Innuos Zen, The Art of Serving Music

Thursday 2nd November, 5pm - 8pm

Innuos ZEN

Since digital music streamers first arrived in high end audio over a decade ago, we’ve seen numerous methods of ripping, storing and managing music collections. Some present musical information beautifully but have major limitations, some function well but have clunky interfaces and some just don’t work.

But Innuos have turned this challenge into an art form; complete music library management.

For simplicity, practicality, flexibility and performance, Innous ZEN servers are streets ahead. In short, nothing makes it easier to listen to your music collection. No need for a PC, slip a CD into your Innuos and 5 minutes later, pop, it ejects, perfectly copied and stored losslessly inside, with all coverart, artist and track information beautifully displayed on your screen, tablet or smartphone. And it works with Roon.

During this informal drop-in session, Innuos and Loud & Clear will be demonstrating that ripping process and the Innuos range. It’s your chance to hear the flagship, multi-award winning Zenith mk II – the best sounding music server we know.

Zenith mk II is ALL about performance. It features silent SSD storage drives, dual Ethernet ports with isolation transformers, innovative triple-linear power supply with ultra-low noise regulators, anti-vibration treatment on chassis and electronic components, medical-grade mains filter and a host of other clever design elements to maximise audio quality and minimise noise.

Book a time by email, or drop in anytime between 5pm & 8pm. We look forward to seeing you!

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