Technics SL1200 – A Legend Reincarnated

Thursday 22nd June, from 5.30pm

Technics SL1200 G

Few products in the history of hi-fi attract quite the legendary status that Technics SL-1200 turntables do. DJs and analogue purists the world over have spent 40 years raving about these decks and now we have the opportunity to do it all again with Technics’ new SL-1200G and SL-1200GR.

To celebrate the legend reincarnated, we’re hosting a Technics showcase in the shop. We’ll have the two new decks, banging tunes, DJ superstars and probably some beer and nibbles too.

We will be playing two double sets at this event – the SL-1200G (G for Grand) on the main stage in one demo room and the SL-1200GR (the little brother), in another.

Watch how they are made:

Taking the stage on the evening will be our dynamic Pirie duo Andrew and Ian,  jet-setter Melting Pot DJ and fountain of knowledge of all things phornographic respectively.

In dem room 1 will be a straight shoot-out between the legendary 1970s SL-1200 deck and the today’s version, SL-1200GR.

In dem room 2 we’ll be showcasing the shiny new SL1200G. Can it justify it’s £3000 price-tag? Only one way to find out.

We’ll have a range of vinyl here to play, but feel free to bring along your own cherished records. And to whet your appetite for the evening, here’s what The Absolute Sound had to say.

Sessions at 6pm and 7pm. Click a time to book your space now.


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