Tom Evans Audio Design The Groove

Tom Evans The Groove phono stage

£750 (RRP £1500)

Tom Evans Audio Design ‘The Groove’ phono preamplifier – set to MC but switchable to MM – in very good overall condition, without box.

Project Phono Box

ProJect phono box


ProJect Phono Box moving magnet phono stage, fully boxed with all accessories and in excellent condition.

Rega Fono

Rega Fono MM phono stage


Rega Research Fono moving magnet phono stage in good condition, with psu but without box.

Rega Planar 2

Rega Planar 2 turntable

£295 (RRP £399) UNDER OFFER

Rega Research Planar 2 turntable (latest model) in gloss black and in excellent condition, with Rega Carbon cartridge and fully boxed. Bought from us new in December 2016.

Rega Aria

Rega Aria phono stage

£595 (RRP £839)

Rega Research Aria phono preamplifier (MM/MC switchable phono stage – fully adjustable ) in excellent condition, no original box.

Systemdek turntable

Systemdek Turntable


Rarely available original Dunlop Systemdek transcription turntable with Audio Technica AT1120 tonearm and cartridge. Very good overall condition although a new cartridge is recommended. Both turntable and tonearm have complete original packaging.

Trichord Dino

Trichord Dino phono stage


Trichord Dino mk2 moving magnet phono stage in silver and in very good condition. NB Pictured Dino+ psu no longer available.

Linn Axis

Linn Axis turntable


Linn Axis turntable with Linn Akito toneram and brand new Linn Adikt moving magnet cartridge just fitted by Loud & Clear; cracking sounding deck.

Dynavector P75 mkII with Russ Andrews psu

Dynavector P75 mkII with Russ Andrews psu


Dynavector P75 mkII phono preamplifier (MM/MC) with Russ Andrews ‘The Supplier’ dedicated power supply. Both in good condition but no original boxes.

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