Fyne Audio F500

Fyne Audio Loudspeakers

from £199.99

Fyne Audio F300 is the most diminutive loudspeaker in the range, though don’t let their compact cabinets fool you.  These speakers can be sited on a sideboard, bookshelf or stands and deliver a punch that belies their size.  Whether you’re driving these with a Sonos Amp, a Rega Brio or with your existing electronics you’ll love how they boogie like nothing else in their class. £199.99 in black, light oak or walnut finishes.

Fyne Audio F301 builds on the F300 platform with a larger cabinet volume and bass driver for a more full-bodied sound.  Well worthy of the price premium at £299.99 in black, light oak or walnut finishes.

Fyne Audio F302 enters the floorstanding range, whereby the speakers do not require locating on a shelf or on stands.  Maintaining the same footprint as the standmounts, the F302 speakers deliver a fuller, deeper sound thanks to the extra cabinet volume feeding the bass driver.  Supplied with 4 spikes per speaker for rigid mounting on carpeted flooring, and with optional spike protectors for wooden or feature flooring.  £479.99

Fyne Audio F500 caused rather a stir when launched, delivering a larger, more believable sound than their size or price would suggest.  A downward, vented reflex port allows for easy positioning and is derived from Fyne’s flagship loudspeaker range.  Likewise the real wood construction with optional high-gloss finish strikes a matching aesthetic to their wonderful, musical performance.  £649.99 in black or dark oak, £698.74 in high gloss piano black or white.

Fyne Audio F501 has become a real “go to” loudspeaker in so many of Loud & Clear’s system builds.  Performing flawlessly with sub £1000 amplification or sounding jaw-dropping with the integrated Linn, Naim and Moon “all-in-one” products, the F501 outperforms many other brands’ much more expensive offerings.  Available in dark or black oak at £1299.99 or high gloss piano black or white at £1397.49 the Fyne F501 is a serious floorstanding loudspeaker in a relatively compact cabinet.

Fyne Audio F502SP is the latest addition to the Fyne floorstanding range.  Launched in February at the Bristol Hi-Fi show, the 502SP was presented with a fully-loaded Linn Selekt DSM to truly show off its capabilities.  A larger, more rigid cabinet houses Fyne’s legendary dual concentric drive units and is sited on a machined metal base with downward radiating reflex port.  £3,499.99 in a choice of high gloss, piano lacquer finishes.


F300 5” Bookshelf – Black Ash / Light Oak / Walnut Pair 199.99
F301 6” Bookshelf – Black Ash / Light Oak / Walnut Pair 299.99
F302 6” Floorstander Single Driver – Black Ash / Light Oak / Walnut Pair 479.99
F303 6” Floorstander Twin Driver – Black Ash / Light Oak / Walnut Pair 699.99
F300C 5” Centre – Black Ash / Light Oak / Walnut Each 199.99
F300LCR 5” LCR – Black Ash / Light Oak / Walnut Each 179.99

F500 6” Bookshelf – Dark Oak / Black Oak Pair 649.99
F501 6” Floorstander – Dark Oak / Black Oak Pair 1299.99
F502 8” Floorstander – Dark Oak / Black Oak Pair 1799.99
F500C 5” Centre – Dark Oak / Black Oak Each 499.99

F502SP 8” Floorstander – Piano Gloss Black/ Piano Gloss White Pair 3499.99
15% surcharge on Piano Gloss Walnut finish

Sonus Faber Guarneri Memento

Sonus Faber Guarneri Memento loudspeakers


Stunning Sonus Faber Guarneri Memento standmount loudspeakers in Red Violin finish, excellent condition and complete with stands, grills, bolts and original wooden speaker crate (no boxes with the stands).

Stereophile review


Velodyne Impact 10

Velodyne Impact-10 subwoofer

£250 (RRP £395)

Velodyne Impact-10 subwoofer in very good condition, our ex-demo unit in matt black. 10″ bass driver and downward-firing port, manufactured 2016.

Naim Mu-so Qb

Naim Mu-so Qb

£425 (RRP £649)

Naim Audio Mu-so Qb all-in-one wireless music streaming system (1st generation) in very good condition. We have two of these available, both fully boxed with standard black grill. £425 each (only one left).

Naim Muso Qb

Naim Mu-so Qb wireless system

£450 (RRP £649)

Naim Audio Mu-so Qb all in one wireless music streaming system in excellent condition. With ‘vibrant red’ grill, this is a 1st generation Qb, complete with box.

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