The Blue Nile – Remastered

Saturday 23rd November, 11am - 5pm NB this will now be the ORIGINAL ALBUM playback, the remaster has been delayed, sorry

The Blue Nile Hats

It’s been a long time coming – 35 years in fact – but seminal Scottish artists The Blue Nile have remastered their first three albums for release on 180-gram vinyl on November 22nd. We think that’s reason enough to celebrate, throw in the fact that Hats is 30 years old this month and we have grounds for a full-blown vinyl party!

1984’s debut A Walk Across the Rooftops (the very first release on Linn Records), 1989’s masterpiece Hats and 1996’s Peace at Last have been remastered by the band’s longtime collaborator and Linn’s pro-audio partner, Calum Malcolm. The re-issues are pressed on 180-gram vinyl and limited to 1,000 copies of each.

As of 21/11/19 we have still not been able to acquire a pre-release of the remaster, now delayed until 29/11/19. As such, we will be playing the original 1989 vinyl copy of Hats on our reference Linn Sondek LP12 system in our downstairs demo room on Saturday 23rd November for anyone who’d like to hear.

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