power Supply, for those that want the ultimate headphone experience.

Prime Headphone Amplifier – £1,200
Prime Power Suppler – £800

For more information check the Meridian website >>

Pop into Edinburgh or Glasgow for a demonstration.






Headphones at Loud & Clear

4th December 2013

Both stores are stocking some fantastic headphones at the moment.

You’ll find STAX, HiFiMAN and KEF in Edinburgh and Glasgow; plus some extras from Grado and Sennheiser in Glasgow

Here’s a run down on what you can find in each store in December:


STAX SRS4170 Signature system (SR-407 Headphones and SRM006tS energiser) – £1,695

HiFiMAN HE-300 – £270

KEF M500 – £249

STAX SRS3170 Classic system (SR307 Headphones and SRM323S Energiser) – £1,195

HiFiMAN HE-6 – £950
HiFiMAN HE-400 – £395

KEF M500 – £249

Sennheiser Momentum On-Ear – £169.95

Plus most of the Grado range, which has just seen a big cut to the retail price:

Grado SR60i – £79.95
Grado SR80i – £99.95
Grado SR125i – £149.95
Grado SR325is – £299.95

We can assist in supplying other models from these suppliers, as we can’t stock every product.

Pop into either store and we’ll make sure you get the right headphone for how you listen to music.

We also do a range of different headphone amplifiers, but that’s for another post.




Music, Art and Mulled wine at the Mill

26th November 2013

Join us on Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th December (10-6pm) at the Mill for our Pre Christmas get together. Enjoy mulled wine and nibbles whilst you listen to live music from our pal, Mark Corbett on Saturday afternoon at 3.30pm. There will also be some great offers on a selection of perfect Christmas gift ideas for you and your family. Check here our Top 10 perfect Christmas presents for music lovers.

Next door to us, Artist Jenny Smith is also having on open studio. She will have a selection of paintings and prints for sale and there will be a 20% discount on selected work for sale. There will be a laser cutting demonstration at 3pm on the Saturday too! Here for more details.

So escape the horrors of high street Christmas shopping and head to The Mill to regain your sanity.

Vinyl available at the Mill

15th November 2013

Music On Vinyl is a vinyl only record label that releases high quality 180g LP and 7″ vinyl pressings of titles licensed from a wide range of record companies and artists who control their own repertoire.

These are both re-issues of classic titles, or a simultaneous vinyl release to compliment a CD/DVD release, all marketed under the Music On Vinyl brand, which vinyl lovers worldwide recognize as a trusted name providing a superb LP vinyl product.

They are provided with the best possible (analogue) masters available. On top of that, our sound engineer has over 35 years of experience in cutting and mastering records for (major) labels.

Albums currently available at Loud & Clear in Edinburgh (in alphabetical order):

Blind boys of Alabama / I’ll find a way / More details here / £23

Bob Dylan / Oh Mercy / More details here / £18

Bob Marley / Natty Dread  / More details here / £20

Bonnie Raitt / Give it up / More details here /£19

David Bowie / Earthling / More details here / £19

Faithless / Sunday 8pm / More details here / £22

Fleetwood Mac / Greatest Hits / More details here / £19

Fleetwood mac / Peter green’s Fleetwood Mac  / More details here / £18

Fleetwood Mac / Pious bird of good omen / More details here / £18

Jeff Buckley / Grace / More details here / £18

Kings of Leon / Aha Shake Heartbreak / More details here / £22

Lou Reed / Rock’n roll animal / More details here / £19

Lou Reed / Transformer  / More details here /£18

Love / Love / More details here / £18

Manic Street Preachers / Everything must go / More details here / £18

Mott the Hoople / All the young dudes  / More details here / £18

Portishead / Roseland NYC / More details here / £23

Primal Scream / Screamadelica / More details here / £23 (Expanded vinyl edition – Remastered – Includes booklet with unseen images and brand new band interviews)

Rodrigo y Gabriela  / Rodrigo y Gabriela / More details here /£19

Roy Ayers / Virgo vibes / More details here / £18

Shuggie Ottis / Inspiration information / More details here / £18

Stevie Ray Vaughan / Couldn’t stand the weather / More details here / £22 (Expanded vinyl edition)

Stone roses / Turns into stone / More details here / £18

Tedeschi Trucks Band / Everybodys Talkin / More details here / £43 (First live release)

The Who / Who’s next  / More details here / £20

Yello / Flag / More details here / £20 (Exclusively remastered)


Music On Vinyl launches classical label. Read more about this!


Fantastic tunes on the go

16th October 2013

Both Loud & Clear shops will be taking delivery of the best sounding portable music players on the market, the i-river players from Astell&Kern. These are sure to be the best gift for any music fan or audiophile looking for top notch sounds on the move. Packed with amazing features and great sound quality in a beautiful compact case, there are 2 models to choose from, The AK100 & AK120 with dual Wolfsen DACs.

Please get in touch to arrange a demo or to add to your wish list for christmas.

