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Summer Sizzler #4 – September Streamers: get a free 8Switch and cable upgrade

11th September 2020

It’s September, time for our Streaming Summer Sizzlers – our hand-picked selection of the very best music streamers packaged up with Loud & Clear’s own Sizzle upgrade😎.

Add a digital streamer to your existing music system and we’ll add free upgrades to further enhance your enjoyment.  Don’t worry if the technicalities of these make no sense – just be assured that we’re eeking out every last drop of performance from these already brilliant products.

We’ll help you install and configure your new product to ensure your purchase brings you pleasure, reliability and simplicity of use for many years to come.

Here’s our first four:

1)  MOON by Simaudio 680D – save £900

The clamour for auditions of Moon’s latest streamer took us a little by surprise. As it happened the HiFi press got hold of a demonstrator ahead of schedule and unanimously heaped award after award on the player, while we were briefly in the dark as we’d not even heard a prototype. Fortunately all was revealed soon after and we immediately fell in love with the 680D’s beguiling presentation – their trademark “analogue” sound from digital sources, music appearing from a completely black canvas and a warmth that would have you thinking you were listening to the best of vinyl. Like all Moon network players the 680D features the Mind2 hardware interface, Qobuz, Tidal Master and local library Studio Master playback as well as native DSD decoding and additional digital inputs for your TV, computer, games console or set top box. Outputs are RCA phono and XLR while network/control features include ethernet, WiFi, Bluetooth and Roon certification.

The Sizzle
Purchase a MOON Evolution 680D  and we’ll give you a free English Electric 8Switch network switch (RRP £450) and Chord Epic ethernet cable (£450) to dramatically improve audio performance or a free Innuos Zen Mini III music ripper/server (£899).

2)  Naim NDX2 – save £650 or £900

Naim’s NDX2 streamer replaces the bestselling NDX and is built on their latest network and software platforms to improve audio performance and feature demands. A big, big step up in sonics from the ND5 XS2 and incumbent NDX, the NDX2 will play Studio Master from Qobuz or your local library, internet radio, Airplay, Bluetooth, features Roon certification and other digital sources such as your TV, computer, games console or set top box. Connectivity is simple into any amplifier via the RCA phono or DIN outputs and to your network via ethernet or WiFi. Performance can be enhanced further with the optional XPS power supply.

The Sizzle
Buy an NDX2 (£5299) and we will significantly raise your audio performance with a free English Electric 8Switch network switch (RRP £450) and Chord Shawline ethernet cable (£200).
Buy an Naim NDX2 with XPS power supply (£9,498) and we’ll raise it even further with a free 8Switch (RRP £450) and the superior Chord Epic ethernet cable (RRP £450).

3)  Linn Akurate DS/DSM – save £650 or £900

Linn’s Akurate digital streamers have long been the products to beat in this fiercely fought price bracket. As their competitors began knocking on the door with improvements and enhancements to their ranges, Linn introduced their Katalyst DAC architecture and “borrowed” the clock and network interface from the previous generation Klimax DS. The results are nothing short of stunning – akin to lifting a blanket off your speakers. Whether you choose the DS (source only streamer) or DSM (integrated streamer and preamplifier with additional inputs) you’ll benefit from Studio Master quality playback from Qobuz or your local library, Airplay, internet radio, Roon certification, Spotify and Tidal. The DSM includes a fully specified preamplifier with analogue, digital and HDMI inputs, RCA, Exakt and XLR outputs and an integrated MM/MC Linn phono stage.

The Sizzle
Buy a Linn Akurate DS (£6,600) and we’ll give you a free English Electric 8Switch network switch (RRP £450) and Chord Shawline ethernet cable (£200) to dramatically improve audio performance.
Buy a Linn Akurate DSM (£7,500) and we’ll raise it even further with a free 8Switch (RRP £450) and the superior Chord Epic ethernet cable (RRP £450).

