Convert Technologies

Building the Impossible – that’s Convert Technologies mission. Formed in 2016, Convert Technologies bring together over 200 years of technology, software, business, production, sales and marketing expertise across a broad range of business sectors. That’s a lot of knowledge. And with their first product, Plato, they have already turned heads in the British HiFi industry. A complete audio and video player and streamer that will rip, tag and store not just your CDs and movies but your vinyl collection too. Seriously, using their Red Dot recording service.

Convert certainly are an interesting proposition.


Plato comes in four varieties – Plato Class A, Plato Class B, Plato Lite and Plato Pre.

If you’re looking for high-end audio control, powered by a Class A Amplifier, then Plato Class A is for you. Consistently given rave reviews, the Plato Class A is a triumph of British engineering.

The original ‘one-box to rule them all’, Plato Class B system is a uniquely brilliant audio-visual home entertainment system. Quick and easy to install and use, this Plato system is hard to beat.

The Plato Pre provides all of the benefits of the B version, but doesn’t feature an internal amplifier – so you can use your own fantastic amplifier with it. Plato Pre can easily be the beating heart of your AV system.

With the key software and hardware of a Class B except for a phono stage and amplifier, the Plato Lite is designed to be the ‘mind’ and ‘memory’ of your AV system, working alongside other modules.

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