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To 4k or not to 4k

22nd October 2015

Ultra HD /4K

The Following is an extract from CEDIA (The Consumer Electronics Design and Installation Association) recent white paper on UHD/4K

The transition from analog to digital TV opened our eyes to a world of vivid high-definition images that we now take for granted – but around the corner is always something bigger and better. Imagine quadrupling what was recently considered a top HD resolution and you’d have the next-generation of TV/video. This spectacular format is called 4K and is capable of delivering 8 million pixels of luscious detail.

While the picture makes things easier to see, there is actually a limit to the level of detail that our eyes can handle, so Ultra-HD requires a very large screen to appreciate its incredibly fine resolution. With a common 40-inch TV, you would have to sit pretty close to appreciate the extra detail — which is why the technology first found success in cinemas.


Some Common Questions

Can I enjoy Ultra HD now even though there is not a lot of 4K content available to the consumer?

While it is true that there is a limited amount of Ultra HD content available today, the amount is growing at a steady rate. The good news is that many studios have been recording content in Ultra HD type formats for quite some time and once Ultra HD takes off, they will be able to quickly and moderately easily distribute their content across the globe. More importantly, the ability of a Ultra HD display to upscale HD content to Ultra HD means that almost anything you watch will look better on an Ultra HD set.


What is the next step beyond Ultra HD?

Will my television become obsolete in a matter of a few years? While it is impossible to predict, it appears that nothing beyond Ultra HD will be available to consumers at until 2020. There are prototype “8K” displays which display 4 times more pixels than their Ultra HD counterparts, but on a practical and affordable level it will be close to a decade out before those will become mainstream adoption.


4K-Resolution-Comparison Ultra


Can I keep my existing home entertainment system when I upgrade to Ultra HD?

This answer is a little tricky because each entertainment system varies based on the parts and materials that comprise the system. Your existing AV receiver, if you have one, may or may not be able to pass Ultra HD signals. The peripheral devices may or may not connect directly to the television. As for your cables, according to, the HDMI 2.0 specification which defines support Ultra HD signals, states that current HDMI cables marked “High-Speed” should be able to support Ultra HD.

New Headphone Bar

8th September 2015

Responding to a growing interest in personal audio, headphones and headphone amplifiers – we have recently installed a dedicated headphone demonstration area. With headphone amps from Naim, Meridian and Moon and over a dozen headphones to choose from including RHA, Grado, Audeze and Final Audio Designs. Headphone Bar Audeze Grado and RHAHeadphone and Headphone Bar

Lights, coffee… action

21st May 2015

We are delighted to announce that work is now complete on our fabulous new kitchen in the Glasgow store, featuring gorgeous colour-changing LED lighting by Rako, remarkable Amina invisible ceiling loudspeakers and most importantly, a swanky new coffee machine which makes delicious brews!

Glasgow’s crack installation team have transformed our somewhat bedraggled tea-making area into a pristine example of a contemporary, compact kitchen with intelligent lighting and integrated audio.


Completely invisible Amina IQ3 loudspeakers are hidden behind the plastered ceiling yet produce astonishing clarity of sound and performance. Amina speakers cleverly propagate sound through the whole ceiling and are bolstered by a discreet subwoofer (also hidden in-ceiling with small port).

Although small, our kitchen displays four discreet areas of Rako LED lighting, two colour-changing, which can be programmed as scenes or simply changed to our desired colour of the moment….a nice warming orange in the morning, more of a cool blue when things heat up in the shop!


A Sonos connect amp delivers music from our own collections, internet radio, streaming services such as Tidal or Spotify, whatever we are in the mood for, all at the touch of a button. With everything controllable from smartphone, tablet or other bespoke control unit we can make tea with one hand and choose music and lights with the other!

To see it all in action, or just to sample the new coffee, pop down to Loud and Clear at 520 St. Vincent Street.

New Naim NAC-N 272 Pre-Amplifier / Digital Streamer

28th April 2015

The Glasgow shop has taken delivery of Naim’s stunning new NAC-N 272 pre-amplifier, which also features a built-in digital streamer.

It boasts an impressive array of inputs including high-resolution (up to 24bit/192kHz) UPnPTM streaming, Spotify Connect, iRadio, Bluetooth (aptX), USB, multiroom and an optional DAB/FM module. Six digital and three analogue inputs cover integration with a wide range of sources from CD and games consoles to phonostages.

