ProAc K3 Loudspeaker launch

Thursday 14th March, 5pm - 8pm

ProAc K3

Come along to hear the latest in ProAc UK’s flagship ‘K’ range of loudspeakers – K3. The K Series is the pinnacle of ProAc’s high-end speaker development over the brand’s 40 year history.

K is for Kevlar – Kevlar cones are light and stiff and exhibit a characteristic warmth together with excellent bass response and ProAc’s legendary, sought after open midrange clarity.

The ProAc K3 (2018) is the entry level model in the K Series. It has a slightly smaller enclosure than the K6 and the Kevlar drive unit technology introduced in the K6 & K8 has been further developed to produce a 2-way design using a driver compliment of 2 x 6.5 inch Kevlar bass drivers each fitted with a phase plug to improve detail and dispersion. These are seamlessly mated via a high quality crossover with ProAc’s proven ribbon tweeter which is centrally positioned to line up at approximately ear level. The result is a rich sounding, true high-end loudspeaker.

The high 89db sensitivity and 4 Ohm impedance makes it an easy load to partner with high quality electronics that need not necessarily be exceptionally powerful. The floor porting vent makes the speaker relatively easy to place and allows the bass to breathe.
The speaker has attractive, slim proportions and is available in a range of 8 high quality veneers.

At £9,750 in standard veneers, the K3 is the first K Series model under £10,000 in ProAc’s flagship range. Well worth popping in for a listen. We’ll be joined by David from ProAc on the evening… to answer any questions we can’t!

If £10k is a bit of a stretch, we’ll also have ProAc’s DT8 speakers playing in the ‘wee’ dem room – a fifth of the price but certainly not the performance, these simply sparkle 😊.


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