Auralic Taurus mkII

Auralic Taurus MKII headphone amp

£995 (RRP £1650)

Auralic Taurus mkII fully balanced headphone amplifier in very good condition, silver finish, fully boxed with IEC mains and manual.


MOON 700i

MOON 700i integrated amplifier

£6250 (RRP £11,000)

MOON by Simaudio 700i Reference integrated amplifier in two-tone black and silver, fully boxed in excellent condition and with all accessories. Serial #N76188** (2012). This is a beast of an amp, well worth a listen.

Nac 272 Nap 250

Naim NAC N-272 and NAP 250DR package

£4600 (RRP £7598)

Naim Audio NAC N-272 streaming preamplifier and NAP 250DR power amplifier, both in superb condition with full original packaging, all accessories and manuals. Both units are from 2015 (serial#s 387787, 397307) with one owner who has looked after both extremely well.

Package price £4600, individual prices:

NAC N-272 – £2200

NAP 250DR – £2600

Naim Mu-so Qb

Naim Mu-so Qb

£425 (RRP £649)

Naim Audio Mu-so Qb all-in-one wireless music streaming system (1st generation) in very good condition. We have two of these available, both fully boxed with standard black grill. £425 each (only one left).

Audiolab 8000A

Audiolab 8000A amplifier


Audiolab 8000A integrated amplifier in good condition, with original packaging. Great sounding integrated, with built-in switchable moving magnet/moving coil phono stage and a further five line inputs, including 2 tape loops.

Naim CDX2

Naim CDX2 CD player

£1295 (RRP £4499)

Naim Audio CDX2 CD player in very good condition, serial # 253775 (2008). We don’t have the original box or remote but will provide a suitable replacement Naim remote.

Linn Majik DS

Linn Majik DS network streamer


Linn Majik DS digital streamer in silver and in very good condition, powered by Dynamik and complete with remote control and box. Serial # 1251007 (2011).

Naim Muso Qb

Naim Mu-so Qb wireless system

£450 (RRP £649)

Naim Audio Mu-so Qb all in one wireless music streaming system in excellent condition. With ‘vibrant red’ grill, this is a 1st generation Qb, complete with box.

Naim NAP 300 DR

Naim NAP300 DR and NAP300 PS

£5495 (RRP £7898)

Naim Audio NAP300 DR stereo power amplifier with NAP300 PS power supply, both units are ex-demonstration and in immaculate condition, fully boxed with all accessories inc. Burndy leads. Serial numbers 441*** (2018), less than 18 months old.

Exposure XXVIII power amp

Exposure XXVIII power amplifier


Exposure XXVIII dual mono power amplifier in good overall condition, a few minor scrapes. No original box.

Exposure XXIII preamplifier

Exposure Preamplifier XXIII


Exposure XXIII 23 preamplifier in silver and in good condition, with a few minor scrapes. An excellent preamplifier, the XXIII includes an integrated moving coil phono stage. No original box or remote.

Exposure specification/manual

Linn LK100s

3 x Linn LK100 power amplifiers, aktiv


Three Linn LK100 power amplifiers fitted with Linn aktiv cards for Linn Kaber loudspeakers. All in very good condition, two have original boxes, the third a generic Linn box. Serial #s 010051/010054/010128 (1996).

Linn Akurate DSM

Linn Akurate Exakt Katalyst DSM/3

£5250 (RRP £7500)

Linn Akurate DSM/3 digital streamer, current specification and with Katalyst DAC upgrade (2018, 4 years full warranty remaining). In pristine condition, fully boxed with all remote, manual and mains. Serial #1325707, one owner from new and originally sold by us.

Project Phono Box

ProJect phono box


ProJect Phono Box moving magnet phono stage, fully boxed with all accessories and in excellent condition.

Roksan Kandy power amp

ROKSAN Kandy KMA 2/3 MkIII power amplifier


ROKSAN Kandy KMA 2/3 MkIII stereo power amplifier in black and in good condition, without box.

Naim ND5 XS

Naim ND5 XS

NOW £1150 (was £1250, RRP £2499)

Naim Audio ND5 XS network music player in excellent condition. Serial #371575 (2014), with remote and blanking plug but no original box.

Naim NAC282 and NAP200

Naim NAC282+NAPSC and NAP200DR

£4500 (RRP £7077)

Naim Audio reference preamplifier NAC282 with NAPSC power supply and NAP200DR power amplifier package. Both units in very good condition, ex-demo and fully boxed with all accessories. Serial #s 372*** / 390*** (2014/2015).

Arcam AV888

Arcam AV888 AV preamplifier

£795 (RRP £4699)

Arcam of Cambrdige FMJ AV888 home cinema surround sound preamplifier and processor in silver and in very good condition, boxed with remote control and manual.

Full spec


Arcam AV8

Arcam AV8 Preamplifier/AV processor

£395 (RRP c. £3000)

Arcam FMJ AV8 7.1 channel home cinema preamplifier and processor. In good condition with a couple of surface scratched but fully operational and still an excellent preamplifier. No original box or remote control.

Full Arcam specification

Dynavector P75 mkII with Russ Andrews psu

Dynavector P75 mkII with Russ Andrews psu


Dynavector P75 mkII phono preamplifier (MM/MC) with Russ Andrews ‘The Supplier’ dedicated power supply. Both in good condition but no original boxes.

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