Paired with a NAP 200, NAP 250, or even a NAP300, this two box combination brings the best of separates hi-fi in a compact solution.

For those that wish to extend its performance further, the 272 can be upgraded with the following power supplies: XP5 XS, XPS or 555 PS.

On demonstration in Glasgow now; please book an appointment with Ian, John or George on 0141 221 0221.

Retail Price: £3,300, or £3,595 with FM/DAB module.

For more information see the Naim Audio Website >>

Saturday 25th April – Record Store Day… The ‘B’ side

21st April 2015

Prolong that Record Store Day feeling with Loud & Clear.

Last Saturday 18th April 2015 – Record Store Day…. or around 8 hours to be more precise. Not even long enough to listen to a handful of albums and over all too quickly. So let us help you prolong the excitement of the day by playing your purchases on a smashing system.

What did you buy? If you show us yours, we’ll show you ours! Bring your new (or even old) records into Loud and Clear Glasgow on Saturday 25th April to hear them through some splendid hi-fi equipment – we’ll have Rega and Linn decks available to listen to your cherished new black plastic, as you won’t have heard it before.

Coffee available all day, biscuits too if we like your tunes!

Loud & Clear Glasgow
520 St Vincent Street
Glasgow, G3 8XZ

10am – 5pm, Saturday 25th April, 2015

Devialet at Loud & Clear

30th January 2015

Both Loud & Clear stores, Edinburgh & Glasgow now have Devialet on permanent demonstration.

Why not book to test one of these fantastic looking and sounding groundbreaking systems. We have available the 120, the 200 and can also set up the Ensemble system with the Atohm GT1 speakers (pictured in our Edinburgh store) or a mighty 800 dual mono system for the high-end audiophile.

Devialet at Loud & Clear

Both Loud & Clear stores, Edinburgh & Glasgow now have Devialet on permanent demonstration.

Why not book to test one of these fantastic looking and sounding groundbreaking systems. We have available the 120, the 200 and can also set up the Ensemble system with the Atohm GT1 speakers (pictured in our Edinburgh store) or a mighty 800 dual mono system for the high-end audiophile.

Naim Mu-So now in-store

26th January 2015

Mu-so is Naim’s first wireless music system and on demonstration in our Glasgow store.

Its powerful audio brain delivers the most exceptional quality in sound, commanding 450 watts of power through six custom-designed speakers to create an experience of music that has to be heard to be believed.

The advanced yet simple to use connectivity includes AirPlay, UPnP™ streaming, Spotify Connect, Bluetooth (aptX), iRadio, iOS and Android app control and multiroom capability

Linn Streaming Workshop

20th January 2015

Saturday 24th January

Join us for an event that will help you get the very best from your Linn DS music system.

Taking in topics such as music library management, internet radio and online streaming services, media servers, NAS drives and control points, we’ll help you become an expert in the world of streaming.

Grab a drink and some nibbles while you have your streaming questions answered, or simply relax and enjoy the highest quality music on a Linn Exakt system.

Sessions will run at 10am, 12pm, 2pm and 4pm:

Sign up for whichever session suits here >>

Loud & Clear Glasgow
520 St Vincent Street
Glasgow G3 8XZ

Christmas Opening Hours

19th December 2014

Glasgow’s Festive Opening Hours

All the team at Loud & Clear in Glasgow would like to thank you for your support over the last year which saw music well and truly back on the agenda!
Wishing you a very loud & raucous Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


'Tis the season…

18th December 2014

…for cover versions. Everyone from The X Factor to karaoke night at your local are singing other people’s material. I’d like to recommend the following that you won’t find in the charts (or down the pub)…

Muse – Feeling Good – I’m sure that there was at least one generation of fans who believed that this was written by Muse. It’s hardly surprising when you consider that they never sound like anyone other than themselves. Anyway, it’s a stroke of genius and proved so popular that it became a regular part of their live shows.

Placebo – Running Up That Hill – Sometimes, the best kind of cover is a completely unexpected one. I’m not sure if anyone could’ve seen this coming. Or just how good it would turn out to be. But I’m sure even Kate Bush would approve.

A Perfect Circle – Imagine – The first time I heard this I was so drawn to the sound, it was half way through the song before I recognised the words and what I was actually listening to. This is a perfect (circle) example of a cover as far as I’m concerned.

Linkin Park – Rolling In The Deep – Chester Bennington has an insane vocal range. He can literally go from a whisper to a scream. And just check out this showcase of his amazingly soulful singing voice.

