Walnut LP12 Ekos Kore

Linn Sondek LP12


Linn Sondek LP12 with Walnut plinth, just built by our technician including new mechanics, new Kore subchassis, new Trampolinn 2 base board, Ekos black mkI, new Dynavector 20x cartridge and Lingo 1 power supply (just serviced).

Linn Urika phono stage

Linn Urika phono stage

£1750 (RRP £2550)

Ex-demo Linn Urika MC (moving coil) internal reference phono stage for Sondek LP12. Mounted on integrated Trampolin board (included), requires Radikal power supply (not included!). In excellent condition, boxed with all accessories, serial # 1429599 (Nov 2016).

Price includes fitting and servicing of your LP12.

Creek OBH-9SE

Creek OBH-9SE phono stage


Creek OBH-9SE special edition moving coil (MC) phono preamplifier and power supply. Good condition, no original box.

Rega P5 turntable

Rega P5 turntable


Rega Research classic P5 turntable in black and in good condition, with Rega RB700 tonearm. Fabulous sounding deck, a firm favourite in the analogue world, complete with box and psu. Cartridge not included but we can recommend and fit one of your choice.

Technics SL1200

Technics SL1200 with RB220 tonearm


Technics iconic SL1200 mk2 direct drive turntable with striking blue top-plate, Isonoe isolation feet, new RB220 tonearm and Rega Carbon cartridge, in great condition.

Trichord Dino and Dino+

Trichord Dino and Dino+ power supply


Trichord Dino and Dino+ upgrade power supply MC/MM phono stage in silver and in very good condition. Complete with jumper lead and mains (no box).

Dynavector P75 mkII with Russ Andrews psu

Dynavector P75 mkII with Russ Andrews psu

£500 (RRP £1045)

Dynavector P75 mkII phono preamplifier (MM/MC) with Russ Andrews ‘The Supplier’ dedicated power supply. Both in good condition but no original boxes.

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