Rega P3

Rega P3/24 turntable


Rega Research P3 turntable (24v motor) with Elys cartridge in very good condition and fully boxed. c 2002, but cartridge still in very good condition.

Linn Kudos tuner

Linn Kudos Tuner


Linn Kudos AM/FM tuner in black and in very good condition. Serial # 003629 (1997), no remote or original box.

Oracle Delphi mkII SME 309 Dynavector 10x5

Oracle Delphi mkII turntable with SME 309 and Dynavector 10×5


Oracle Delphi mkII turntable fitted with SME 309 tonearm and Dynavector 10×5 moving magnet cartridge. In good condition, no box so cannot ship.

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