A beautiful pair of loudspeakers should enchant and mesmerise but above all take you straight to the heart of the performance.

Whether it is a traditional approach or one which takes you towards some of the more esoteric designs the one key pointer in speaker choice should come down to the listening experience. Take the basis of what you like and explore within a carefully chosen range of musical performers and that destination is just around the corner.

We offer the most comprehensive range of stunning, engaging and musical loudspeakers in the country which will take you on that journey to achieving your very own hi-fi desires.

Years of experience in understanding the musical nature of our product range and just how to get the very best out of a given product allows us to demonstrate how you can get the very best from your music collection. Add to that a visit to your home to further refine the process and loudspeaker nirvana is just around the corner.

Cones in traditional veneer or high gloss lacquers, electrostatic hybrids or small discrete eyeballs, passive or active, we have them all.

Please drop in for a coffee and a chat but above all a listen to some truly remarkable loudspeakers.

Kef Reference 5

KEF’s statuesque Reference 5 embodies an overwhelming amount of research and development – it employs various techniques that are really quite new, but puts together many more that have emerged from earlier design work.

From £10,500

ProAc D30R

This new ProAc model offers a wonderfully natural, musical performance with pinpoint imagery that will appeal to audiophiles and music lovers. All wrapped up in a beautifully finished more traditional enclosure.

From £4750

Totem Kin Mini

Small and powerful.

The new KIN Mini ultra-compact unit provides a musical presentation that is rich, large and precise – somewhat confusing given its diminutive size – equally at home on a stand a wall bracket, on a shelf or cabinet or even in a recess. Availalable in Black or White

From £399

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