And don’t just take our word for these players. Here is an e-mail from one of our customers

“Hi John/Iain,

You asked for some feedback on the AK120…..for the remainder of Thursday, I purchased 2 micro SD cards and put on some of my own music on….and right from the start, it’s clear this device is on another level, just able to get that bit more enjoyment out of the recordings…next day at work I was grinning every now and again and had to resist nodding my head…..
Pros – love the ability to put in 2 micro SD cards and therefore your not limited to a fixed capacity, especially important with the larger 24 bit files.
Love the small attentions to detail like the ability to change track and volume with the screen not coming to life, so saving on battery.
Love the fact that you don’t have to use a music managing software app like iTunes…essentially the device is like a small external USB hard drive and you can just drag the music folder across to the device or either of the micro sd cards and can change file names easily enough.
Cons – only one so far….can’t change the battery….this is a gripe for many an apple owner…and one I do also dislike…batteries don’t last for ever and a product at this price point really should give you the ability to swap batteries out…
Overall impressed very impressed.
We are already working on the battery question and will have the answer shortly

Music is at our core

3rd October 2013

Just had lunch with one of Scotland’s rising stars of the ‘singer song writer’ genre. Well, she is much more than that, she is a ‘music charm’. Who is she? You’ll have to wait for a little more info but she will be performing a very special live set at The Mill in Edinburgh during the dark winter months and a couple of lucky Loud & Clear customers will receive free tickets.

Please stay in touch for updates and further info on “Live at the Mill” gigs.


John Carroll

The very best in Home Cinema from Arcam

30th August 2013

Loud & Clear Edinburgh don’t often get excited by a new home cinema product. However, in the hum-drum world of AV a product occasionally comes along that is a true star. The AVR750 from Arcam drops directly into that category and we have it on demo for you to enjoy. Priced at £4000 it is not cheap by as the heart of your music and movie system this amp will really please.



7 x 100 WPC surround sound receiver.

Class G Amplifier,

7 input 2 output HDMI switching.

DAB/DAB+/FM tuner.

4K HD ultra video scaling.

RS232/IP control.


Contact Simon in Edinburgh for more details

Integrated Amplifiers at Loud & Clear – MOON, Rega, Primare & Naim

29th August 2013

When you don’t want to take up too much space, and a two box amplifier is out of the question, then there are plenty of integrated amplifiers that can satisfy any budget, without sacrificing audio quality.

Both stores stock a broad range of integrated amplifiers with core brands MOON and Rega to be found in both Edinburgh and Glasgow. Each store has their own specialist brands with Edinburgh also featuring Primare and Glasgow the full range of Naim Audio.

MOON by Sim Audio – Edinburgh & Glasgow

Moon have just given their integrated amplifier range a total overhaul with a new name too – Neo.

Neo 250i – £1,890

Neo 340i starting from £3,525 – optional extras include: a phono stage, DAC and balanced input stage.

The MOON Evolution range is where you’ll find their reference amplifiers with two integrated models proving that you don’t need to have a separate pre and power to obtain exceptional performance.

Evolution 600i – £6,450

Evolution 700i – £9,450

Rega – Edinburgh & Glasgow

Rega have provided us with one of our biggest sellers with their Brio-R amplifier. This is a fantastic starting point for anyone wanting to own a proper hi-fi amplifier without breaking the bank. Rega have recently brought out a revamped Elicit-R too.

Brio-R – £498

Elicit-R – £1,598

Primare – Edinburgh

The Edinburgh store have always loved the sound of Primare, and it’s not easy to understand why. Fabulously well made amplifiers from Scandinavia. Both models stocked have options to add internal upgrades: either a DAC in the I22 or media board that turns the I32 into a full digital streamer.

I22 – £1,250 or £1,590 with integrated DAC

I32 – £2,200 or £3,150 with media board that incorporates a full digital streamer

Naim Audio – Glasgow

Naim have been a core product in the Glasgow store since we opened in 1996. One of the UK’s most renowned hi-fi manufacturers. They have been upgrading their product range massively over the last little while, and remain focused on delivering world leading performance from their hi-fi products.

NAIT 5si – £925

NAIT XS 2 – £1,595

SUPERNAIT 2 – £2,750

All these products will give you many years of musical enjoyment. Get in touch with either store to arrange a demonstration or pop in and have a chat about your requirements.



ProAc Response D30R Loudspeakers

22nd August 2013

We always look forward to listening to a new speaker from ProAc – one of the UK’s foremost audiophile loudspeaker manufacturers.

The new addition to the Response series, the D30Rs, are every bit as good as we imagined they’d be, and at a price point that we hadn’t had from ProAc before.

We have taken the model with the ribbon tweeter; the same tweeter fitted to the larger D40 speaker. There’s also technology to be found in the carbon fibre drive units which is derived from ProAc’s statement Carbon Pro 8s; one of the reasons they are so spectacular. All this brings incredible performance into a box that can fit into most rooms.

The D30R with the ribbon tweeter retails at £4,750, whilst The D30 with the dome tweeter, £4,500.

These are on demonstration in Glasgow now, and are sounding rather sumptuous in our main dem room.

More information on ProAc Response D30R >>

Meridian Director DAC

16th August 2013

We’ve finally got stock of Meridian’s new mini DAC, Director.

Director is a high-quality DAC (Digital to Analogue Converter) designed to deliver superior audio quality from any digital source. Built in Britain to the same standards as any Meridian product, Director breathes new life into digital sources when listened to on analogue hi-fi systems.

Director forms the ideal add-on for network players and music servers with digital outputs, bringing Meridian performance and ultimate sound quality to an entirely new class of audio products and systems. These sound enhancing technologies are derived from the award-winning line of Reference 800 Series components, and significantly out-perform the DACs found in computers and most network players.

Director can plug into any Mac or PC via USB, or streamers with the S/PDIF connection. It will sample all the way up to 24-bit, 192kHz too. This is a compact and stylish way to get the very best out of your digital sources.

Retail price is £449

For more information see Meridian Audio >>

Glasgow and Edinburgh will be stocking Director.



9th August 2013

We don’t often copy and paste from a web site but thought that on this occasion we would use the words of the manufacturer to describe this highly unique system.