4)  Linn Selekt DSM – save £650 or £900

At its launch the Linn Selekt DSM quickly became Loud & Clear’s most popular high-performance “all-in-one” (one box) music system; a success that continues to this day. The Selekt leads the field in terms of audio performance and modularity, which allows us to tailor the product and budget exactly to your needs. And if those needs change in future, the Selekt can be retro-fitted with additional options to enhance performance or functionality. Linn’s vision of the Selekt DSM being the “only hifi you’ll need” was bold, but the way in which our customers have embraced it’s stunning performance and aesthetic tells us that Linn got the Selekt DSM spectacularly right. The feature set includes Studio Master streaming from Qobuz or your local library, Tidal, Spotify, Roon certification, Airplay, Bluetooth and additional digital and analogue inputs including HDMI and a MM/MC phono stage. Connectivity covers ethernet and WiFi, RCA phono, XLR, Exakt and speaker level output. Stereo comes as standard or full surround sound can be configured with additional modules; furthermore the Selekt can be optioned with or without internal amplification for use “source only” or as a complete music system.

The Sizzle
Purchase a “fully loaded” Selekt DSM (the one with power amplification and Katalyst DAC, £6750) and we’ll give you a free English Electric 8Switch network switch (RRP £450) and Chord Epic ethernet cable (£450) to dramatically improve audio performance.
Purchase any other Linn Selekt DSM (£4,000 – £5750) and we’ll give you a free English Electric 8Switch network switch (RRP £450) and Chord Shawline ethernet cable (£200) to dramatically improve audio performance.

If you want to hear the difference that any of these upgrades make, just get in touch. We’ll show you😊.

Summer Sizzler #3 – Headphone/amp combo or Souped-up Planar 6

21st August 2020

Analogue August continues with our next batch of Summer Sizzlers!

Get free Nordost cabling with our recommended headphone/headphone amp combo – MOON 230HAD + Focal Clear or a free Rega Fono MM phono preamplifier with our souped-up Rega Planar 6 turntable.

Moon 230HAD amplifier with Focal Clear headphones (£1750 + £1399)
The Sizzle – save £400 with our bundle: package includes FREE Nordost Blue Heaven interconnects and a FREE Nordost Blue Heaven mains lead.

The Moon 230HAD’s proposition is simple – complete connectivity for all sources, with amplification capable of driving the most demanding headphones.

If you’ve never experienced the performance of a dedicated headphone system, you really should visit us and hear what you’ve been missing.  Free from the compromises of inbuilt headphone stages, a proper headphone amplifier is built to extract the same level of musical detail and emotion as high-end pre/power amplifiers.  When matched with quality headphones, in the same way we’d match a power amplifier to reference loudspeakers, the results are truly breathtaking.

We’ve picked two stunners which form one of our most popular and compelling headphone systems, and taken them to the next level with Nordost Blue Heaven cabling, included free of charge.  Call us to arrange an audition today.


Rega Planar 6 with Audio Technica VM760SLC (£1050 + £599)
The Sizzle – save £199 with our bundle: package includes a FREE Rega Fono MM phono stage.

A treat for those looking to get deeper into the groove, Rega’s Planar 6 builds on over 40 years of engineering research and is one of the most elegant turntables available today.  Featuring the Rega Neo PSU (offboard power supply) for improved audio performance and switchable 33/45rpm, the deck is as sonically pleasing as it is aesthetically with a lightly tinted dust cover.

Email or call 0141 221 0221 to book a sizzler.

Summer Sizzler #2 – it’s Epic!

15th August 2020

Here are the second two stars of our Summer Sizzlers event – Rega Aethos and Naim SuperNAIT3 integrated amplifiers, complete with over £400 of FREE Chord Company EpicX cables.

Rega Aethos Amplifier – save £424 with our bundle.

The Aethos found itself in a three-way battle when it launched earlier this year; with the Naim SuperNAIT 3 and Moon 340i also vying for your attention in the c£4K integrated amplifier market.  In honesty none of these amplifiers lose – they’re all brilliant at what they do, which makes listening and getting “hands on” even more important.  If you do decide to go home with the Rega we’ll include, free of charge, 2 x 3 metre runs of Chord Epic-X speaker cable, terminated with their new Ohmic plugs, saving you £424.

Naim SuperNAIT 3 – save £424 with our bundle.

Naim’s best integrated amplifier launched last year to a hail of glowing reviews, awards and customers desperate to own one.  It’s Naim’s first of modern times to include a phono stage and headphone socket, and it’s sonically streets ahead of the very, very good SuperNAIT 2.  Handbuilt in Salisbury as all Naim has been for over forty years, the SuperNAIT3 is incredibly easy to use and enjoy.  When purchased during the summer we’ll include 2 x 3 metre runs of Chord Epic-X loudspeaker cable, terminated with Chord Ohmic plugs, saving you £424.

