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2nd November 2017

Our beautiful new shop is now open and whilst we are still completing a few finishing touches we are ready to welcome you to Commercial Quay.

Pop in for a coffee and a chance to experience the #MostAmazingHiFiShop!

The Scotsman!

27th September 2017

Check out our full page article in The Scotsman!

Biggest Project Ever

13th September 2017

Time for a coffee break guys? #mostamazinghifishop

Biggest Project Ever

The bar area is looking great! #mostamazinghifishop

Biggest Project Ever

Colour has been delivered to Commercial Quay! #mostamazinghifishop

Biggest Project Ever

The conservatory is carpeted and looking good.

Biggest Project Ever

The Network rack is all cabled up.

Biggest Project Ever

Rega win the race to have the first order delivered to Commercial Quay! #mostamazinghifishop

Biggest Project Ever

Our lights have been fitted!

Biggest Project Ever

The bar counter top is going in!

Biggest Project Ever

Funky furniture arriving!

Biggest Project Ever

The hidden projector screen – before it’s hidden!

Biggest Project Ever

Our AV and Network rack getting terminated. #mostamazinghifishop

Biggest Project Ever

Our workshop is taking shape… #mostamazinghifishop

Biggest Project Ever

The shelves going up…

Biggest Project Ever

Timber has arrived!

Bye Bye The Mill

9th September 2017

Today is our last day at The Mill and we’ve a message for you…

Click the link below to watch the video.

The Last Day

Biggest Project Ever

8th September 2017

Meanwhile in our new #mostamazinghifishop , Tom Foottit is fitting our new coffee and headphone bar in place.

Please visit www.tomfoottitdesign.com for more information about his amazing work.

#hifi #audiophile #contemporarycarpentry#loudandclear

Biggest Project Ever

Loving our new bar taps at Commercial Quay!




Biggest Project Ever

Cleaning and sealing the polished concrete floor at Commercial Quay.



Biggest Project Ever

5th September 2017

Scott Buchanan & Ewan Simpson. The 2 best Sparks in Edinburgh show some of their work at #MostAmazingHifiShop Loud&Clear. Proud to work with you guys.

Biggest Project Ever

4th September 2017

Someone very important is heading towards an official opening in Edinburgh. Sorry to tell her but the new shop won’t be ready for a couple of weeks.


Biggest Project Ever

3rd September 2017

Our new showroom will feature all surface mount cabling… Lots of pipe bending has been required at Commercial Quay!


Biggest Project Ever

2nd September 2017

Our super fast broadband going in!

Biggest Project Ever

Serious power required at Commercial Quay!


Biggest Project Ever

Work continues on the bar counter top for our new shop at Commercial Quay.

Biggest Project Ever

26th August 2017

“Snapshot in the family album…” The wall is finished and we’re looking at shelving at Commercial Quay.

Biggest Project Ever

Cable runs are looking good at Commercial Quay… So does the sunset!


Biggest Project Ever

25th August 2017

The new bar counter top for Commercial Quay is taking shape.

Biggest Project Ever

“All in all you’re just another….” Our Edinburgh brick takes centre stage in our new wall!

Biggest project ever

14th August 2017

The writing is on the wall for the new Loud & Clear

Biggest project ever

11th August 2017

….we continue to build our new #MostAmazingHifiShop

Biggest project ever

10th August 2017

Amina Technologies from Redline Scotland Ltd. We are creating something rather special with the Edge Series products.

Biggest project ever

9th August 2017

Who is for a game of Brick, mortar, coffee, rock wool.

Biggest project ever

4th August 2017

…the bricks are next. Building a better home for Hi-Fi. #MostAmazingHifiShop

Biggest project ever

3rd August 2017

Someone has to make the site tea!

…when the rest of us work

Biggest project ever

Part way through the itchy job of build. #MostAmazingHifiShop

Biggest project ever

28th July 2017

We continue the development. #MostAmazingHifiShop

Biggest project ever

19th July 2017

We have started work on our biggest project ever. Watch this space for more details. Back to brick!

Start of a new era?

17th July 2017

Oh yes! We will start to post some news updates on Wednesday about our biggest project ever. Stay tuned and tell everyone.

Applewood Road Album Playback Session

28th June 2016

We are teaming up with Gearbox Records to present a playback session of the Applewood Road album on Saturday 23rd July at 11am.

In addition to getting the chance to experience this very special album on a fantastic system, any customer purchasing a copy from us can enter into a prize draw, with a unique prize at stake, a single 1/4″ reel to reel tape direct copy of the actual master tape housed in a special Applewood Road box. A prestigious one-off that Audiophiles will love.

Emily Barker, Amber Rubarth and Amy Speace are Applewood Road and each has contributed songs to the album. ‘Applewood Road’, the opening track, was written two hours after they first met in a café in East Nashville and was recorded the following week. Excited by the song and the way their harmonies blended, the trio decided to expand the song to an album.

