Simply Streaming… Music Streaming for Beginners

Saturday 9th September, 12pm

Music Streaming for Beginners - Simply Streaming

Learn…with Loud & Clear due to popular demand, Simply Streaming… is back.

For nearly ten years we’ve been extolling the virtues of music streaming.  With an explosive rise in high resolution content and and the commensurate fall in cost of ownership you might now be considering taking the plunge. Join us at Loud & Clear and we’ll demystify the world of digital streaming; we’ll show you how to rip your CD collection in lossless quality, store your entire library on a device the size of a shoe-box and download music new and old at “studio master” quality.  We’ll also explore the wealth of online music subscription services and free internet radio stations. And we’ll do it all over a coffee, tea, beer or wine, in a simple, friendly and informal gathering.

Designed for rookies, this session will explain the basics of playing music over a network:

  • Demonstration – Linn CD player vs. Linn music streamer
  • What you need – home network and control essentials
  • Where to get your music – streaming services (TIDAL, Qobuz, Deezer, Spotify, etc.), high-res downloads, ripping CDs, digital radio
  • Easy multi-room audio
  • Q&A

Sessions at:

  • Saturday 9th September – 12pm

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