The Den

This project was part of a purpose built kitchen and TV den extension. The brief was to design and install a high quality plasma based home cinema which sounded great but was as invisible as possible.

the-den-2 the-den-3 the-den-4

A 50” Pioneer plasma display was the heart of the system partnered with Arcam electronics contained in a purpose built cabinet and controlled via a remote IR sensor (allowing the kit to be operated with the cabinet door closed).

Speakercraft “aimable” in-ceiling speakers were installed along with a Velodyne subwoofer. Cables and interconnects were by the Chord Company and were installed by the client’s electrician under our guidance.

The system is controlled by a Universal Remote MX3000 touch screen all in one remote control, custom programmed for the client’s system.

The system was to be used by the whole family and had to be intuitive and easy to operate from one remote control. Various macros were created on the remote to allow multiple equipment to be controlled with a single button press.


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