Introducing Loud & Clear’s Summer Sizzlers!

3rd August 2020

Introducing Loud & Clear’s Summer Sizzlers! It’s gonna be a scorcher 🌞.

We’re running our very own Summer promotion this year; think of it as a little reward for enduring 2020 so far! Some incredible products landed this year, though many have been overshadowed by unfortunate world events. So we’re presenting them to you in our Summer Sizzlers: incredible music systems and products with incentives to match.
We’ve put together some sizzling bundles that could bag you over £2000 of savings.

Throughout August and September we’ll present killer systems and products, with a focus on Analogue for August and Streaming for September. We’ve enhanced these with carefully selected, complementary and complimentary upgrades to keep you up and listening through the long hot summer nights.

If you don’t see the system/product of your dreams in our recommendations, or want to substitute a component part, don’t wait – we’re flexible, just call us on 0141 221 0221.

You’re welcome to combine offers throughout the promotion, and of course interest free credit remains available on all orders over £1000.  The promotion runs until 30th September 2020. So let’s get straight to it: first up, Analogue August.

Analogue System Sizzler
Rega Planar 8, Aria, Aethos, B&W 705 Signature, Chord cabling.
Save £1,148

Rega’s new “skeletal” Planar 8 instantly became a design icon when it launched in 2018. With audio performance and ease of use to match it has become our best selling turntable within its sector. Rega Neo psu is included and we take the performance further by specifying the Audio Technica 760SLC cartridge and the Rega Aria phono stage to resolve every last drop of musical information from your vinyl.

Rega’s Aethos recently arrived to incredibly stiff competition in the mid-priced integrated amplifier sector; pitched against the Moon 340i and Naim SuperNAIT3 it had to be something special to take a place on the racks at Loud & Clear. Not atypically for Rega, it’s an absolute sonic stunner, presenting your music in an enchanting manner that few other products come close to. It’s build is equally premium, with sleek lines, a gloss fascia and integrated heatsinks adorning the side panels.

Bowers & Wilkins’ 705S2 had our jaws on the floor when we first heard them. For a standmount ‘speaker to extract such warmth and depth from our music left us astonished. And when B&W launched the 705 Signature with upgraded electronics and mechanics, in their unique Datuk Gloss ebony finish, we fell in love all over again. But deeper.

There’s really one choice for a system of this calibre. The new Chord Epic-X range is slightly slimmer than its predecessor while retaining the screening and conductors that made the incumbent such a performer. Epic-X takes things up another gear and allows each of the products in our system to sing in the way their designers intended.

The Rega Aethos amplifier allows for multiple sources, so adding a digital streamer or the sound from your TV or existing equipment is quick and easy. Likewise the turntable can be upgraded with the Dynavector 20X2 moving coil cartridge, or substituted for Rega’s reference Planar 10 or a Linn Sondek LP12.

The System
Taking three “best of breed” products and hooking them together we were of course expecting wonderful results. However, none of us were prepared for what we heard; the sheer synergy that the Rega/B&W/Chord combination hit us with was stunning.

For music to be so tactile; for the recording of a piano that sounds exactly like – a piano.  Allen Toussaint’s American Tunes had us sitting in a smokey club, lamps and brandies on velvet-topped tables, Allen’s keyboard within touching distance. Or the shimmering layers of Lana Del Ray, with her subtle pitch-bends and seismic, gut-wrenching basslines. We couldn’t imagine getting any closer to the music unless standing in her studio booth in L.A.

The Sizzle
This system, including installation, would normally retail for a smidgen over £10,000. We will include the Audio Technica 760SLC cartridge free of charge and Chord Epic-X cabling at the same cost as Shawline-X, reducing the total cost to £9,000 and saving you a sizzling £1148.


Analogue Product Sizzler
Dynavector XX-2 MKII moving coil cartridge
Choose £105 of free Tone Poet vinyl

The XX-2 MKII has become our weapon of choice on higher-end Rega and Linn turntables, fundamentally because it opens a window onto your music like nothing else in its class.  Everything you hear through the XX-2 sounds more real, more familiar and more toe-tapping. What better way to enjoy than by listening to some of our new Tone Poet vinyl?

