Vinyl replay systems still bring most of us the greatest amount of pleasure and offer incredible value for money in the quest for musical nirvana.

We always have a wide range of turntables set up and ready to listen to and welcome everyone from the vinyl rookie looking for their first deck all the way to the most discerning audiophile looking to squeeze every ounce of music from their favourite record.


The turntable itself is only part of the story, a wide selection of tonearms, cartridges, phono stages and accessories almost complete the recipe. Then we add the final ingredient – our turntable set up specialists.

Our store has a number of highly experienced specialist staff who, through many years of experience, actually know the products in the market rather than just reading the reviews.

We specialise in Rega, Linn and VPI turntables, cartridges from Dynavector, Audio Technica, Ortofon and Lyra as well as Tangerine Audio upgrade accessories.

Our in-house turntable services are extensive, from simple cartridge set up to full deck and tonearm rebuilds. We are happy to work on most performance decks whether originally supplied by us or not.

Many agree that vinyl still offers the ultimate in performance – feel free to come in, bring some of your favourite records and you can be the judge.

We offer a great selection of decks in store, ranging from an entry level Rega Planar 1 at £250 all the way through to a reference VPI or top spec LP12 at £20,000 plus.

We also keep a range of tonearms from Audio Origami, Linn, Rega and VPI as well as cartridges from Dynavector, Linn, Lyra, Audio Technica, Grado and Rega.

Loud & Clear Glasgow also offer an on site record cleaning service with our amazing Keith Monks Record Cleaning Machine as well as carrying a range of record cleaning machines available to purchase including the VPI  HW 16.5 at £650.

Linn Majik LP12

The Majik LP12 provides the ideal first step on your LP12 journey. Easy to upgrade yet ready to play, featuring a Majik power supply, Pro-ject tonearm and Linn Adikt Moving Magnet cartridge.

From £3110

Audio Origami PU7

Exquisite, hand-built tonearm made to bespoke specification for purpose, with ultra high quality bearing to ensure exceptional tracking and performance.

from £2199

VPI Prime

The all new Prime from VPI is the start of a new evolution of turntables from the US masters of vinyl replay. Supplied with ultra low noise UK version of the 500RPM motor, 3D printed tonearm, Prime isolation feet and record clamp.

From £4200

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