“When you meet a Devialet for the first time, you will realise that this is an exceptional invention with just a glance. Our simple and sophisticated design magnifies the technological prowess and prepares users for the emotion of the music to follow. Forget the thick casings of traditional hi-fi units, Devialet clearly states its excessive taste for balance. Devialet will fit naturally into your lifestyle. – See more at:

Prices start at £4500


Contact John or Simon at the Edinburgh shop for more details

Music at the Mill: 16-17-18 August 2013

6th July 2013

In August last year, Loud & Clear Edinburgh hosted a series of events under the Music & Vinyl Fest, featuring live and vinyl replay music. This year, we are proud to present a new edition of Music at the Mill starting on the Friday with a girls-only night, featuring an Audiophile Question Time on the Saturday and wrapping up the weekend with Classic Album Sundays presents Fleetwood Mac “Rumours” on the Sunday. Continue to read for a wee taster of what you can expect…

Please note that all the events are limited numbers, so book your tickets early!


Friday 16th August, 6pm-9pm

Our first ever girls-only event, organised by girls, with girls and for girls.

Do you need more music in your life? Here is your chance to ask questions, listen and get inspired. Hear all about it for yourself from some successful female artists. Amy Duncan and Fiona Soe Paing will be with us to share their own experience.

The evening will feature discussions, presentations, demos and live music, all in a very relaxed and informal atmosphere.

An evening to socialize, share, talk and enjoy!

A glass of bubbly on arrival and nibbles will also be provided.

Ticketed – Free event. Limited numbers.

Friday 16 August, 6pm-9pm

Loud & Clear, 72 Newhaven Road, Edinburgh, Eh6 6QG

To book your place, email us or call 0131 555 3963.


Saturday 17 August, 11am-5pm

Everyone has (at least!) one CD, vinyl or cassette in their collection they are embarrassed about… but is it really that bad? Come and see if you can swap it for something worse!!! We will facilitate this special music swap-shop between 11am and 2pm. Note: Maximum of 2 items per person.

This will be followed by our very own Audiophile Question Time with an experts panel who will share their knowledge on the music process: From making music to capturing it, producing and distributing it. Come and join artist Steve Adey,  sound engineer and owner of Sonata Hi-Fi Rob Wilson, engineer and cables expert Michael Whiteside and Linn Records for what promises to be an exciting and interesting afternoon which will conclude with a live music set.

Any specific topic you would want to hear about? Let us know!

Free open day. Limited numbers

Saturday 17 August, 11am-5pm

Loud & Clear, 72 Newhaven Road, Edinburgh, EH6 5QG

To book your place, email us or call 0131 555 3963.


Sunday 18 August, 12pm-4pm

We will wrap up the weekend with a Classic Album Sundays session. Join us from 12pm for some refreshments. At 2.30pm, the lights go down and the volume goes up: switch off your phone, sit back, listen and immerse yourself in this communal and audiophile listening experience.

Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours has been voted for our Classic Album Sundays session.

Rumours is Fleetwood Mac’s most successful album. Released in 1977, it won the Grammy Award for Album of the Year in 1978. The record has sold over 40 million copies worldwide, making it one of the best-selling albums of all time. Rumours has received diamond certifications in several countries, including the US, Canada and Australia.

As the name suggests, Rumours was made during a period of deep internal struggles within the band and inter relationship issues which led to a lot of whispers and contributed to the lyrics, mood and emotions of this timeless production.

Tickets £6. Limited numbers

Sunday 18 August, 12pm-4pm (no admission after 2pm)

Loud & Clear, 72 Newhaven Road, Edinburgh, EH6 5QG

Get your ticket online, by calling 0131 555 3963 or at the door.

The album will be played from beginning to end on a reference system. This £80,000 plus audio system will include a MOON 740P pre-amplifier, MOON 870a dual mono power amplifiers, MOON 810LP phono stage, VPI HRX turntable, Lyra Kleos cartridge and KEF Blade loudspeakers, all cabled with Studio Connections Cables and Shunyata Power Products.


My Record Store Day 2013

26th April 2013

So, on Record Store Day 2013 I found myself in Palma. Not wanting to miss out on the action myself and Agathe searched down a good vinyl store in a fun neighbourhood. Cool beer, loud indie rock, a good selection of vinyl & lots of happy people Mallorcan style. The guys there even gave me a little discount on my new tracks. Cheers John


Classic Album Sundays Jazz & Classical with Loud & Clear present Stravinsky's "Rite of Spring" and "The Firebird" on Sunday 19 May

24th April 2013

Classic Album Sundays with Loud & Clear Hi-Fi present

Stravinsky’s “The Firebird” and “Rite of Spring”

Loud & Clear, 72 Newhaven Road, Edinburgh, EH6 5QG

Sunday 19 May 2013
Tickets £6
Book your ticket online, by calling 0131 555 3963 or at the door.
12pm – 4pm (doors will close at 2pm when the session will start – no late admission)

At Loud & Clear Edinburgh, we are very excited to announce the launch of Classic Album Sundays Jazz & Classical on Sunday, 19 May.

John Dunkerley, multi Grammy award winning recording engineer, will introduce this session which will feature two Stravinsky works that changed the course of 20th century composition:

The Firebird – Antal Dorati, Orchestra: LSO: Mercury Living Presence SR90266 1960

The Rite of Spring – Georg Solti: Orchestra: Chicago Symphony: Decca SXL 6691 1974

Join us from 12pm for some refreshments and get in the mood by listening to some of the music influenced by these works.