The Sizzle
When you have an XX-2 fitted (£1295, fitting free of charge) this summer we’ll give you three free Tone Poet albums of your choice.


Coming next: more Analogue System and Product Sizzlers

Coming next month: September Streams – Digital diamonds from Linn, Naim, MOON by Simaudio and more.

B&W 700 Series trade-in offer

29th November 2019

We are now well and truly up and running as Bowers & Wilkins dealers with the 600, 700 800, Formation and Headphone ranges all on demo in the shop. And if you’re thinking of upgrading your old B&W 700 series loudspeakers, now is the time to do it.

The 700 Series Trade-in Offer guarantees you the following trade-in against a new 700 pair:

Model   Trade in value
702        £600
703        £450
704        £350
705        £300
706        £200
707        £150

Pop into the shop, call 0141 221 0221 or email to book a demo or find out more.

Save on Sonos

28th November 2019

Save on Sonos this Black Friday – but you’ll need to be quick!

For five days only, Sonos are offering this Black Friday/Cyber Monday promotion:

£30 off Sonos One SL: promotional price £149
£40 off Sonos One: promotional price £159
£70 off Beam: promotional price £329
£100 off SUB: promotional price £599

From November 28th – December 2nd inclusive, all in stock now.

Linn Series 5 Winter Promotion

15th November 2019

The Linn Summer Promotion is well-known and loved but this year Scotland’s finest is running a rather generous Winter Promotion too – offering more than 20% off Series 5 music systems.

These elegant systems comprise a one-box hi-resolution network music player than can play anything you throw at it, paired with loudspeakers which incorporate powerful Linn Isobarik bass and are fully customisable to compliment your listening space. However you choose to personalise the look, the music will always take centre stage.

Series 5 features Linn Fabrik, enabling every speaker to be uniquely tailored to your taste. And with Linn’s ground-breaking Exakt technology on board, you will always hear a performance that’s optimised for you and your home.

Series 5 is available in speaker sizes 530 and the slightly more compact 520. Both are included in this promotion. Here is what you could save:

Pop in or call for more details.

0141 221 0221.

10% off Linn DSM this summer

18th July 2019

Save 10% on a new generation Linn DSM network music player this summer with Linn’s famed ‘Summer Promo’.

Trade in any old music player – and we mean anything, working or not – to receive 10% off the cost of a new Linn DSM – Majik, Akurate, Klimax or the all-new Selekt DSM. Save up to £1,580 – and that’s on top of any trade-in £ we give you. Plus, you’ll get a free 90-day subscription to TIDAL and Roon with your shiny new music player.

With a Linn DSM you can stream everything – your CD collection, HD Studio Master music files, Internet Radio et al; connect anything – record player, iPhone, h , and hear it all in the highest quality available: that’s the power of a network music player.

We have every Linn DSM in the shop – pop in, call (0414 221 0221) or email us to arrange a listen.

DSM offer – full details and T&Cs


And if you’re already the proud owner of a Linn system, don’t forget part 1 of the summer promo – 10% off an Exakt or Katalsyt upgrade

Both of these upgrades will transform the performance of your music system. They are the proverbial no-brainer. If you have a Linn product for which an Exakt or Katalyst upgrade is available, you will receive 10% off the price of the upgrade to the latest specification of your product.

In addition, Linn Aktiv Systems owners can upgrade their system to Exakt by replacing the Aktiv cards or the Linn Tuneboxes with the required number of Exaktbox products and be eligible for 10% off the price of the Exaktboxes.

Both offers run until 26th August.

Katalyst/Exakt offer – full details and T&Cs

10% off Exakt and Katalsyt upgrades from Linn

1st July 2019

Part One of Linn’s summer promotion is here – upgrade your system to Exakt or Katalyst technology and get 10% off… for gaining SO much more!

