Perhaps not the most glamorous part of any hi-fi system but the very heart of any good performance audio system.

What do you want from your amplifier?  A compact, integrated unit discretely hidden away driving a small pair of bookshelf loudspeakers? Or perhaps a pair of stunning mono blocks complimenting your listening room, sonically and physically.

Whether you have a piece of equipment which requires replacement or you are en route to the ultimate upgrade come and talk to us.


A visit to our showroom and a chat over a coffee will allow us to work out the best possible products to slot into your system to ensure the beating heart requires little or no effort to power your musical imagination.

In essence, we do the hard work in focusing our equipment down to a point where you can concentrate on the very personal, subtle points which makes your choice of equipment unique to the way you want your hi-fi to perform.

Loud & Clear offer a considerable range from Arcam, Devialet, Linn, MOON, Naim, Rega and even Sonos – with price tags from the affordable all the way to eye-watering.

At Loud & Clear we spend time listening to products before bringing them into our range for demonstration. The key criteria we look and listen for – are they musical?

But what does that mean? Simply put, if an amplifier is musical then it engages with the listener. If it does this then you can graft it onto the most delightful source and the most fantastic speakers and revel in your music collection.

MOON 700i

The MOON 700i is a fully differential dual-mono design, rated at 175 watts/channel into 8 ohms, offering authority, finesse and superb control. New technologies include the M-eVOL2 volume control, with a phenomenal 530 steps, allowing for an extremely precise level adjustment.

From £10400

Linn Akurate 2200

Linn AK2200 featuring Chakra - use of a monolithic at low currents and bi-polar transistors at higher levels; Dynamik - the latest evolution of Linn's switch-mode power supply designed to generate stable, low noise power rails in a compact, cool-running package; and Auto Signal-Sensing - minimising power consumption by reverting to sleep mode when no signal is detected.

From £3630

Rega Brio 2017

The award winning Brio-R 2017 embodies all the necessary ingredients to become a hi-fi classic. Housed in Rega's custom half width case, you will find a 73w per channel into a 4 ohms integrated amplifier with a high spec built in phono stage.

From £598

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