At 2pm, the lights go down, the volume goes up and we will start with “The Firebird” on a VPI Classic 3 turntable with Lyra Kleos cartridge, MOON 810LP phono amp, 850P line pre-amp and 880M mono power amps, and the Focal Scala Utopia loudspeakers. All cables and connectors from Studio Connections and Nordost.

Classic Album Sundays – A Communal and Audiophile Listening Experience

The concept is to enable people to experience music as close as possible to the way the artist intended, to treat music as a precious commodity and a classic album as a work of art which should be appreciated in its entirety. Classic Album Sundays’ use audiophile hi-fi equipment to ensure an awe inspiring listening experience. Visitors are invited to switch off their phones and refrain from unnecessary conversation: just sit back, listen and immerse themselves in the experience.


Linn Sneaky DSM – Now available in Glasgow

10th April 2013

The Glasgow store has the new super funky all-in-one Linn Sneaky DSM on demonstration.

The Sneaky DSM is a digital streamer; using the same high-end technology found in all Linn’s streaming products plus a built-in pre and power amplifer.

Along with the standard ethernet connection to hook up your music collection on hard drive, it has HDMI inputs; so you can connect your DVD player, games console, satellite receiver, plus more digital inputs (TOSLINK and S/PDIF). It also features an analogue input too.

It’s plug and play if you want to just add speakers to it in the beginning, or you may wish to upgrade later by adding a separate amplifier later on. Perhaps you might want to use it in another room when you already have a Linn DS in your main listening area.

Its entry price of £1,750 means it’s one of the most competitive products on the market – offering fantastic sound quality and functionality.

More information on Linn Sneaky DSM >>


Enjoy our Design Evening, hosted by Totem, Friday 29th March 2013

11th March 2013

On Friday 29th March 2013 from 4.00pm to 8.30pm. Come along to Loud & Clear Edinburgh and enjoy our Design Evening, hosted by Totem Loudspeakers. We will be showing some beautiful looking and sounding compact loudspeakers in our contemporary setting at The Mill. During the event and all day Saturday the emphasis will be on design and not just for the audio kit. Don’t worry, it won’t be like a trip to that Scandinavian furniture store. Instead, there will lots of great music and some stunning artwork from our neighbour Jenny Smith.


Contact John in the Edinburgh store for more details.

System Setup & Optimisation Seminar Presented By Roy Gregory

23rd February 2013

Join us on Saturday, March 2nd when Hi-Fi journalist, Roy Gregory will host a seminar and demonstration on how to get the most from your system.

In order to get an idea of what this event is all about you can check out this article from Roy’s Blog on The Audio Beat which features notes on the much talked about System Setup Seminar held during the Toronto Audio Video Entertainment Show (TAVES) late last year.

The event begins at noon with Roy’s presentation and will be followed by a presentation by the Editor of Hi-Fi Plus, Alan Sircom on how to maximise your digital music collection including sourcing and correcting Meta Data and Album Artwork etc.

The event is suitable for any level of customer, who is looking to get the best from their system or who just wants to meet a few well known names from the Hi-Fi press.

Tickets for the Saturday event are £5 and are available by clicking here or in-store.



Classic Album Sundays Edinburgh – Miles Davis "Kind of Blue", Sunday 3rd March

16th February 2013

Classic Album Sundays with Loud & Clear Hi-Fi Present

Miles Davis “Kind of Blue”

Loud & Clear @ The Mill, 72 Newhaven Road Edinburgh EH6 5QG
Sunday 3rd March 2013
£6 on the door or online: Spaces limited
12 Noon – 4.00pm (album plays at 4.00pm)
0131 555 3963

“One of the world’s great albums, played on one of the world’s finest hi-fi systems in conjunction with one of the world’s best hi-fi stores.”

Classic Album SundaysA Communal and Audiophile Listening Experience is joining forces with Loud & Clear Hi-Fi again for this now semi-regular event in Glasgow.

Listed as one of the Top 20 Trends of 2012 by London’s ES Magazine, Classic Album Sundays has become a media sensation in a little over a year. With features on BBC Breakfast, BBC 6 Music, NME, Elle, The Word, The Independent, The Evening Standard and more. Why all the fuss?

The concept is to enable people to experience music as close as possible to the way the artist intended, to treat music as a precious commodity and a classic album as a work of art which should be appreciated in its entirety. Classic Album Sundays’ use audiophile hi-fi equipment to ensure an awe inspiring listening experience. Visitors are invited to switch off their phones and refrain from unnecessary conversation: just sit back, listen and immerse themselves in the experience.

Music fans have enthusiastically responded en masse as Classic Album Sundays’ monthly listening sessions in London and New York have been selling out, with festival sessions featuring at The Vintage Festival at the Royal Festival Hall in London (for which Loud & Clear put together a £130,000 hi-fi system), plus Camp Bestival and Bestival amongst others.

Here is what some visitors had to say:

Joni Mitchell’s “Blue” was our first visit, and it was excellent. Sounded as if Joni was playing live, and heard in reverential silence by a deeply appreciative audience.” – David Lye, CAS attendee

“Hearing that fabulous cello line in ‘Eleanor Rigby’ – I could’ve wept with the sheer beauty of it.” – Annette Corbette, CAS attendee

The event format:

Join us from 12noon to get in the mood by listening to some of the music that inspired Miles Davis, along with tracks from his musical contemporaries and collaborators around the release of the album in 1959. We will be serving refreshments and nibbles in the usual style.