Both of these upgrades will transform the performance of your music system. They are the proverbial no-brainer. If you have a Linn product for which an Exakt or Katalyst upgrade is available, you will receive 10% off the price of the upgrade to the latest specification of your product from today until 26th August. Eligible upgrades:

Linn DSM upgrades:
– Katalyst Upgrade for Klimax DSM
– Katalyst Upgrade for Klimax DS
– Katalyst Upgrade for Akurate DSM
– Katalyst Upgrade for Akurate DS
– Katalyst Upgrade for Selekt DSM (applies to individual upgrade only)

Exaktbox upgrades:
– Katalyst Upgrade for Klimax Exaktbox
– Katalyst Upgrade for Akurate Exaktbox (6 and 10 channel)
– Katalyst Upgrade for Majik Exaktbox-I

Speaker upgrades:
– Exakt & Katalyst Upgrade for Klimax 350A (includes Refurb option)
– Exakt & Katalyst Upgrade for Akubarik (Aktiv) (includes Refurb option)
– Exakt Dorik Upgrade Stands for Akudorik
– Katalyst Upgrade for Klimax 350 (Exakt)
– Katalyst Upgrade for Akubarik (Exakt)
– Katalyst Upgrade for Akudorik (Exakt)

In addition, Linn Aktiv Systems owners can upgrade their system to Exakt by replacing the Aktiv cards or the Linn Tuneboxes with the required number of Exaktbox products and be eligible for 10% off the price of these Exaktboxes:

– Klimax Exaktbox (Including Klimax Tunebox Trade-in Package)
– Akurate Exaktbox (6-channel)
– Akurate Exaktbox (10-channel)
– Akurate Exaktbox-I

See compatible-speakers for the full list of compatible speakers and required number of Exakt channels. Or phone us on 0141 221 0221.

Offer runs from 1st July until 26th August inclusive.

Stay tuned for Linn Summer Promotion Part Two in a couple of weeks 😉.

Sonos Summer Bundle Offer

19th June 2019

Save £50 this summer on a pair of SONOS One smart speakers.

A Sonos One provides rich, room-filling sound; pair two Ones together in the same room for even better sound. Or use a pair as rear home cinema surrounds with Playbar, Playbase, or Beam. Or One each in their rooms… to give the kids a treat.

This powerful yet compact speaker sounds fabulous for it’s size and fits just about any space. With Amazon Alexa built in you can play music, check news, set alarms, get your questions answered, and more, completely hands-free.

Offer price £348, RRP £398, until 16th July 2019.

Save up to £1000 on an ARCAM AVR with the ‘Silver Celebration’ trade-in offer

3rd June 2019

This year ARCAM of Cambridge celebrates twenty five years of award winning home cinema electronics. Since 1994, with the launch of the world’s first audiophile AV amplifier the XETA One, ARCAM has been at the cutting edge of AV performance. To celebrate this silver anniversary milestone, ARCAM has launched it’s latest and possibly greatest retail offer of all………The Silver Celebration trade-in.

The offer allows customers to trade-in their old AV processor and receive up to 25% off an upgrade to one of ARCAM’s current range: AVR390, AVR550 or AVR850. Here are the potential savings:

Save £500 on AVR390
Trade-in any home theatre receiver or processor and buy an AVR390 for £1499  (RRP £1999).

Save £700 on AVR550
Trade-in any home theatre receiver or processor and buy an AVR550 for £1999  (RRP £2799).

Save £1000 on AVR850
Trade-in any home theatre receiver or processor and buy an AVR850 for £3499 (RRP £4499).

Your old processor does NOT need to be ARCAM, it doesn’t even have to be working.

Silver Celebration trade-in offer runs from Saturday June 1st 2019 for a limited time only.

Come and try one out in our two home cinema demonstration rooms.

15% off Linn LP12 Upgrades

5th March 2019

If you’ve been thinking of investing in a couple of upgrades for your LP12 turntable, now could well be the time to act – with Linn’s Spring LP12 upgrade promotion, you could transform the sound of your turnrable, and save yourself up to £600. Win win!

From today, 5th March until 30th April inclusive, buy any LP12 upgrade and receive a substantial 15% off a second LP12 upgrade.

Whether you are taking the final steps to creating the ultimate Klimax level deck or replacing a Majik internal power supply with a Lingo – there’s something for everyone. Plus, the new all-Linn Majik tonearm is now available to purchase separately (£600) and is included in the promotion.

