High-End Munich 2016

21st May 2016

This year High-End 2016 Munich managed to deliver the one of the most professional shows to date. I say that as I often find the audio industry can be a bit of a ‘hobby’ and not enough of a ‘service’. With companies ranging from B&O to Living Voice (real extremes) providing wonderful demos that showed hi-fi and music lovers alike that we have a showcase platform in Munich that reveals the true quality of the Hi-Fi industry.

With visitors from all around the world it was great to see so many British companies involved in the show e.g. Linn, dCS, Naim, Meridian, Kudos, Monitor Audio, Kef, & Arcam to name but a few. It was also great to see so many UK visitors, customers and dealers, I wish we had a UK show to match it.


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