Format Wars – A New Hope

Saturday 12th October, 12pm & 2pm

Has your enjoyment of music diminished as lossy compression has prevailed? Do you find that you’re turning it down, rather than up? Maybe you’re wondering why you’re not as excited at trying new stuff as you used to be?

Then there’s a strong chance that what you’re listening to has been…. Killed By Compression!

Digital music has never been so easy to come by – whether you’re playing CDs, streaming your iTunes library or subscribing to Spotify – just about everything that’s ever been recorded is available within a few taps of your screen. Musical nirvana maybe, but are you really hearing all of your music? Or have the files recorded in the studio been squeezed down to a smaller, much less enjoyable version of their original self?

Come along to our “Format Wars” session and, amongst friends, take a listen to the different digital formats and learn how to re-engage with your music at a much higher level of quality. We’ll shoot out:

  • MP3
  • CD (16 bit)
  • DSD (Direct Stream Digital)
  • FLAC
  • Studio Master quality (24 bit)
  • Spotify vs TIDAL vs Qobuz┬ástreaming services

Be prepared to hear things you just haven’t heard before, even if you think you know a song like the back of your hand. You will hear the difference – we promise – and more importantly you’ll discover how to fall back in love with your music. And you’ll want to turn it up…

Sessions at 12pm and 2pm and will last c. 60 minutes, followed by Q&A.

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