Editors – Road to Nowhere / Orange Crush / Dancing in the Dark – I’m a real fan girl when it comes to these guys. And they’re not afraid to take on some big name songs. Even when it’s just singer Tom Smith on his own with a piano. And THAT voice…

Merry Christmas! I hope you enjoy…

Ben Howard (Live)

10th December 2014

I was lucky enough to be among the 2000 (or so) people that crammed themselves into Edinburgh’s Usher Hall, eager to spend a cold, wet Saturday night with Ben Howard and his amazing band. We’d had to wait a while since falling for his amazingly soulful sound but it was absolutely worth it.

The venue was perfect. Even Ben, mentioned how lovely it was. And the gig itself turned out to feel slightly like an out of body experience with the crowd alternating between mesmerised-into-silence and almost-taking-the-roof-off appreciation. There was however, a bit of banter between some songs with (an obviously having a good time) Ben. It turns out that he likes a drink!

Recent album, I Forgot Where We Were is quite a departure from his first and I get the impression that the new, slightly downbeat but incredibly intense songs might have left some fans of his previous work a little confused. Personally, I adore it and hearing it performed live was a real pleasure.

This show was recorded at The Bataclan, Paris on December 1st and it’s the closest thing I can offer you to the real thing. Prepare to be amazed at how good it sounds even when squeezed through the wonder of the interweb…

p.s. I must mention support band Hiss Golden Messenger who were surprisingly enjoyable and looked like they were having as good a time as the crowd!

The Pineapple Thief (Live)

28th November 2014

A number of years ago, I discovered these guys via a recommendation based on other music I was listening to at the time. And as I’m always looking for my next fix of new music, I decided to give them a try. I was surprised to find that they had already been around for a while (since 1999) and had a substantial back catalogue to choose from. Then came the booking of tickets to see them live at the Classic Grande in Glasgow back in 2011 and the discovery that they are also a superb live band.

Now, it’s your chance to see them live in Edinburgh! Fast becoming a regular haunt for seeing some great bands close to home, the Liquid Room  in Victoria Street will be host to The Pineapple Thief on their current ‘Magnolia’ album tour. You can read more about that and book your tickets (of which there are only a few left so book now to avoid disappointment) here.

It’s next Saturday, 6th December but please note the early start time of 6.30pm. The venue is also host to club nights after gigs but this time, it’s also to allow superb support band Winter in Eden to play an extended slot due to phenomenal demand. So don’t miss your opportunity for a great Saturday night of live music and to see these two great bands for the price of one ticket!

See you there…

Totem Kin Mini Loudspeakers

27th November 2014

It’s been a long time since we received a new small loudspeaker from Totem, and in the Kin Mini they have a real star at only £449.

Measuring just 9 inches tall, the Kin is rather petite, with the considerable attraction of being able to place these in areas other speakers wouldn’t fit, and still get a remarkably large soundstage for such a size of speaker. They are flexible in where they are positioned for maximum imaging.

These funky little loudspeakers are available in white or black satin, both Edinburgh and Glasgow stores have the Kin Mini on demonstration now.

For more information see the Totem website >>

If you want a little more on the bass side, there is also a Kin subwoofer too.



Native DSD from MOON

12th November 2014

We are delighted to announce the arrival of the MOON 380DSD. This new DAC from MOON offers the facility to play DSD files which can be delivered direct to the DAC chip in native format via USB. Please call in to the Edinburgh store and speak to John to find out more about the advantages of this system over the more conventional DSD over DOP, for the real fans of the DSD format.

RHA T10i In-Ear Headphone UK Launch & Listening Party at Loud & Clear Glasgow, Thursday 13th November

31st October 2014

Loud and Clear Glasgow are delighted to host the launch of RHA’s flagship in-ear, T10i, headphone at a special evening in store on Thursday 13th November.

Bring your own music or enjoy ours through these stunning ‘pods, while meeting the design team and enjoying some refreshments at this relaxed and informal event.

Doors open at 17:30 though places are limited so please click through to register attendance now on EventBrite for a chance to win a pair of the all new T10i.

Register here >>

The prize winner will be drawn and announced on the evening and the recipient must be in attendance to claim their prize. For those who aren’t lucky, the T10i will be available to purchase from Loud & Clear at the event, and retails at £149.95; with the range starting from £29.95.

