Naim Mu-so Qb

Naim Mu-so Qb

£475 (RRP £649)

Naim Audio Mu-so Qb all-in-one wireless streaming music system, our ex-demonstrator, in excellent condition and with box.


MOON ACE all-in-one

£2200 (RRP £2850)

MOON by Simaudio Neo ACE all-in-one network music player. Our ex-demonstrator, in black and in excellent condition, 2016 model with MiND 2 streaming module, fully boxed.

Naim Audio NDS XS

Naim ND5 XS

£1599 (RRP £2499)

Naim Audio ND5 XS network music player, brand new, unopened in box with all accessories. Serial # 438*** (2018). Not ex-demo, but discontinued stock.

What Hi-Fi says

Linn Urika phono stage

Linn Urika phono stage

£1750 (RRP £2550)

Ex-demo Linn Urika MC (moving coil) internal reference phono stage for Sondek LP12. Mounted on integrated Trampolin board (included), requires Radikal power supply (not included!). In excellent condition, boxed with all accessories, serial # 1429599 (Nov 2016).

Price includes fitting and servicing of your LP12.

Totem Forest Signature loudspeakers

£4250 (RRP £5899)

Totem Acoustic Forest Signature floor-standing loudspeakers in high gloss mahogany and in very good condition, fully boxed with all accessories. (stock photo, visit shop to view).

Naim NAC282 and NAP200

Naim NAC282+NAPSC and NAP200DR

£4500 (RRP £7077)

Naim Audio reference preamplifier NAC282 with NAPSC power supply and NAP200DR power amplifier package. Both units in very good condition, ex-demo and fully boxed with all accessories. Serial #s 372*** / 390*** (2014/2015).

ProAc DB1 response

ProAc DB1 Response loudspeakers

£1350 (RRP £1960)

ProAc loudspeakers DB1 Response bookshelf model, ex-demo in mahogany finish and in very good condition, fuly boxed with grills, approx. 2 years old.

Sonos Playbase white

Sonos Playbase

was £500, NOW £400 (RRP £699)

Sonos Playbase wireless home cinema sound base for TV and music streamer, our ex-demonstration model in white, fully boxed and in pristine condition, approx. 18 months old.

Simple setup; syncs wirelessly with SUB and two PLAY:1s for 5.1 surround sound; touch-interface controls and lights; connect to any Amazon Echo or Alexa-enabled device, for voice-enabled music commands or stream directly from your Apple device via Airplay.

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