Applewood Road Album Playback Session

28th June 2016

We are teaming up with Gearbox Records to present a playback session of the Applewood Road album on Saturday 23rd July at 11am.

In addition to getting the chance to experience this very special album on a fantastic system, any customer purchasing a copy from us can enter into a prize draw, with a unique prize at stake, a single 1/4″ reel to reel tape direct copy of the actual master tape housed in a special Applewood Road box. A prestigious one-off that Audiophiles will love.

Emily Barker, Amber Rubarth and Amy Speace are Applewood Road and each has contributed songs to the album. ‘Applewood Road’, the opening track, was written two hours after they first met in a café in East Nashville and was recorded the following week. Excited by the song and the way their harmonies blended, the trio decided to expand the song to an album.

Six months later they all met again and rehearsed twelve additional numbers that they had each been working on independently. These were then recorded in Nashville’s Welcome To 1979 analogue studio, and mastered in London using vintage analogue equipment at Gearbox Records,

There’s a fierce young creativity there that the trio brought to Welcome to 1979’s analog studio, recording around a single microphone, no mixing, no overdubs, no pitch correction. The result captures the warmth and intimacy of their first writing sessions.

The result is a crystal-clear sound with vocals taking precedence over instrumentation, ‘Applewood Road’ itself kicks off the album with only a double bass accompanying the three voices, a perfect fit. It is unfair to pick one track but “To The Stars’ stands out; a beautiful song in an album full of style, allure and artistry.

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