Loud & Clear Glasgow
520 St Vincent Street
G3 8XZ

Haken, Leprous & Maschine (Edinburgh-Live)

23rd October 2014

Hello People and apologies for the lull in communication recently. There have been a lot of non-music based activities going on in the background but we’re finally back in live music mode! So, with the clocks going back this weekend, you’ve got almost a full week to recover and then…

Join us at The Liquid Room, Victoria Street on Saturday 1st November for a whole variety of proggy goodness courtesy of Ridgeback Rock and Ridgeback Rock Scotland. Not two but three bands in Haken, Leprous and Maschine,  guaranteed to keep you warm on a (probably) cold, dark autumnal evening. And it’s not even a school night. What more could you ask for?! It’ll be a fine way to start the season as you mean to go on. More live music dates to be announced very soon.

You can still get tickets for this via Tickets Scotland but they’re going fast. If it sells out, don’t be too disappointed as you can always try the venue on the day. There may just be some returns available on the door.

p.s. The eagle-eyed amongst you will also get a sneak preview of that exciting date mentioned above via the ticket page…


Opeth (Live – 2)

16th October 2014

This week, I have mainly been having my mind blown (again) courtesy of Swedish medieval-jazzy-folk-prog-metallers Opeth. We made the journey down to Nottingham’s historic Rock City venue where we had opted to do a meet’n’greet with the band. Which was fun. And the show that followed was a rapturous two hour extravaganza that zig-zagged through almost every record from their back catalogue (please see photo of my beautifully signed and framed setlist) in what can only be described as a mind bending show of extreme talent.

Fast forward to Tuesday night and we did it all again in Glasgow (minus the meet’n’greet – we didn’t want to look like stalkers). Only this time the gig (and the crowd) was even better. Which I didn’t think was possible. I left on a high before realising that it would be a while before they return on the second leg of this tour. Roll on next year…

You can read my original post about them here and my first live review here.

And if you would like a taste of what all the fuss is about, you can try this short and sweet festival set from Rock Am Ring earlier this year here.

WARNING: This is best played loud but you may want to remove any children/pets from the immediate area first…


Linn Akudorik Launch Event – Thursday 9th October – Glasgow Store

2nd October 2014

Linn Akudorik Launch Evening

You are invited to join us at the Glasgow Store on Thurday 9th October to hear the new Linn Exakt Akudorik stand mount loudspeaker. We will also have Phil Budd from Linn, the chief designer, to answer any questions and give insight into this fantastic loudspeaker.

The Akurate Exakt System features Exakt Akudorik speakers to deliver great performance in a simple package. The Exakt Akudorik is a stunning work of engineering beauty; the first speaker of its kind, integrating Exakt technology into a compact speaker through its innovative stand design.

Comprising Akurate Exakt DSM and Exakt Akudorik speakers, this elegant integrated system outperforms larger and more expensive separates, without dominating your room.

To sign up for free tickets please click here >>

There’ll be the usual refreshments and nibbles provided.

Thursday 9th October
7pm – 9pm
Loud & Clear Glasgow
520 St Vincent Street, Glasgow, G3 8XZ



New Additions in Glasgow

13th September 2014

Loud & Clear Glasgow are very happy to welcome two new recruits to the team.

Andy Oattes joins us from a retailing and manufacturing background, working for the last ten years with two brands in particular: Linn Products and SONOS. With a wealth of experience in Networking, Ci, Cinema and good old 2-channel. Andy will move into a Business development position within the Loud and Clear Glasgow store, allowing us to continue to expand whole home solutions and further grow the skill-set in-house.

Andy is a complete Music fanatic, with a particular penchant for electronica and ‘anything weird’…much to the future annoyance of Mr Ian Pirie.

George Clegg joins us fresh from the corporate IT industry. Prior to this George was account manager with Linn Products where he specialised in the technical aspects of networking and streaming.

George is also a music nut, with a wide and varied taste, ranging all the way from South Central L.A. to the 5 Boroughs of New York.

Both new recruits to the team will bring years of industry experience as well as a real passion for music and movies!

Loud & Clear Glasgow now has a rosta of staff to rival some premier league football teams, but with that comes a huge wealth of knowledge both professional and from a ‘fan’ perspective.

So no mater if it’s a technical query about home networking, setting up your tone-arm, or wanting to know whether Jimmy Page played rhythm guitar on The Who’s ‘I Can’t Explain”( …… he did ), come in and say hello to the new guys, pick their brains, have a coffee and listen to some great music through some amazing sounding hi-fi.



