Lighting can play a huge part in how we feel within a room. A room with low ambient lighting levels naturally invokes a relaxed feel in contrast to a room with high ambient lighting levels more suited to activity or concentration.

Attention can then be drawn to a particular object with accent lighting picking out a painting or a coffee table.

We often use lighting control as an integral part of our home cinema installations to create a sense of occasion and anticipation by dimming lights as the films starts.

The key to succesful lighting is to have fittings and light sources of differing heights and types – wall lights, downlighters, freestanding lamps, low voltage LED all able to be individually or group controlled.

Our lighting control systems allow various moods or scenes to be created and recreated at the touch of a button. Scene 1 can be for entertaining with low level lighting and some warm glows – Scene 2 can be for watching TV with slightly higher levels to go easy on the eyes – Scene 3 can be higher again to allow for reading or even hoovering the floor.

Lighting control can also contribute substantially to energy saving within the home.

Control systems can be installed in one room or throughout the house, with more sophisticated systems able to provide a simulation of your usual lighting use even when you are out or even on holiday.

One button can switch all the lights in the house as you leave and create a lit path all the way to the master bedroom on your return.

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