Monitor Audio Silver 200s

Monitor Audio Silver 200 Loudspeakers

£700 (RRP £1000)

Monitor Audio Silver 200 floorstanding loudspeakers in cherry, our ex-demonstration models in excellent condition, fully boxed with grills and spikes.

KEF R500s

KEF R500 Loudspeakers

£850 (RRP £1500)

KEF R500 floorstanding loudspeakers in American Walnut finish, our ex-demonstration models. One of our favourite speakers (replaced this month by new KEF R series) and in very good overall condition, but with 2 noticeable dings on front edge of one speaker and slight scratch on side panel of other, hence low price. Fully boxed with spikes and grills.

Monitor Audio Bronze 5s

Monitor Audio Bronze 5 Loudspeakers

£395 (RRP £550)

Monitor Audio Bronze 5 floorstanding loudspeakers in walnut finish and in excellent condition, our ex-demonstration pair. Complete with boxes, grills (unused) and spikes. Approx. 3 years old.

Grado SR125e

Grado SR125e Headphones

£110 (RRP £165)

Our ex-demo Grado SR125e on-ear headphones in very good condition, supplied with brand new replacement pads.

We also have a pair of brand new, boxed and sealed SR125e headphones, £150.

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