The Parlor Mob (2)

12th September 2014

When I first wrote about The Parlor Mob back in May 2012, nothing could’ve prepared me for what came next. There I was, waiting for them to announce their plans for more music or a world domination tour, but what I and all the other Mob fans actually got was…radio silence.

They had never been all that good at updating their facebook page or website but as time passed and it became apparent that they no longer had a label, my heart sank. It looked like the difficult nature of the music industry had claimed another casualty in their prime . So after a while, I came to terms with the fact that I would never have the privilege of seeing them perform live and would just have to make do with their two brilliant studio albums.

Then in June, out of the blue came the announcement. A new album called ‘Cry Wolf’ to be released in the fall along with a few US tour dates. It’s not clear what’s been going on and they may well be financing everything themselves, but it’s great to have them back! And we’ve already decided that if they don’t make it back to the UK any time soon, we’re going to them.

They have their own YouTube channel but the quality of the live clips varies wildly. One that I will recommend however is this one which, strangely enough is the title track of their upcoming album and was written around the time of their first but for some reason, didn’t make the cut. I can only presume it was deemed to be TOO EPIC for a debut. They were also ejected from a support slot on tour after a few dates with no apparent reason. The fans guess was that they had been too EXCESSIVELY AWESOME and made the headliner look bad. Ha!

Get The Mob mentality at


Royal Blood

29th August 2014

Like most people who have heard of/about them, I was anticipating something new and exciting from Royal Blood’s self-titled debut album. We caught the last part of their set on the NME tour earlier this year and were immediately impressed. Likewise when they appeared on Jools Holland. I just wasn’t sure if, as a two piece that their sound might be a little limited…

First off, I would like to publicly apologise to Mike and Ben for ever doubting them. They have riffs aplenty with hooks to reel you in, coupled with bags of attitude. It sometimes sounds so complex that you’d swear there was more than just two of them making that racket. And, it’s a solid album from start to finish so if you think you’ve heard the best of them via their singles/EP, then you might just be pleasantly surprised by the rest. I know I was.

Anyone missing The White Stripes or (early) Black Keys sound, and fans of Queens of the Stone Age etc should definitely check these guy out.

Here they are causing a bit of a rumpus at T In the Park a few weeks back with the help of an enthusiastic crowd…

Brighton Rocks at


New KEF Reference range on Demo

19th August 2014

Loud & Clear Edinburgh are delighted to announce that we are the only dealer in the UK to have the brand new KEF Reference series on demo. We have all three models, Reference 1, Reference 3 & Reference 5.

Please contact us to book a listen at the Edinburgh listening facility at The Mill.

0131 555 3963




15th July 2014

I’m so glad that we stumbled upon Crown at The Maverick Music Festival in San Antonio earlier this year (you can read that story here). Their own list of influences includes The Beatles, Led Zep, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, My Morning Jacket and Queens of The Stone Age, which you can hear (along with others) throughout their first proper full length album release entitled ‘Are These The Good Days’.

I would say, yes. As with most up and coming bands, these guys have had to fund almost everything themselves. From the cost of instruments (especially when your original ones have been stolen) to the rental of rehearsal space (plus recording time) and not forgetting touring (transport and accommodation etc) which can be prohibitively expensive in itself. And they’ve worked so hard to achieve this that none of them have been able to afford a trip to the barbers for quite some time (ha ha, only kidding guys)!

You can listen on Spotify now but please note that they share their name with a rapper(!) so best to look the album up by title (you should also check out their Thousand Men To Save The King EP while you’re there). Or refer to their Facebook page which is choc full of links and info including clips like this. And then please do lend them your support by buying their tunes.

You know you want to…


Diverse Vinyl at Loud & Clear Glasgow Friday 1st and Saturday 2nd August

9th July 2014

For two days at the start of August Diverse Vinyl  is open for business at Loud & Clear in Glasgow.

All of us at Loud & Clear are very excited to be hosting Diverse Vinyl’s very own pop up record shop in our Glasgow store at 520 St Vincent Street on Friday 1st and Saturday 2nd August.

Paul and the crew plan to bring a wide selection of new vinyl, covering rock, pop, classical and jazz as well as a special selection of audiophile recordings all available for you to purchase and take home.

Within the store we will also have a range of turntable based systems where you can hear your new purchases or feel free to bring along some of your own vinyl and hear how it can really sound.

We look forward to seeing you.

Friday 1st August, 3pm – 7pm

Saturday 2nd August, 11am – 5pm

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