At 2.30pm the lights go down, the volume goes up and we play the album from beginning to end on a reference MOON Hi-Fi System, with a VPI Classic 3 turntable and the amazing KEF Blade loudspeakers

Miles Davis “Kind of Blue”

“Miles often surprised everybody. He craved change, and never thought twice about how it would affect anything or anybody, but the music…I think he enjoyed hearing the consequences.” – Drummer Jimmy Cobb in the liner notes for the album “Miles Davis and John Coltrane: The Complete Columbia Recordings 1955-1961”

Going Modal

Ever the musical chameleon who continuously challenged himself with new musical forms, Miles wanted to move away from the hard bop sound he had been championing in his live performances and on albums like 1954’s “Walkin’”. Inspired by French composers Maurice Ravel and Claude Debussy, performances by Les Ballets Africains de la Republique de Guinea and George Russell’s 1953 book “The Lydian Chromatic Concept of Tonal Organization”, Miles wanted to abandon traditional harmonies and experiment with modes. Instead of harmonizing over quick chord changes in the style of Charlie Parker and John Coltrane, Davis wanted to pursue a music where the musicians improvised over a series of “church modes”, eight modes (or scales) that were used in ancient Gregorian chants. Traditional harmonies were abandoned and the players were set free.

Legendary Sextet

From 1955-1958, Miles had the “first great quintet” with a line-up that included John Coltrane on tenor saxophone and Paul Chambers on bass. Cannonball Adderley joined on alto sax in ’58 and Bill Evans replaced Red Garland on piano. Plagued by a nasty drug habit, drummer Philly Joe Jones was fired numerous times and eventually left, replaced by Jimmy Cobb. Master blues accompanist Wyton Kelly (Evans replacement when he left to pursue his own solo career) was brought in to play on one song, “Freddie Freeloader” as Evans felt he had nothing to contribute.

Simplicity and Spontaneity

Miles wanted to record quickly and with very little rehearsal as he wanted to capture the spontaneity. Very little was written out and instead Miles would “speak” the charts, giving sketches of the scales over which the players would solo and sometimes telling the musicians which note to play and how to play it. They aimed to capture the songs in first takes and aside from false starts, they managed a final take relatively quickly. “Flamenco Sketches” was recorded in one take. Modal jazz is organised in a scalar (horizontal) way whereas bebop is organised a chordal (vertical) way and Miles wanted the space and simplicity that was in stark contrast to the density and fast forward motion of bebop.

The Most Successful Jazz Album Ever Made

Despite the quick and improvisational manner in which it was composed and recorded, “Kind of Blue” has become one of the blueprints for jazz. It is often cited as a great introduction to jazz as it is extremely beautiful and listenable while embracing the tenets of experimental free jazz. It is has been named as the best-selling jazz album of all time and has influenced a host of musicians from many different disciplines. Pink Floyd keyboardist Rick Wright said the album influenced his chords on “Breathe”, soul musician/producer Quincy Jones said he played “Kind of Blue” everyday and it was his “orange juice”, and experimental pioneer Terry Riley reworked and manipulated “So What” (albeit Chet Baker’s version) for one of his first compositions. “Kind of Blue” is often named as one of the most influential albums of all time.

Listening to “Kind of Blue” on a fabulous hi-fi system will let you here it as never before; taking you closer to the live performance.
More info:

Meridian Explorer DAC

11th February 2013

Meridian has announced the introduction of its Explorer, a pocket-sized high-resolution USB DAC that delivers best-in-class sound from any computer. Featuring a range of connectivity, the Explorer can be used in a variety of applications from private headphone listening to full system playback.

Explorer replaces a computer’s sound card with a USB-powered DAC featuring Meridian’s award-winning resolution enhancement technologies, and makes any audio file, from MP3 to high resolution, sound its very best.

From its best-in-class audio performance to the elegant presentation packaging Explorer is the perfect introduction to the Meridian Experience, allowing users to discover more from their music.

At £249 this little unit will unleash HD audio from the world wide web giving the user access to music at 24/192 resolution, which is up to 10 times the resolution of compact disc. Just plug into your audio system or plug in your headphones for the most lifelike music experience currently available. The design is so compact you can pop it in with your laptop when you travel.

The explorer is available worldwide as of 11th Fed 2013 and is exclusive in Scotland to Loud & Clear.

Rega RP8 Turntable

16th January 2013

We’ve just taken delivery of the new Rega RP8 Turntable – the first of their new “skeletal” designs. A stunning looking, and sounding, replacement for the well regarded P9.

The RP8 takes Rega’s design philosophy further than ever before. A radical new plinth using custom designed materials, a new tonearm bearing assembly, 24v low volt-age motor controlled by a hand tuned electronic power supply and a custom version of the Planar 9 engineered hub bearing assembly. These are just some of the features of this amazing new turntable designed to extract more music from your vinyl than ever before.

The tonearm,  RB808, is brim full of new features; pushing the boundaries of tonearm design. You’ll find improved bearings and a tightened spindle fit tolerance over previous models (each bearing is individually selected to find the perfect match for the chosen spindle). This is a proven method of increasing the amount of detail retrieved from the record surface.

A super lightweight plinth combined with a double brace mounted specifically where the increased rigidity is required (between the tonearm mounting and the main hub bearing) forms a structurally sound “stressed beam” assembly. This design prevents energy absorption and unwanted resonances which will add un-natural distortions to the music. The RP8 takes double brace technology to the next level.

All this adds up to very special turntable, indeed!

The RP8 can come with Rega’s MC Apheta cartridge factory fitted for £2,198, or simply the turntable at £1,598.

Get in touch for a demonstration.