Six months later they all met again and rehearsed twelve additional numbers that they had each been working on independently. These were then recorded in Nashville’s Welcome To 1979 analogue studio, and mastered in London using vintage analogue equipment at Gearbox Records,

There’s a fierce young creativity there that the trio brought to Welcome to 1979’s analog studio, recording around a single microphone, no mixing, no overdubs, no pitch correction. The result captures the warmth and intimacy of their first writing sessions.

The result is a crystal-clear sound with vocals taking precedence over instrumentation, ‘Applewood Road’ itself kicks off the album with only a double bass accompanying the three voices, a perfect fit. It is unfair to pick one track but “To The Stars’ stands out; a beautiful song in an album full of style, allure and artistry.

SAM Lab Tour Event

11th November 2015

Saturday 28th November, 10am – 5pm
Come along & discover SAM – SPEAKER ACTIVE MATCHING
For the first time, SAM® technology incorporated in Devialet systems enables the precise adaptation of the sound signal to the specifications of your speaker model.
This is made possible by the powerful DSP at the heart of each Devialet system. These built-in systems protect your speakers and ensure top performance.
544 speakers can already benefit from the revolutionary SAM technology but if your speakers aren’t on the list then this is your chance!
In 2015, Devialet’s engineers succeeded in miniaturising the speaker analysis laboratory, allowing the equipment to be portable for the first time. SAM Lab has enabled Devialet engineers to speed up their mission to make all speakers worldwide SAM® ready.
We are offering you the chance to bring in your speakers whatever they are to be analysed by the SAM Lab at Loud & Clear. We only need one of your speakers to perform the SAM Lab tests but you can bring both for a before and after demo of what SAM Lab can add to their performance.
We will have Devialet Le 120, Le 200, Le 400 and Le 800 Expert systems on demo. The Devialet UK staff will be joined by one of their engineers from Paris who will perform the Sam Lab sessions.
Book your place: 0131 555 3963

Buy It, Clean It, Play It!

13th March 2015

A pop-up record shop from Clym’s Records.

Sponsored by VPI, manufacturer of turntables and record cleaning machines.

Come and listen to a wide selection of vinyl… From pop LPs and 12″ singles (including Bob Dylan’s Love And Theft, The Cure’s Wild Mood Swings, Iron Maiden’s Fear of the Dark and more) to classical LPs via indie/punk/new wave/soul and reggae 7″ singles! There will definitely be something for everyone.

There will be about 600-800 classical LPs and 100-150 classical box sets. They will cover orchestral, instrumental, chamber, ballet, vocal, opera and choral music from early, baroque, classical and modern classical periods.

There will also be a good selection of mono, stereo and digital LPs from the 1950s through to the early 1990s on the main labels: EMI ASD series, Decca SXL & LXT series, DGG, Philips, RCA, Mercury & CBS as well as others on minor labels. Plus a good number of LPs from the TAS/HP audiophile list.

Here is a wee taster of the classical LPs you can expect to find on the day:

About Clym, in his own words:
“I’ve been buying and selling records as a hobby since the late 80s and as my full-time job since 2010. I’ve acquired the records from collections, record shops and online. After buying the records I clean and repair the sleeves, replace any tatty or incorrect vintage inner sleeves, clean the records on my VPI Typhoon record cleaner and audition them to check their condition.”

We will have our demo rooms set up with turntable based systems as well as individual listening stations in the form of Nomad turntables fitted with KEF M 500 headphones. There will be promotions on the day too!

Avantgarde Acoustic

30th October 2014

On a recent visit to Germany I had the great pleasure of visiting the team at Avantgarde Acoustic. I think it was around 15 years ago that I first listened to these speakers at the Hi-End show in Frankfurt. At that time I think the style was a little too much for the UK market and our narrow vision. Fast forward to today and Avantgarde don’t have a speaker for every budget (well not yet) but they have speakers that tingle both my sonic and visual sense of appeal. I am certain that anyone who hears or sees these speakers in the flesh will agree, welcome to the brave new world.

In Edinburgh we have the stunning new Zero 1, a fully digital active horn loudspeaker. They are fast, fun, detailed and exciting yet subtle and graceful. They can also be very “Loud & Clear” which we like very much!

Inspired by what I saw and heard at Avantgarde Acoustic and also by the great conversations with Holger & Armin, Loud & Clear will soon be inviting our customers to experience a full Trio set up very soon.

Loud & Clear are set to be the first point of contact for Avantgarde Acoustic in the UK. For more information on these stunning products please contact myself at the Edinburgh store, 0131 555 3963


Kind regards


John Carroll

Take a look

Saturday Morning Sessions

28th June 2014

Each Saturday morning in July we will be hosting our Saturday Morning Sessions from 10am till 12pm.

Pop in and enjoy a coffee and croissant, whilst checking out our newest arrivals.

Coffee, croissants and great sounds. A great way to start your weekend!

Artists' Night At The Mill – This Thursday 6-8pm

7th May 2014

For those of you who’ve been in the shop in the last couple of months, you will have noticed the new artwork adorning our rooms. From Martin’s funky and colourful illustrations, to Lauren’s quirky Rocket sculptures, Orains’ stunning felt piece and Bill’s poetic oil paintings. There is something for everyone, with prices ranging from £20 to £3,500.

