Home Cinema often means projection and for that “better than the cinema” experience we think a large projection image is essential. With recent advances in video processors, light engines and LCD technology, truly stunning images 2–4m wide can be created from projectors costing a little as £2,500.

Modern projectors are full HD with many also offering the latest in 3D technology. They run quietly and can be discretely mounted on-wall or on-ceiling on dedicated brackets.

Screens can be fixed-frame for a dedicated room or electric – rolling up into a wall or ceiling-mounted cartridge or even disappearing into the ceiling. Screen material can also be specified as acoustically transparent to allow speakers to be placed behind the screen.

Control over Sky/Virgin, Blu-ray, volume, etc. can be done via a dedicated hand held remote or increasingly via iPad or Android tablet control.

We have 2 projection-based cinema demonstration rooms, with a range of complimentary electronics and loudspeakers.

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