Rega RP8 Product Information








Help yourself to an Audiophile Christmas – Ideal gifts for the hi-fi and home cinema connoisseur in your life

12th December 2012

Big Sound from a ludicrously small box – the Foxl Platinum at £209 is the worlds best sounding pocket sized portable speaker. Enjoy with any music source with a 3.5mm headphone jack or stream wirelessly with a Bluetooth phone – mains powered or up to 20 hours battery life.


Can those old Cans – Loud & Clear stock a wide range of headphones from Grado, Hi-fi Man and Stax. The Grado SR80i are an in house favourite from only £125.


Upgrade the music stream from your laptop with a USB DAC – plug the audio output into your existing hi-fi via a USB DAC – great sound with all the convenience and all of your music stored in the one place with the Arcam Rpac from only £149.


Music on the Move – upgrade those freebie headphones which come with your Ipod, Iphone or other mobile devices with the new great looking and sounding EB 50 in ear buds from Musical Fidelity at £149


Its a Vinyl Renaissance – breathe some new life into those records with that old turntable in the loft – get your record player back on the road with a prepaid service voucher from around £50 (dependant on the turntable) and replacement cartridges in stock from Rega, Grado, Nagaoka Dynavector, Lyra and many more from around £70 – £7000.


Chord Active HDMI – transform the picture on your TV or Projector with what we believe to be the best HDMI cables around – varying lengths from 1.0m at £85 upwards

Isol-8 Mains Conditioning

8th December 2012

We are big believers in taking a holistic view on system building. Something that can’t be ignored is the mains electricity supply to the equipment. The mains supply is the foundation of all systems and so is vital in ensuring optimum playback quality.

Your mains will be affected by other components within the home and also outside; resulting in radio interference and other distortion. This degrades the performance of the system. Using mains conditioning minimises this distortion resulting in a blacker background, more detail, cohesion and all round musicality of the system.

Read Isol-8’s overview on mains conditioning here.

Isol-8’s product range starts with Powerline with the basic 6 way distribution block that has the same high build quality as the rest of the range, but without the mains filtering – £339.

Our favourite product in this range is the Powerline Axis which is a 5 way distribution block that incorporates DC mains blocking – £499

More on the Powerline range


The audiophile range of Substation products brings out the best in high-end components.

The separate Substation LC and HC are the pinnacle – designed specifically for source and pre-amplifiers on the 4 way LC, and for power amplifiers on the HC. The axis model is a more cost effective version that eschews the multi-stage filtering of the LC and HC, but has the DC blocking with its 4 way output.

Substation LC – £1,999
Substation HC – £2,099
Substation Axis – £1,499

More on the Substation range

This year Isol-8 have expanded the range further and launched the Substation Integra. This brings together the LC and HC elements in one 6 way full size box, with slightly less current capacity than its big brothers, nevertheless the lower cost brings these critical technologies to a wider market, and one that should be on the shopping list of every high-end system owner.

Substation Integra – £1,799

More on the Substation Integra

Both Edinburgh and Glasgow stock Isol-8. Please get in touch if you’d like to hear how much more performance can be delivered from your existing system.


Scotland's exclusive Focal Utopia dealer

6th November 2012

We sometimes forget to tell our customers a few facts about how special some of our products are at Loud & Clear. We have now been dealing with Focal for 12 years and continue to be their exclusive dealer for both the Utopia and ElectraBe ranges of product. To celebrate this we will be showing the Stella Utopia EM in the Edinburgh store in the coming months. Focal Co. is the parent company of both Focal Loudspeakers & Naim Audio, another stalwart at Loud & Clear.

Please contact us if you have not had the opportunity to audition Focal before now and we shall be happy to arrange a demonstration for you. Electra 1008Be, 1028Be, 1038Be, Utopia Diablo & Utopia Scala are on permanent demo.

End of an era? No, just a bargain!

9th October 2012

A few years ago Loud & Clear brought you the Black Ravioli Pad. Now with constant development the Black Ravioli Sticky Pad has taken over from the original pad. As a farewell we have a great bargain price on the original Black Ravioli Pad, £15 each, but only whilst our stocks last.


Contact either of our stores for more info or to grab this bargain….

MOON 310LP Phono Stage

18th September 2012

We were delighted to see that one of our favourite products walked away with Outstanding Product Award in the November 2012 issue of Hi-Fi News.

The MOON 310LP was up against 5 other phono stages, with Ken Kessler stating, “this was audibly the best sounding of all the units”.

At £1,490 this marvellous phono stage really does punch above its weight with other units in the shoot out costing up to £500 more! Not only that, but it is fully upgradable by adding the 320S external power supply for £1,200.

Both Edinburgh and Glasgow have the 310LP on permanent demonstration.

Click here more info on the MOON 310LP

In search for the new & great

22nd August 2012

With our constant quest to find new & great product we have added Soundsmith USA to our line up. The first product to arrive is the ultra compact high performance MCP2. This is the moving coil version of Soundsmith’s best phono amp with variable loading. It offers a full 60dB of gain and has an output impedance of 600Ohms. Priced at £595 I am sure you will rate this pretty high when you hear it.


Musical perfomance is the key word to attch to Soundsmith products and we look forward to offering other items from the range soon

Contact John in Edinburgh for more details or visit Soundsmith at their website

50th Anniversary Mini Monitor Arrives From KEF

21st August 2012

Loud & Clear are delighted  to announce the launch of the eagerly anticipated new mini monitor from KEF the LS50. An innovative concept inspired by the legendary KEF, Rogers and Spendor LS3/5a, the LS50 mini monitor speaker is designed to bring the accuracy of a professional studio monitor concept into the home.