We are delighted to announce that all the artists will be with us on Thursday 8th May, between 6 and 8pm, so don’t miss this unique opportunity to meet them and ask all the questions you may have about their work: From their technique to where they take their inspiration from.

We look forward to seeing you on the night for a glass of wine and nibbles on the house! And of course, great music playing in the background…

Here is below, in their own words, a bit more about them.

Orains is a unique arts & design business owned by Pieter van der Werf and Fiona Page.

They design and create products for interiors, both domestic and commercial. They work exclusively with Scottish wool (in particular Scottish Blackface fleece) sourced from farms in Argyll and visit the sheep farmers personally. They manage the primary and secondary processing using ecological materials only.

The farm-to-felt process guarantees control over the supply chain and creates a unique opportunity to make large individual art pieces and commissions together with a lighting range and rugs.

Since graduating from Grays school of Art in Aberdeen in 2009, Martin McBride has been busy experimenting with various new media to advance the aesthetics of his work.

Working mainly within the field of printmaking and illustration, his work is a bold mixture of block colour and pattern with the key focal point being animals from all areas of the world.

He tries to create interesting yet beautiful images that people from all walks of life can enjoy.

Bill McArthur is an Orkney based seascape painter who spent twenty years working as a commercial fisherman.

He has lived for the past 36 years on the remote island of Sanday in the Orkneys and his work reflects his interest and experience of the sea… from the towering rock stacs of St Kilda to the tide race at Cape Wrath on the Scottish mainland’s most North Westerly point.

The implacable power of the sea is what informs all his work, from the gentle ripple of tide on the long sandy beaches of his home to the crashing Atlantic breakers of the Outer Hebrides.

Lauren Fox is an Edinburgh-based sculptor who works primarily in metal. She trained in Edinburgh & Barcelona, where her passion for sculpture was originally sparked.

Lauren has exhibited in various galleries in Barcelona & the UK, including Untitled BCN (Barcelona), Cock & Bull (London), & Whitespace (Edinburgh). She also takes on private commissions.

The pieces currently on show at Loud & Clear are from her signature series, Rockets.

Going that extra mile

30th April 2014

Loud & Clear Edinburgh have set up base at an additional location in the Central Highlands. We hope that by next year we will be able to welcome you for demonstrations. For now it may mean that we are closer to you on a regular basis. If you live in the North Perthshire or Highland district and have any Hi-Fi needs please let us know and we can call round for a visit at relatively short notice.

Pentland Jaguar F-TYPE Coupe Launch | 3rd & 4th April

3rd April 2014

Pentland Jaguar F-TYPE Coupe Launch | 3rd & 4th April

We will be on hand at the launch events for the new Jaguar F-TYPE Coupe at Pentland Jaguar in their Perth and Edinburgh showrooms. The Perth event is on April 3rd from 5 till 7pm, the Edinburgh event is from 4 till 6pm on April 4th.

We will be demonstrating the Meridian Audio Sooloos music streaming system and M6 loudspeakers. Pop along and check out this amazing new car and it’s Meridian audio system and see what Meridian can do to provide fabulous audio in your home too.

Fome more info click the link below.




Meridian Week at Loud & Clear – Update

13th January 2014

Loud & Clear Edinburgh are delighted to announce a week of events based around Meridian products. From 5-9th of March you will have the chance to visit us and hear all that is new from Meridian Audio including the SE versions of their DSP loudspeakers. Created to celebrate 25 year since they launched the first ever Digital Active Loudspeaker. Some other manufactures and now following this path but need to bridge the gap of a quarter of a century!

Meridian staff will be here all week to give you all the answers to your questions and to demonstrate Sooloos streaming, Digital Theatre & Computer Audio.

On the evening of Friday the 7th we will have a very special concert from local singer songwriter Amy Duncan. Tickets for this event go on sale soon but are restricted to low numbers for this very intimate and special gig.

There will be plenty of other activities be announced in the coming 2 weeks, so watch this space.


Classic Album Sundays, Lenny Kravitz, Let Love Rule. Doors open at 12pm and album spins at 2.00pm on Sunday 9th March 2014. Get your tickets HERE

Amy Duncan – SOLD OUT

Legendary designer and co-founder of Meridian Audio Bob Stuart will be with us on Saturday 8th March. More details HERE.

The systems are now set up! Check out our Facebook page for updates and pics.

Today, Thursday 6 March we have these amazing cars at the Mill: the Rover Range Rover Vogue SE with a Meridian Audio 3D Sound System and the Jaguar F-Type V6 S with a Meridian 380 system inside it. They not only look stunning… they sound AMAZING!




Edinburgh shop holidays

24th December 2013

The Edinburgh shop will be open the following hours only over the holiday period

Tues 24th Dec 10-4

Fri 27th Dec 10-5

Sat 28th Dec 10-5

Fri 3rd Jan 10-6

Sat 4th Jan 10-6

Wishing you a Merry Christmas & very Happy New Year!


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