Cables, Tables and Fables…

Can cables and tables really transform your system’s performance?

Yes. And yes. Come along and we’ll show you how. It may not be the sexiest part of your HiFi system, but the cabling you use throughout (from mains leads to interconnects to speaker cable) can make an enormous difference to your system’s overall performance. As can the furniture you stand it on.

There are a lot of myths and fables surrounding these less obvious influences; our aim on the day is to blow away the myths and show you in a very simple manner (by listening, of course) the difference each small change makes. And some of them will amaze you!

We’ll have the Chord Company’s new simplified range of cables, some outstanding Quadraspire racks and mains conditioning from Isol-8. Come and hear the difference Cable and Tables can make.

Sessions at:
Saturday 20th August – 12pm & 3pm

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