As the launch information says, “Rarely the case in such a compact design, the LS50 monitor delivers a rich, multi-dimensional ‘soundstage experience’ that is out of all proportion to its size. Patent-pending acoustic designs, together with state-of-the-art technologies from KEF’s latest flagship Blade loudspeaker, provide the ultimate studio experience – even in the smallest of spaces”

Available to listen to in both our Glasgow and Edinburgh stores this is a fanatic speaker designed to look stylish and contemporary as well as packing a real punch. Initial listening shows massive potential – with an accuracy and crispness combined with a wide soundstage and bass weight seemingly in contradiction to its small size.

Pop in for a listen today!

It’s not only Loud & Clear that have fallen for these fantastic speakers; they have just been awarded European Loudspeaker 2012-13 from EISA.

Click for more info on the KEF website

Antelope Audio Zodiac DAC

11th August 2012

Zodiac Gold is Antelope’s flagship USB D/A converter, providing exquisite audiophile sound. The DAC is among the very few on the market with 384 kHz audio streaming capability thanks to the custom designed USB controller chip that streams digital audio up to 480 Mbits.


Loud & Clear again lead the way in providing you the chance to have a full demo of this product at The Mill in Edinburgh.

If you need any advance details drop an e-mail to John in the Edinburgh shop or call The Mill on 0131 555 3963 to book your demo. We can also ship the demo units to Glasgow if you prefer to book a listening session in the west!

Click for more information from Antelope’s website

Audio Origami Launch The RB7 Tonearm

4th August 2012

Johnnie adds another cracker to his long line of specialist tonearms. Based on the Rega RB251, the new RB7 uses the Rega yoke and back section, but combines this with the outstanding Audio Origami PU7 arm-tube, headshell rear weight and stub. However top of the range bearings have been used in the yoke and the arm is fitted as standard with Cardas internal wiring, Cardas gold plated cartridge clips as well as Audio Origami’s super oxygen free copper external cabling.  The head-shell also rotates to give full azimuth adjustment. Having just had a fantastic review from Neville Roberts over at Hi-Fi Choice magazine, you couldn’t go far wrong with this upgrade to your vinyl set up. A stunning tonearm with more that a few nods to it’s £750 and available now, and as an added bonus come and have it fitted by Johnnie at Loud & Clear in Glasgow where you’ll find him every Saturday sorting out those pesky turntable problems!

Classic Album Sundays Edinburgh – Pink Floyd "The Dark Side of the Moon"

26th July 2012

All spaces for this event are now booked! Due to the massive response we will be holding another CAS event at The Mill very soon. Many thanks, the Loud & Clear and CAS team.

Classic Album Sundays: A Communal and Audiophile Listening Experience is joining forces with Loud & Clear for its debut in Edinburgh.

Pink Floyd “The Dark Side of the Moon”

Sunday 19 August 2012
Tickets £6 (1 ticket admits 2 people to this debut session)
Pay on the door, or guarantee your place online from:
Midday – 4pm (album plays at 2.30pm)
Loud & Clear, Bonnington Mill, 72 Newhaven Road, Edinburgh, EH6 5QG

0131 555 3963

This event is part of Loud & Clear’s Edinburgh Festival open weekend, running from Friday 17th – Sunday 19th August, with live music, the finest hi-fi in town and a pop up shop from specialist vinyl retailers Diverse Vinyl.

“One of the world’s great albums, played on one of the world’s finest hi-fi systems in conjunction with one of the world’s best hi-fi stores.”

Classic Album Sundays:

Listed as one of the Top 20 Trends of 2012 by London’s ES Magazine, Classic Album Sundays has become a media sensation in a little over a year. With features on BBC Breakfast, BBC 6 Music, NME, Elle, The Word, The Independent, The Evening Standard and more. Why all the fuss?

The concept is to enable people to experience music as close as possible to the way the artist intended, to treat music as a precious commodity and a classic album as a work of art which should be appreciated in its entirety. Classic Album Sundays’ use audiophile hi-fi equipment to ensure an awe inspiring listening experience. Visitors are invited to switch off their phones and refrain from unnecessary conversation just sit back, listen and immerse themselves in the experience.

Music fans have enthusiastically responded en masse as Classic Album Sundays’ monthly listening sessions in London and New York have been selling out, with festival sessions featuring at The Vintage Festival at the Royal Festival Hall in London (for which Loud & Clear put together a £130,000 hi-fi system), plus Camp Bestival and Bestival amongst others.

Here is what some visitors had to say:

Joni Mitchell’s “Blue” was our first visit, and it was excellent. Sounded as if Joni was playing live, and heard in reverential silence by a deeply appreciative audience.” – David Lye, CAS attendee

“Hearing that fabulous cello line in ‘Eleanor Rigby’ – I could’ve wept with the sheer beauty of it.” – Annette Corbette, CAS attendee

The event format:

Join us from Midday to get in the mood by listening to some of the music that inspired Pink Floyd, along with tracks from their musical contemporaries around the release of the album in 1973.

Refreshments will be provided, so you can sit down and relax or flick through some records in Diverse Vinyl’s pop-up shop.

At 2.30pm the lights go down, the volume goes up and we play the album from beginning to end on a reference MOON hi-fi System. This £90,000 plus audio system will include a MOON 850P pre-amplifier, MOON 880M mono block power amplifiers, MOON 810LP phono stage, VPI Classic 3 Turntable and Focal Scala Utopia loudspeakers, all cabledwith the new Nordost Norse 2 range. This is a SERIOUS high-end system!

