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New Additions in Glasgow

13th Sep 2014

Loud & Clear Glasgow are very happy to welcome two new recruits to the team.

Andy Oattes joins us from a retailing and manufacturing background, working for the last ten years with two brands in particular: Linn Products and SONOS. With a wealth of experience in Networking, Ci, Cinema and good old 2-channel. Andy will move into a Business development position within the Loud and Clear Glasgow store, allowing us to continue to expand whole home solutions and further grow the skill-set in-house.

Andy is a complete Music fanatic, with a particular penchant for electronica and ‘anything weird’…much to the future annoyance of Mr Ian Pirie.

George Clegg joins us fresh from the corporate IT industry. Prior to this George was account manager with Linn Products where he specialised in the technical aspects of networking and streaming.

George is also a music nut, with a wide and varied taste, ranging all the way from South Central L.A. to the 5 Boroughs of New York.

Both new recruits to the team will bring years of industry experience as well as a real passion for music and movies!

Loud & Clear Glasgow now has a rosta of staff to rival some premier league football teams, but with that comes a huge wealth of knowledge both professional and from a ‘fan’ perspective.

So no mater if it’s a technical query about home networking, setting up your tone-arm, or wanting to know whether Jimmy Page played rhythm guitar on The Who’s ‘I Can’t Explain”( …… he did ), come in and say hello to the new guys, pick their brains, have a coffee and listen to some great music through some amazing sounding hi-fi.



The Parlor Mob (2)

12th Sep 2014

When I first wrote about The Parlor Mob back in May 2012, nothing could’ve prepared me for what came next. There I was, waiting for them to announce their plans for more music or a world domination tour, but what I and all the other Mob fans actually got was…radio silence.

They had never been all that good at updating their facebook page or website but as time passed and it became apparent that they no longer had a label, my heart sank. It looked like the difficult nature of the music industry had claimed another casualty in their prime . So after a while, I came to terms with the fact that I would never have the privilege of seeing them perform live and would just have to make do with their two brilliant studio albums.

Then in June, out of the blue came the announcement. A new album called ‘Cry Wolf’ to be released in the fall along with a few US tour dates. It’s not clear what’s been going on and they may well be financing everything themselves, but it’s great to have them back! And we’ve already decided that if they don’t make it back to the UK any time soon, we’re going to them.

They have their own YouTube channel but the quality of the live clips varies wildly. One that I will recommend however is this one which, strangely enough is the title track of their upcoming album and was written around the time of their first but for some reason, didn’t make the cut. I can only presume it was deemed to be TOO EPIC for a debut. They were also ejected from a support slot on tour after a few dates with no apparent reason. The fans guess was that they had been too EXCESSIVELY AWESOME and made the headliner look bad. Ha!

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