Velodyne SPL 1000 subwoofer

Velodyne Series II SPL-1000 Subwoofer


Velodyne Series II subwoofer, SPL10IIE in gloss black and in good condition. One or two minor scuffs and no grill but fully tested and in good working order.

Linn Komponent 110

Linn Komponent 110 Floorstanders

£295 (RRP £980)

Linn Komponent 110 4-way floorstanding loudspeakers in graphite finish and in very good condition, complete with grills, spikes and Chord Company Carnival terminated speaker cable (approx 2 x 2.5m, RRP c. £30).

Mission 752s

Mission 752 Floorstanding Loudspeakers


Mission 752 floorstanding loudspeakers in rosenut finish and in very good condition and great working order, with grills and boxes.

B&W 801 Matrix S3

B&W Matrix 801 Series 3 Loudspeakers


Vintage B&W Matrix 801 Series 3 loudspeakers in good condition and great working order, with grills. Collection only.

Totem Mites

Totem Mite loudspeakers

£650 (RRP £849) SOLD

Our ex-demonstration Totem Mite bookshelf loudspeakers in limited edition walnut finish and in very good condition. These are cracking little speakers, their power belies their small size, but much to our sorrow have been discontinued. Fully boxed, less than a year old.

We also have a brand new in box pair in the same limited edition walnut finish for £800 SOLD

Definitve Technology Mythos Solo XL

Definitive Technology Mythos Solo XL sound bar

£150 (RRP £1000)

Definitive Technology Mythos Solo XL LCR sound bar in silver – exceptional in it’s day and still a great sounding bar. Good condition, with grill, one or two minor scratches.

B&W FPM4 centre channel

B&W FPM4 speaker


B&W FP Monitor 4 wall-mountable single speaker (with bracket) in gloss black and in good condition. Can be used as centre channel or as one of stereo pair.

Linn Aktiv Kaber LK100s

Linn 3-way Aktiv Kaber and LK100 system


A fully active playback system from Linn – 3 x aktiv LK100 power amplifiers and aktiv Kaber LS500 loudspeakers in rosenut finish. System is in good overall condition with some surface scrapes on the LK100s. Includes 3 pairs of Chord Company speaker cable and interconnects for linking amplifiers. Kabers fitted with composite granite bases and Linn ‘stockings’


Linn Akudorik loudspeakers

£12,225 (RRP £16,300)

In stunning high gloss piano black finish, Linn Akudorik Exakt bookshelf loudspeakers with silver pods (3k arrays). These are Exakt specification but are pre-Katalyst DAC. Fully boxed in original packaging and in excellent condition, less than a year old, serial numbers 1435447 & 1435448 (2017). NB stock images as speakers are boxed off-site.

Also available – same specification Exakt Akudoriks in high gloss cherry with black pods (2016).

KEF Blade Two speakers

KEF BLADE Two piano black loudspeakers

£11,995 (RRP £16,000)

In stunning piano black finish, our ex-demonstration KEF Blade Two Single Apparent Source loudspeakers. In excellent condition overall, one speaker has a slight scratch mark, approx. 2.5cm long on front left side (pics available).

Fully boxed with all accessories, playing in the shop just now.


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