Pink Floyd – The Dark Side of the Moon:

How did an album about mental illness, mortality and the need for human empathy become one of the most classic, iconic albums of all time staying on the US Billboard Charts for 741 weeks (14 years)?

With their album “Meddle” and the side-long masterpiece “Echoes”, Pink Floyd had established themselves as an anonymous super-group in an age of flamboyant rockers like Led Zeppelin and The Who. After the departure of Syd Barrett, Roger Waters had increasingly asserted himself as musical director and “The Dark Side of the Moon” was the first album for which he dictated all the themes and wrote all the lyrics.

Written in a direct way, Waters reflected, “Its driven by emotion. There’s nothing plastic about it, nothing contrived” and called it “an expression of political, philosophical, humanitarian empathy that was desperate to get out.”

The album was recorded and engineered by Alan Parsons at Abbey Road Studios where the band liked to play cricket matches against the staff. The band pushed the limits of 16-track analogue studio technology and used keyboards, sequencers and sound effects which were groundbreaking at the time.

The sonics on the album are just as important as the lyrics and each reinforce the other as David Gilmour explains, “Roger and Nick tend to make the tapes or effects like the heartbeat on the LP… The heartbeat alludes to the human condition and sets the mood for the music, which describes the emotions experienced during a lifetime. Amid the chaos there is beauty and hope for mankind. The effects are purely to help the listener understand what the whole thing is about.”

Waters described the urgent message behind the album: “This is not a rehearsal. As far as we know – and I know there are some Hindus that would disagree with this – you only get one shot, and you’ve got to make choices based on whatever moral, philosophical or political position you may adopt…If ‘The Dark Side of the Moon’ is anything, it is an exhortation to join the flow of the river of natural history in a way that’s positive…”


VPI Industries Record Cleaning Machines

25th July 2012

Great news, we have just received our first delivery of the VPI HW-16.5 Record Cleaning Machines. Now in production for over 30 years this is the machine for the vinyl enthusiast that wants to keep his or her collection in top shape. At £650 we have tried to keep the cost low for you and think you will find this machine to be another Loud & Clear audiophile bargain.

Click here for more info from VPI

MOON 810LP – The Best Phono Stage Ever?

3rd July 2012

We have taken delivery of the new reference MOON phono stage, the 810LP.

We can guarantee that you will never have heard your records properly till you have used the 810LP.

“The new state of the art 810LP. For many years as music lovers, we at Sim Audio wanted to have the opportunity to do the best phono playback system that today’s technology permits.  We wanted a project where no restriction limits the goal to bring all the emotion that the artist and sound engineer wanted to generate with a piece of music and get it straight to you in your living room, and we have done it… Listen and feel for yourself, the emotion, soul and power of music will reach you…”

Jean Poulin, CEO of Sim Audio

All the technical details and specifications can be found here. You should also check out Tone Audio’s review

We’ve already had some stunning feedback from the demonstrations that we’ve conducted so far.

Please get in touch with either the Edinburgh or Glasgow shop to book a demonstration.

This is truly world class hi-fi, and in a league of its own. I think we may be gushing a bit on this, but really, you NEED to hear this!

Nordost Norse 2 Range

24th May 2012

It’s the moment we have all been waiting for – the new Nordost Norse 2 range of cables have arrived! Our kit includes Heimdall, Frey & Tyr cables covering speaker, interconnect & power cords. Please contact us to arrange a system changing demo that will have you wallet twitching.

Available in both Edinburgh & Glasgow stores.

Norse Series 2 – Who Said Evolution Is A Gradual Process?


New Sonos Sub

23rd May 2012

Soul Shaking Sound. Heart-Pounding Design. One Button Setup.

The newest, deepest addition to the Sonos family arrives: the Sonos SUB.
It’s going to take the whole Sonos System one seismic step closer to the spine-curling, jaw-dropping, full body experience music was meant to be.

Whether you’re listening to Beethoven’s thunderous 5th or the pounding bassline of the latest four-on-the-floor obsession, the new SUB will fill any room with thick layers of bottomless sound that let you hear and feel the weight of every chord, kick, splash and roll.

Place it anywhere in a room, plug it into a power source, press a button and follow some simple prompts on your controller. The SUB wirelessly connects with your other Sonos components for a flawlessly optimized, whole-room listening experience. Within minutes of taking it out of the box, you won’t just hear the difference our new SUB makes—you’ll feel it with every bone in your body.

Available in both Edinburgh and Glasgow, so call for more details, or better still pop in and feel the earth move in rhythm with your Sonos setup!

New Rega RP6 Turntable

22nd May 2012

You certainly couldn’t accuse Rega of resting on their laurels. Over the previous year or so there have been some serious upgrades to older favourites: like the new Brio-R amplifier, Apollo-R CD and RP3 turntable, and now the P5 makes way for the rather splendid RP6 turntable.

Retailing at £798 in a variety of different piano gloss colour finishes, it certainly puts down a serious marker at this price point.

By rejecting fancy gimmicks, Rega have concentrated their effort in ensuring that all the investment has been put into manufacturing the key parts to the highest grade possible.

The RP6 features the newly updated RB303 tonearm, a precision main bearing, a low vibration, low noise 24v motor, TTPSU power supply with the remodelled good looks of the new casework and Rega’s Double Brace Technology. DB Technology provides a stiffened brace between the tonearm mounting and main bearing hub to prevent energy absorption and resonances that degrade sound quality.

Both Edinburgh and Glasgow have the RP6 on demonstration, so come in and have a listen to how good vinyl replay can be at an attractive price.


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