Upgrades Included:
– Sondek LP12 (deck only)
– LP12 Plinth
– Cirkus Kit
– Trampolin
– Keel
– Kore
– Standard sub-chassis
– Radikal (standard or machined)
– Lingo
– Majik PSU
– T-Kable
– Ekos SE
– Akito
– Majik tonearm
– Urika & Urika II
– Uphorik
– Internal MM/MC module

15% discount applies to the cheaper of the two upgrades and a maximum of four upgrades per customer (two receive 15% off).

• Klimax LP12
• Akurate LP12
• Majik LP12
• Radikal & Urika package (both standard and machined)
• Kandid
• Krystal
• Adikt
• Adikt Stylus

Do You Believe in Majik?

4th December 2018

Linn’s winter promotion gives you everything you need for stunning analogue and digital music; the best of both worlds:

Majik LP12 + Majik DSM winter promotion package = £5000

Experience the warmth of vinyl playing on this iconic turntable design, now upgraded with Linn’s very own Majik tonearm. Connect it directly to Majik DSM with built in phono preamplifier and you have a complete audiophile analogue and digital music system; just add speakers.

Source first (or rubbish in, rubbish out); Linn’s established philosophy for 45 years. The more information that can be extracted from a musical recording at the source (turntable, streamer, tape or CD) the more accurately the music will be reproduced at the end of the chain (speakers).  The best speakers in the world can’t make poor audio data sound good. But even mediocre speakers will sound remarkably good when presented with accurate music from a high quality source. With Majik LP12 and DSM, you have two exceptional sources for the best of both worlds – whether cherished vinyl LPs or studio master 24 bit digital recordings, exactly as the artist performed in the studio.

This special offer from Linn runs from today (4th December) until Tuesday 29th January inclusive. It might be the only hi-fi you ever buy or need, but both also leave an almost limitless upgrade path open. Win win😉.

Black Friday SONOS deals – be quick!

22nd November 2018

Four four days only, we have three cracking SONOS Black Friday deals.

From today, Thursday 22nd November until Monday 26th November inclusive:

All available in black or white finish and in stock now.


10% off Linn this summer

5th July 2018

Yep, 10% off any* new Linn product or system when you trade in an old one.

The traditional Linn summer promo is here. Celebrating 45 years of production for the Scottish Hi-fi pioneers, this year’s promotion is across the board – receive a 10% discount from retail on any new Klimax, Akurate, Majik, Series 5 or Kiko component or full system by trading in an old Linn legacy product. From now until 27th August 2018.

Full T&Cs

*offer includes full turntables (Klimax, Akurate or Majik) but excludes turntable components and custom install products.

Complimentary Sonos or Chord with Linn Katalyst upgrade

18th May 2018

An exclusive Loud & Clear offer for our Linn Akurate and Linn Akudorik/Akubarik customers, as well as Klimax DS/DSM and Klimax Exakt loudspeaker owners.

From Saturday 19th May until Saturday 30th June get more than you bargained for when you upgrade your Linn product to their latest Katalyst DAC architecture. Your choice: a FREE Sonos One to stream your music to an additional room (and keep the kids occupied) or a FREE Chord Company Shawline Ethernet cable, to further boost your DS/DSM audio performance.

Katalyst is only Linn’s fourth DAC platform since they launched their (now extinct) CD playback range. It is a revelation in digital audio performance and the upgrade involves replacing the entire audio board from your streamer or loudspeakers. The end result is akin to taking a blanket off your speakers.

With both Linn and Sonos now supporting the Roon user interface, this is a wonderful opportunity to rediscover your music collection with Roon’s rich metadata and insightful library management features.

As always, we’re quite flexible, so if a Sonos One or Shawline doesn’t float your boat, we’re open to offers;).

Email us to order your upgrade and claim your freebie.

Six months FREE music on TIDAL from Naim

19th March 2018

If you’re looking for a simple and stylish yet high quality one-box music system, Naim Audio’s Mu-so and Mu-so Qb certainly fit the bill. Throw in six months of free music with a TIDAL subscription and you really are on to a winner.

From now until 16th April 2018, Naim are giving away a six month subscription to TIDAL (worth £120) with any Mu-so or Mu-so QB. That’s access to 48.5 million songs at CD sound quality; for nothing. Both Mu-so products can operate wirelessly as well as wired, so no need to hide or manage cables. All you need is internet access. Oh, and power 😉.

