Simply Streaming… Music Streaming for Beginners

Saturday 24th March, 1pm & 3pm

Learn…with Loud & Clear due to popular demand, Simply Streaming… is back.

You’ve heard about it, some of your friends are doing it and apparently it can be very good… better even than CDs. But just what is music streaming? How do you go about it? And what do you do with all those CDs you’ve collected?!

For over ten years we’ve been extolling the virtues of music streaming, as the way we listen to music has changed beyond all recognition. A decade ago, compact discs accounted for over 80% of recorded music sales; streaming was only just emerging as a serious format contender. Fast forward to 2018 and CDs now make up less than 20% of music sales. But wait! That doesn’t mean your collection of five inch silver discs is obsolete; far from it. In fact, we’ll show you how to make those discs sound better.

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Linn Urika II & Lingo IV ** EVENT CANCELLED **

Thursday 1st March, from 5pm

We do apologise, but due to the white-out, we have had to cancel this event. We’ll let you know the re-arranged date when we have it.


It’s launch-time!! Not just one, but two exceptional new upgrades for Linn Sondek LP12.

Urika II, Linn’s new reference phono stage, pioneering digital signal processing technology in a Linn phono stage for the first time.


New Lingo power supply, packed with innovative technologies and delivering a giant performance leap from previous Lingo models.

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The Trafford Parsons Show launch evening

Thursday 22nd February, 6pm - 8.30pm

Out with the old….

Sad as we are that our Horace Panter art exhibition is drawing to a close, our happiness is instantly restored by the next in our #Making-Loud&Clear-Cultured series – The Trafford Parsons Art Show!

Prominent UK street and studio artist Trafford Parsons takes inspiration from popular culture to create unique artwork celebrating a blend of street art and B-Movies embracing fantasy, fun and iconic imagery.

Join us and special guest Trafford for our show launch night – with signed originals up for grabs, a Q&A with Trafford himself and the ubiquitous light refreshments😉.


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Lounge…with Loud & Clear and Sonus Faber Homage

Date tbc

Introducing a new and exclusive series of events for this year – Lounge… with Loud & Clear – kicks off in spectacular Italian style with the brand new Sonus Faber Homage loudspeaker collection.

Join us for an informal listening session with the gorgeous Serafino floor-standing loudspeakers in the comfortable surroundings (and sofas) of our Southside private demonstration lounge.

We will have the full Homage Collection on display; the all-new Guarneri bookshelf speakers as well as the reference Amati floorstanders.

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