In stock now: Mu-so RRP £995, Qb £649.

Full Ts&Cs here.

Two is better than one

26th January 2018

Starting today, 26th January, we are offering a special bundle package of two Sonos Ones for £349, saving £49.

Sonos One: voice controlled smart speaker with Amazon Alexa built in delivers great multi-room sound, easy to use voice control and the widest selection of supported music and audio content services available anywhere. With Sonos One you can:


Offer runs until 4th April 2018, or while stocks last.


Naim Price Increase 1st January 2018

5th December 2017

If you’re thinking of asking Santa for some Naim Audio equipment this Christmas, make sure you write your letter early😉.

Naim has announced it’s annual price increase will take effect from 1st January 2018, with an average 4% increase across the range. Any product ordered up to and including Saturday 30th December will be honoured at existing prices.

Please note the new Uniti by Naim range – Uniti Atom, Star, Nova and Core – and Mu-so range are unaffected by the increase.


A Christmas cracker from Linn

4th December 2017

Christmas in Waterfoot clearly comes early. Linn HQ have today announced a rather special early Christmas gift:

So an additional room of Linn DS audio for your home over the festive period and beyond. No more arguments with the kids over who gets control, you can settle down to Dr. Dre while they bounce around to Bing Crosby’s Christmas Greats😉.

Offer runs from today, 4th December for orders placed up to and including 26th January (delivery by 6th Feb).


FREE KEF M400 headphones worth £130

15th September 2017

Until 31st January 2018, purchase a pair of KEF speakers and receive a free pair of KEF M400 hi-fi headphones worth £130*

Available only from KEF authorised retailers (like us, for example!), this offer applies to all hi-fi speakers and home theatre packages including E Series and T Series systems, the KEF LS50s, the 5* LS50 Wireless hi-res streaming system, the Q Series and multi award-winning R Series amongst other class-leading ranges.

Available in Racing Blue, Sunset Orange, Champagne White or Deep Black, these headphones are lightweight, comfortable, musical and look great – perfect for music on the move. Leave your new speakers at home and wear your free headphones… simples!

*offer excludes E & T Series satellites, Ci, Subwoofers, MUO, Porsche Design, EGG, X Series.

Naim Muso cashback offer

14th September 2017

Naim Audio likes to give something back. So, perhaps to celebrate the success of the new Uniti range, is offering it’s customers money back in their pockets for purchasing one of Naim’s wireless lifestyle Mu-so systems. This one is as straightforward as it gets:

– Buy a Mu-so before 2nd October 2017 and receive £75 cashback from Naim

– Buy a Mu-so Qb before 2nd October 2017 and receive £50 cashback from Naim

That’s a good few months subscription to TIDAL, Spotify or Qobuz, or up to a dozen album downloads. Or a nice meal out… you choose!

We have both in stock, so come on in.

The Great Exchange from Linn

4th July 2017

Up to £2000 off a Linn product? Yes please.

This year’s summer promotion from Linn has just started and is a cracker. The Great Exchange allows you to trade in your old Linn cd player or pre-amplifier for a fixed discount off any* new Linn product:

The promo runs from 3rd July until 31st August so don’t delay, bring your old Linn in today!

*exceptions – Majik loudspeakers, Exakt only DSM and Exaktbox sub


In with the new… Linn DS

6th January 2017

Kicking off 2017 in style, the second in their Trade In Trade Up promotion series, Linn are now offering a whopping 10% off a Linn DS product when you trade in any music player.

Linn DS

It couldn’t be easier. 10% off any Linn DS – Sneaky or Sneaky DSM, Majik or Majik DSM, Akurate or Akurate DSM when you trade in anything you currently listen to music on, whether that’s an old CD player, Bluetooth speaker, iPod dock, or DAB radio. Even a Fisher Price record player…

The offer runs from 4th January 2017 until 15th February 2017. Happy New Year!

WIN KEF M500 Headphones

2nd December 2016

Straight from our Christmas Gift Guide for 2016, we are offering customers the chance to win a pair of these awesome KEF M500 headphones in store now.

Raffle tickets are available in the Glasgow shop at £5 each, with all proceeds going to MacMillan Cancer Support. Our lucky winner will be drawn on Thursday 22nd December so can pick them up in time for Christmas.

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